24 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, or Swedish Agricultural University is a university in Sweden. Although its head office is located in Ultuna, Uppsala, the university has several campuses in different parts of Sweden, the other main facilities being Alnarp in Lomma Municipality, Skara, and Umeå.

2-years postdoc position: Mechanics and Dynamics of Cell to Cell Adhesion in Plants at UPSC
Operational manager system development
Postdoctoral position in Molecular Biology: Plant immune signalling and primary metabolism
Professor in political science with focus on the governance of biodiversity
PhD student, Economics
Postdoc in environmental assessment of foods and policy instruments
Researcher in ecological effects of pharmaceuticals in aquatic environments
Researcher in ecological and evolutionary effects of pharmaceutical pollution
PhD student 2 years in Environmental Chemistry
Postdoctoral position in biodiversity responses to land use and climate
Postdoctor in cell- and molecular biology
Phd student, Economics
PostDoc in Soil Nutrient Cycling: Dynamics of soil organic matter
PhD position in Landscape Architecture, especially Landscape Planning: Landscapes for Transit-Oriented Development
Researcher/Postdoctoral position – Climate effects of forest- based biomaterial and bioenergy
Postdoctoral position in Agricultural and Food Economics
Associate senior lecturer in business administration
Associate Senior Lecturer in Business Administration with focus on Farm Management
PhD student in the research education subject: Food Science
Postdoctoral position – Plant Developmental Biology
Post doctoral position in silviculture
Post doctoral position in forest health risks to exotic tree species
Associate Senior lecturer in Forest Pathology
Phd student, Forest resource management

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