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Leiden University is a public research university in Leiden, Netherlands. Founded in 1575 by William, Prince of Orange. it is the oldest institution of higher education in the Netherlands.

PhD Candidate Spatial Cognition and STEM learning21-085Social and Behavioural Sciences, Education and Child Studies
PhD Candidates in Cognitive Neuroscience21-086Social and Behavioural Sciences, Psychology
Technician – Light Microscopy and Image Analysis Specialist21-093Science, Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR)
Postdoc in modelling food system dynamics21-016Science, Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML)
Postdoctoral Researcher in Ancient Near Eastern Studies21-059Humanities
Project Scientist – Public Engagement with Science21-063Science, Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL)
Two PhD Candidates in Political Science21-053Social and Behavioural Sciences, Political Science
PhD candidate in Molecular Plant Immunity21-062Science, Institute of Biology Leiden (IBL)
PhD candidate21-057Science, Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC)
University Lectureship in Ancient History21-054Humanities, Institute for History
Postdoc in Clinical Psychology21-050Social and Behavioural Sciences, Psychology
Tenure track faculty position in theoretical physics21-061Science, Leiden Institute of Physics (LION)
PhD candidate “Modelling violent conflict”21-009Science, Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS)
Assistant Professor of War, Peace and Justice21-046Governance and Global Affairs, Institute of Security and Global Affairs
Postdoc Position on Hellenistic economic thought21-034Humanities, Centre for the Arts in Society
PhD candidate on Economic thinking in the Socratic authors and Aristotle21-035Humanities, Centre for the Arts in Society
Analyst – Stem cell platform21-036Science, Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR)
Postdoc, Optical Near-field Electron Microscopy21-027Science, Leiden Institute of Physics (LION)
Combined professorship Intercultural Performing Arts21-029Humanities
Postdoctoral researcher21-026Science, Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC)
Meijers PhD candidate21-012Law
Assistant Professor in Ligand and (Pro)Drug Development21-011Science, Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR)
University Lecturer (UD) in the Anthropology of Art20-576Humanities, Centre for the Arts in Society
Two PhD candidates for the project: Imagining invention and inventors and the role of nature20-421Humanities
PhD candidate for the project Anchoring Innovation in the New. The Poetae Novi and Catullus20-422Humanities

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