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Lund University is a prestigious university in Sweden and one of northern Europe’s oldest universities. Lund University is consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.

Doctoral student in Biology (PA2021/366)
PhD position in Physics: Synchrotron X-ray based studies of materials and processes in the metals and production industry (PA2021/434)
Postdoctoral researcher in neuroimaging of neurodegenerative diseases (PA2021/572)
Researcher in X-ray analysis of perovskite nanostructures (PA2021/213)
Doctoral student in Geotechnical Engineering (PA2021/522)
Doctoral student in chemical physics (PA2021/408)
Doctoral student in pure and applied biochemistry with a focus on the understanding, mapping and engineering of plant hemoglobins (PA2021/448)
Researcher in Biogeosciences (PA2021/630)
Project Assistant at the Department of Geology (PA2021/738)
Postdoctoral Fellow in machine learning with a focus on medical applications (PA2021/423)
Doctoral student in Fire Safety (PA2021/453)
Science Communications Officer – Industrial Relation (PA2021/504)
Beamline scientist at NanoMAX (PA2021/557)
Lecturer in Aeronautical Sciences (PA2021/742)
Doctoral student in Computer Science with focus on Cloud-Based Language Tooling (PA2021/335)
Researcher in Clouds, Climate and AI (PA2021/441)
Researcher in Environmental an Energy Systems Studies (PA2021/679)
Assistant Researcher in genomics and proteomics (PA2021/735)
Senior Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics (PA2020/3997)
Senior Lecturer in English Literature (PA2020/3998)
Professor of Political Science specialising in comparative politics (PA2021/248)
Associate senior lecturer in law and AI (PA2021/267)
Associate senior lecturer in law and sustainability (PA2021/268)
Doctoral student in geology (ice core research) (PA2021/302)
Doctoral student in organic chemistry with emphasis on advanced catalysis (PA2021/461)
Doctoral student in Technology and Society with a focus on organisational and regulatory framework for sustainable transport systems (PA2021/694)
Postdoctoral fellow in Statistics (PA2021/567)
PhD students in Automatic Control (PA2021/643)
Doctoral student in Physics with focus on Combustion Physics (PA2021/681)
Post-doctoral position in Polarised Neutron Imaging (PA2021/501)
Doctoral Student in Mathematical Statistics with focus in Time-Frequency Analysis (PA2021/525)
Researcher in inorganic materials chemistry (PA2021/718)
Professor of Violin (PA2020/3229)
Statistician (PA2021/548)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2021/432)
Doctoral student in paleoclimate and climate modelling (PA2021/563)
1-2 Post-doctoral Positions in Innovation Studies (PA2021/562)
Doctoral student in Mathematical Statistics (PA2021/445)
Mechanical Designer (PA2021/707)
1 Doctoral Position in Media and Communication studies (PA2021/607)
Eight EU-COFUND postdoctoral fellows within cancer research (PA2021/196)
Senior Lecturer in statistics at the Department of Statistics (PA2021/822)
Professor of English Language and Linguistics (PA2020/3251)
Post-doctoral fellow in cartographic visualization and machine learning (PA2021/390)
Associate senior lecturer in environmental economics (PA2020/3470)
International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Universitetets särskilda verksamheter
Doctoral student in statistics (PA2021/521)
Director of the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, IIIEE (PA2021/573)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2021/692)
Doctoral student in Theoretical Physics (PA2021/546)

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