59 PhD and Postdoctoral Positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

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At KTH you will have the opportunity of bringing life to your ideas and, at the same time, contributing to tomorrow’s society. Whatever position you have, you can take a lot of personal responsibility in a workplace that has a strong sense of fellowship.

Doctoral student in Polymer Technology
Doctoral student in dependable autonomous systems
Övningsassistenter Cellulär Biofysik
Laboratorietekniker/biomedicinsk analytiker (2 st) inom precisionsmedicin
Doctoral student in responsive polymer gels for recyclable materials
Doctoral student in Space Electronics
Doctoral student in Silicon Photonics
Doctoral student in applied and computational mathematics
Doctoral student in Sound computing
Doctoral student in automatic control with focus on machine learning
Postdoktor inom stadsdataanalys för fastighetsenergi
Postdoc in Neurocomputing Applications
Doctoral student in machine design -wave energy conversion
Postdoc for simulation of chemical processes
Doctoral student in Quantum/Energy Materials & Neutron Scattering
Postdoctor in Control of Biopharmaceutical Processes
Doctoral student in in Bio-inspired Mineralization Towards Energy Saving
Doctoral student in Space Physics
Doctoral student in Micromachined reconfigurable subterahertz antennas
Doctoral student in Micromachined Microwave/THz Communication Systems
Doctoral students in simulations and experiments with complex fluids
Postdoktor inom Tillämpad fysikalisk kemi
Övningsassistent Cellulär Biofysik
Postdoc in cyber security with a focus on risk,economics & threat modeling
Postdoc in transport studies: Rail freight traffic system with ATO
Postdoc in transport studies: Changes in future rail passenger demand
Postdoktor i hållbar mobilitet och tillgänglighet i Mistra SAMS
Redovisningsekonom med fokus på EU-finansierade projekt
Doctoral student (licentiate) in Planning and decision analysis
Postdoc in quantum optics
Systemförvaltare Unit4 Business World (Agresso)
Doctoral student in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Doktorand inom vätgasbaserade energisystem
Doctoral student in Energy export from supermarkets
Senior Systemutvecklare
Associate Professor in preclinical proteomics w focus on monogenic diseases
Administrativ samordnare
Doctoral student in Urban and Regional Studies
Doctoral student in Polymer Chemistry
Doctoral student in Deep Learning for Conversational AI
Doctoral student in Artificial intelligence and Music
Doctoral students in next generation super resolution microscopy
Postdoc in Underwater Robotics, Perception and Planning
Associate Professor in mathematics with spec. in mathematical statistics
Associate Professor in mathematics with spec. in mathematical statistics
Doctoral student in Intelligent Power Systems
Assistant professor in Computer Science Spec. in High-Performance Computing
Associate Professor, Computer Science Spec. in Foundations of Data Science
Lecturer in Computer systems
Professor in Wireless Communication
Associate Professor, Computer Science, specialisation in Computer Systems
Postdoc in Micromechanical characterization of lithium ion batteries
Postdoc in Vascular exchange in organs and tissues
Postdoc in wing in ground effect aerodynamics
Doctoral students in mathematics
Övningsassistenter sökes till institutionen för matematik 2021

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