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ETH Zurich – Where the Future Begins! As one of the leading international universities for technology and the natural sciences, ETH Zurich is well-known for its excellent education, ground-breaking fundamental research and for implementing its results directly into practice. 

Leiter-/in Fachbereich Zentrale Versorgung (ETH Zürich Zentrum)
Ph.D. student in Analytical Chemistry
PhD in Microfluidics, Microsystems Engineering, Biotechnology, Bioengineering
Leitung infrastrukturelles Gebäudemanagement (Basel, ETH Zürich Aussenstandorte)
PhD Position in Physical Geodesy
Stabsmitarbeiter/in im Grants Office
Administrative Fachspezialistin (w/m/d)
Gruppenleiter/in − Produktentwicklung und neue Technologien (additive Fertigung, Digitalisierung)
IT Support Professional for Mac, Windows and Linux devices
Web-Spezialist/in für barrierefreie Kommunikation
Senior Researcher/Scientist with a background in Materials Science, Data Science, Engineering or other discipline relevant to portable biomedical technology
Postdoc in engineering for research in sensing garments and textiles
Postdoc for research in functional materials for wearable sensing technology
PhD/Doctoral Candidate for research in wearable sensing technology based on functionalized materials for mobile health
Elektroingenieurin / Elektroingenieur mit Berufsbildungsaufgaben
PhD position on correlated ultrafast calorimetry and electron microscopy
PhD position on magnetism
Postdoc position in Enhancing Biodiversity & Resilience in Crop Production
Projektkoordinator/in Immobilien
Administrative Sachbearbeitung / Mitarbeiter/in D-BIOL Shop
Senior Lecturer in Advanced Materials Processing
PhD position on Environmental Assessment of Circular Future Cities
IT System and Cloud Engineer (m/w/d) – als Leiter*in der IT-Service-Group
Jurist/in für Forschungsverträge
Senior Fachexpertin oder Fachexperte in Konfliktmanagement
8 Junior Fellowships at the Collegium Helveticum
Doctoral position on “Physics of microbial behaviour in porous media”
Postdoctoral position in Human Neuroimmunology
Projektmanager*in Outreach
Kommunikation und Community Management
PhD position in Human Neuroimmunology
Student Assistant (Gamification in Moodle)
Postdoctoral position on “Microbial behavior in soil”
Programmverantwortliche/r Entwicklung & Begleitung
Research Assistant (quantitative analyses) – Project ETH Talent
Projektmitarbeiter/in für den Aufbau eines Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) im Bereich digitaler, klinischer Forschung
Regulatory/Translational Expert
Scientist Position – Mouse Developmental Biology
PhD position: Sustainable sourcing policies for biodiversity protection, climate mitigation, and improved livelihoods in the West Africa cocoa sector
Mitarbeiter/in Technisches Gebäudemanagement, Fachbereich Elektro (Basel, ETH Zürich Aussenstandorte)
Mitarbeiter/in Technisches Gebäudemanagement, Fachbereich HLKS (Basel, ETH Zürich Aussenstandorte)
Research assistant with possibility for PhD: Improving stability predictions in milling through machine learning
Postdoc Researcher: Climate Resilience in High-Density Cities
Studentische Hilfskraft – Monitoring Website
Research assistant – Interdisciplinary research in Electric Discharge Machining assisted by AI
Internship – Build-up of a simulation software for abrasive processes
Internship in the field of high performance grinding
PhD position in Strategic Management and Innovation
Solution Engineer (w/m)
Mitarbeiter/in Einkauf Labormaterial und Chemikalien
Cloud Engineer (w/m)
Chemist with a focus on material science and (bio-)catalysis
PhD Position for Synthetic Biology-Inspired Therapies
Post-Doc Position for Synthetic Biology-Inspired Therapies
Scientific Programmer in High Performance Computing
Leiter*in Immobilienmanagement Aussenstandorte
Projektleiter*in Hindernisfreies Bauen
PhD or Postdoc position in Computational Social Science
Post-doc in Integrated Photonics
Postdoctoral researcher position in Environmental Chemistry / Environmental Microbiology / Biogeochemistry
Electrical Engineer (Full/Part-Time)
IT-Mitarbeiterin / IT-Mitarbeiter Multimedia Services
IT Security Engineer (Junior) (f/m)
Electronics Engineer with expertise in FPGA development and programming
PhD position on Multivariate Extremes in a Changing Climate
Studienleitung MAS Raumplanung: Teamleitung
Studienleitung MAS Raumplanung: Wiss. Assistenz Ressort Projektwochen
Studienleitung MAS Raumplanung: Wiss. Assistenz Ressort Studienprojekte
PhD Position in Synthetic Biology of Peptides
PhD in Neurotechnology: Focused-ultrasound mediated, non-invasive drug delivery to the brain
Postdoc Position – Multiscale Modeling of Bone Remodeling Fracture Healing
Laboratory Technician FGCZ Metabolomics
Data-driven control for industrial applications – PhD position
Laboratory / Cleanroom Logistics & Facility Coordinator (f/m/d)
Postdoctoral position in Applied AI for Drug design
Postdoctoral researcher in neuroscience/cognitive science
Doctoral / PhD position on modelling the impact of blue-green infrastructures on pluvial urban floods
Postdoctoral position in Directed Evolution
PhD Position in Immersive Wave Experimentation for Realizing Metamaterials, Focusing Functions and Space-Time Transformations
Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) Officer
PhD student position in brain vascular biology
Doctoral student – High-value plastic recycling
Doctoral student – Extent and markers of trash burning
Doctoral student – Biofabrication for in-situ excreta treatment
Applikationsbetreuer oder Applikationsbetreuerin
PhD Position – Fermentation with functional co-cultures: A metabolite driven approach to improve cocoa bean quality, safety and sustainability (RESPONSE DP, ESR 27)
PhD Position – Roles of chemical communication in forming plant-insect networks in a changing world (RESPONSE DP, ESR 25)
PhD Position – Policy Designs for addressing societal acceptance challenges in CCU/CCS demonstration and deployment (RESPONSE DP, ESR 23)
PhD Position – FINCCS – Effective policy mixes to mobilize finance along the CCS/CCU supply chain (RESPONSE DP, ESR 24)
PhD Position – Genomic selection 2.0: Developing targeted vs universal machine learning approaches for improving the rate of genetic gain in crop species (RESPONSE DP, ESR 26)
PhD Position – Innovation strategies and policy approaches to support the transition to a clean energy system (RESPONSE DP, ESR 28)
PostDoc Position in Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Doctoral Student in Inorganic Analytical Chemistry – Single-cell Analysis
Doctoral Student in Inorganic Analytical Chemistry – MICAP-MS
Quality Assurance Specialist (f/m/d)
Full-Stack Engineer with interest in Machine Learning
Junior Research Engineer in Natural Language Processing
Assistenz Finanzadministration
Mitarbeiter/in Technisches Gebäudemanagement (Oerlikon, ETH Zürich Aussenstandorte)
PhD position: Development of perovskite colloidal nanocrystals with improved photophysical stability for optoelectronic applications
PhD Position in Noble Gas Cosmochemistry
PhD position: Geochemical and isotopic investigations of interplanetary dust particles and micrometeorites
Doctoral Student in Systems and Software Security
Post-Doctoral Researcher in Systems and Software Security
PhD Student CNT Gas Sensor Array
Doctoral candidate – Plant and single cell protein processing
Linux System Engineer (m/w)
PhD Position in Soil Microbial Ecology of Agroecosystems
Postdoctoral Researcher Position in Environmental Chemistry
Postdoctoral Researcher – Digital Economics/Public Economics
ICT Beschaffungsspezialist*in
Postdoctoral Researcher – International Corporate Taxation or Local Public Finance/Urban Economics
PhD Student on Electron Paramagnetic Resonance using Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy
PhD fellowship in Geschichte und Theorie der Architektur, ERC-gefördertes Projekt ‘Women Writing Architecture’
PhD fellowship in History and Theory of Architecture, ERC-funded project ‘Women Writing Architecture’
Postdoc Fellowship in Geschichte und Theorie der Architektur, ERC-gefördertes Projekt ‘Women Writing Architecture’
Postdoctoral fellowship in History and Theory of Architecture, ERC-funded project ‘Women Writing Architecture’
Postdoctoral Positions in Experimental Law & Economics
Fellowship Positions in Experimental Law & Economics
Bioinformatics Analyst
Energy Systems Engineer
Front-end Software Developer
Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in für die Entwicklung einer webbasierten Raumplanungsplattform
Professur für Planung von Landschaft und Urbanen Systemen
Post-doctoral researcher with experience in Ultrasound measurement techniques
PhD student in integrated photonics
Project Coordinator
Ph.D position “Uncertainty quantification and reliability analysis for noisy grey-box models”
Ph.D position “Active-learning multi-fidelity grey-box modelling”
Head of OPM Laboratory
PhD Position on “Bacterial dynamics in heterogeneous landscapes”
PhD position: Metal oxide catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol
PhD position at the interface of catalysis and (in-situ) electron microscopy
Postdoctoral researcher to work on interactive perception algorithms for medical imaging analysis
Java and Web Engineer
PhD Student in Physics-Induced Deep Learning for Complex Industrial Systems
PostDoctoral Researcher Position in Seismotectonics
PhD: Advanced perovskite image sensors
PostDoc: Advanced perovskite image sensors
PhD position: Surface chemistry of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals
PhD position in planetary science – cosmic dust / heliosphere
Postdoc position in planetary science – cosmic dust / heliosphere
Research Assistant with the possibility for PhD: Artificial intelligence and machine learning for glass grinding
Postdoc – 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality Creation of Natural Forest Environments
Junior Engineer in analog/digital electronic circuits design
PhD position: Organic coupling reactions photocatalytically-driven by semiconductor nanocrystals
Postdoctoral Position (5 years) in the Consumer Behavior Group
IAM Architect (m/f/d), Lugano or Zürich
Postdoctoral Research Scientists in Superconducting Quantum Computing
PhD Student Position in Superconducting Quantum Computing

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