85 PhD, Postdoctoral and Research Positions at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

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The École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne is a research institute and university in Lausanne, Switzerland, that specializes in natural sciences and engineering

CDM – PhD Positions in Operations, Economics and Strategy
CDH – PhD position in Digital Humanities
ENAC – PhD position to investigate microbial arsenic methylation
ENAC – Two PhD positions in geomechanics and environmental geotechnics at LMS lab
SB – PhD in computational materials science
SB – PhD position in experimental particle physics
SB – PhD position in physics and systems neuroscience
SB – PhD position on non-linear optics and quantum optics in wide bandgap material photonic crystals
SB – PhD position on optical trapping in photonic crystal structures
SB – PhD position in astroparticle physics
SB – PhD position Statistical Mechanics of Intracellular condensates
SB – PhD position in Surface Reaction Dynamics
SB – PhD student in Biomedical Optics
STI – Two PhDs student positions in Interfacial Imaging of Water: New Light on Cellular Hydration
STI – PhDs & postdocs in Polymer Interface Science and Nanomedicine
STI – PhD position in data-based control and learning
STI – PhD in Multi-Modal Aerial Robots
STI – PhD position in Coordination Systems
STI – PhD Positions in Machine Learning @ LIONS
SV – PhD student positions at EPFL-Institute for Cancer Research in Lausanne (Switzerland)
Computational Biologist / Bioinformatician
System Engineering Position
Post-doctoral Researcher in Computational modelling of large-scale circuits (W/M) 
Postdoctoral position in analogue-to-digital converters (ADC) using chipscale Optical Frequency Combs (EU funded collaboration project)
Researcher in Catalytic Process Development for Renewable Fuels 
Data scientist & software engineer
Postdoctoral position – Laboratory for experimental museology 
ERC Starting Grants 
Post-Doctoral Researcher in Distributed and Decentralized Systems (W/M) 
Postdoctoral/Engineer position in microfluidics for personalized cancer therapy 
Postdoctoral position in personalized medicine 
Research therapist (research assistant) (W/M) 
Assistant.e de Recherche |
Postdoctoral position in Computational Protein Modeling and Design 
Postdoc in Numerical Physical Limnology 
Assistant scientifique spécialiste en automatisation industrielle pour Swiss Cat+ 
Opening of postdoctoral positions in the IdePHICS lab “Information, Learning & Physics” with Pr. Florent Krzakala 
Postdoctoral Position in Privacy-preserving systems in the Security and Privacy engineering Laboratory 
Post-doctoral researcher in molecular biology, working on gene expression in the brain 
Post-doctoral fellowship position in the cellular and molecular biology of the neurodegenerative diseases 
Post-Doc position in neuromodulation with a focus on novel transcranial electric and ultrasound-based brain stimulation methods and its application in neurological disorders 
Postdoctoral Position in Computational Biology and Biomolecular Modeling & Design
Post-doctoral Researcher in Computational generation of axonal morphologies W/M 
Post-Doc position in EEG-based neuroimaging to study functional recovery in stroke
Postdoctoral researcher in in-silico neuroscience – structure-function relation (W/M) 
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Nanophotonic Devices and Integration 
Post-doctorant(e) en sciences du climat et données climatiques 
Post-doctoral researcher in statistical physics / stochastic processes applied to evolutionary biology (W/M) 
Post-doctoral researcher in computational biology, working on protein sequence data (W/M)
System and Prototype Scientific Assistant / Researcher – Device Integration 
Post-doctoral positions STI – Adaptive Systems Laboratory 
Post doctoral positions in the LIONS lab 
Post-doctoral Researcher Computational modelling of thalamo-cortical circuits (W/M) 
Postdoctoral position on neuroscience and metabolism – Rodent studies 
Postdoctoral position on magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) in rodent behavior and psychopathology
Concepteur.trice Multimédia (80-100%)
Administrative Coordinator 100% 
Administrative assistant (40%) – W/M 
CTO/CEO with R&D Engineering experience for leading technology-transfer to a new startup 
Research Software Engineer – Machine Learning 
Administrateur-trice système Microsoft
Ingénieur en Electronique 
Responsable Unité Projets 
Informaticien-ne Gestion Informatique de la Formation 
Gestionnaire salaires (CDD 90-100%) 
Polymécanicien-ne | Job no.: 1695  
Executive Director (80-100%) – W/M
Chef-fe de projet Informatique – Analyste Métiers 
Constructeur-trice d’appareils industriels
Junior Scientific Programmer (W/M) 
HPC Software Performance Engineer W/M 
Python Software Engineer W/M 
Cryo-EM Expert at the Dubochet Center for Imaging (DCI) 
Electron Microscopy Service Engineer at the Dubochet Center for Imaging (DCI) 
C++/Python Software Engineer W/M 
R&D Engineer with expertise in integrated photonics and electronics for technology transfer project 
Knowledge Graph Engineer (W/M) 
Full stack Developer (W/M) 
Brain Atlasing Lead (W/M) 
Visualization and interaction software technician W/M (virtual, augmented, mixed reality) 
Ingénieur en électronique 
Laboratory Manager 
Data Engineer 

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