47 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at The University of Antwerp, Belgium

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The University of Antwerp is one of the major Belgian universities located in the city of Antwerp. The official abbreviation is UA, but UAntwerpen is more recently used. The University of Antwerp has about 20,000 students, which makes it the third largest university in Flanders. 

PhD student positions in Phase Contrast X-ray Imaging
PhD position Photo-electrochemical catalysis & sensing
Doctoral scholarship holder in evolutionary genomics
Doctoral scholarship holder in Aquatic ecology
PhD position photo-electrochemical DNA based sensors
Doctoral scholarship holder in Gravitational wave instrumentation
Postdoc position in Computational Tomographic Imaging
Postdoctoral scholarship holder evolutionary genomics
Doctoraatsbursaal “evaluatie STEM-Onderwijs”
Early Stage Researcher – Intersectional coalitions for solidarity with refugees in rural and suburban settings
Early Stage Researcher – Nurturing solidarities in diversity in social enterprises
Early Stage Researcher – Citizenship education and beyond: the role of education in fostering solidarity in diversity
Doctoral grant Cyberviolence on social media: a research on hate speech and image-based sexual abuse
Senior academic staff Political economy of the media
Teaching assistant Theatre-, Film- and Literature Studies
PhD position – EPIBEL: Epidemics and Inequalities in Belgium from the Plague to COVID-19: what can we learn about societal resilience?
Principal research fellow Computational literary studies
Principal research fellow Contemporary Philosophy
Principal research fellow Interpreting Studies French-Dutch.
Senior academic staff Philosophical psychology
Senior academic staff Modern German Literature
Senior academic staff Translation Studies
Post-doctoral Position EPIBEL Epidemics and Inequalities in Belgium from the Plague to COVID-19: what can we learn about societal resilience?
Senior academic staff “materialization, construction and sustainability in design”
Doctoral scholarship holder CAR-T cell immunotherapy for hematological malignancies
PhD student Cardiogenomics – arrhythmia
PhD student Cardiogenomics – aneurysmal disease
Junior research professor (tenure track ZAPBOF) Health economics and economic evaluation of health care programs and organisation
PhD position in Analytical Toxicology
PhD student for linking dietary exposome & microbiome-inflammation axis with metabolic disorders
PhD student for unravelling the role of environmental pollution on the microbiome-inflammation
Postdoc position Disease mechanisms and therapy development for neurodevelopmental epilepsies due to voltage-gated potassium channel mutations
Postdoc position ‘The identification of novel proteomics-based biomarkers for frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD)’
Postdoc position ‘Complex genetics and microglia function in Alzheimer’s disease’
Postdoctoral researcher Medicinal Chemistry
Early Stage Researcher (ESR 1) TOD generations in context – Driving forces and environmental effects of regional planning in the long-term
Early Stage Researcher (ESR 2) – Sustainable transitions for RURs. Future scenarios for regional TOD corridor development
Early Stage Researcher (ESR 3) The extent of multimodality for Transit-Oriented Development across times: pedestrians, bikes, trains and inclusive development
Early Stage Researcher (ESR 4) – For whom? Assessing and improving TOD mechanisms of in/exclusion in RURs
Early Stage Researcher (ESR 5) – Landscapes for Transit-Oriented Development: Developing an analysis of everyday sustainable landscapes
Early Stage Researcher (ESR 6) – From station area to sustainable TOD in RURs. Stakeholder imagination and transformation
Early Stage Researcher (ESR 7) – Mobility dependency in rural-urban areas. Can TOD mitigate?
Early Stage Researcher (ESR 8) – Enriching TOD with transport justice concepts
Early Stage Researcher (ESR 10) – Moving Transit Oriented Development for inclusive and sustainable Rural-Urban Regions from research to practice
Early Stage Researcher (ESR 9) – Defining a relational approach to TOD for inclusive and sustainable RURs
Post-doctoral position Cyberviolence on social media: a research on hate speech and image-based sexual abuse
Postdoctoral scholarship holder Electrocatalysis

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