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Stockholm University is a public university in Stockholm, Sweden, founded as a college in 1878, with university status since 1960. Stockholm University has two scientific fields: the natural sciences and the humanities/social sciences

Lecturer in English Linguistics (temporary employment)
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in General Linguistics with a focus on language documentation
Project Assistant in Plant Ecology (temporary employment)
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in neuroscience with a focus on brain imaging analysis
Researcher in theoretical physics
Researcher in theoretical physics (Nordita & OKC)
Technician in Marine Acoustics for Arctic Expedition (temporary employment)
Postdoctoral Fellow in mm-wavelength instrumentation
Researcher in Homotopy Type Theory
Postdoctoral Fellow focusing on Isotope Studies of Aerosols and Gases over South Asia
Postdoctoral Researcher in Physical Materials Chemistry (Organic Lighting/OLEDs/LECs)
Postdoctoral Fellow in Methane and Organic Geochemistry in the Arctic Ocean
Researcher in a project about the aging brain
Postdoctoral Fellow in Climate modelling/paleoclimatology
PhD student in science education research
Research Assistant in Flycatcher Fieldwork at Tovetorp Research Station (temporary employment)
Research Assistant in Flycatcher Fieldwork (temporary employment)
Postdoctoral Fellow in Materials Chemistry
Finance Administrator and Communications Officer to SwedBio (temporary employment)
Post Doctoral Fellow in Law with specialization in Environmental Law and the Baltic Sea
Postdoctoral Fellow in Statistics
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in in Computer and Systems Sciences with a focus on digital information systems
Researcher in Alzheimer’s therapy and radiation biology (temporary employment)
Postdoctoral Fellow in Alzheimer’s therapy and radiation biology
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Archaeological Science (50 %)
Postdoctoral scientist in experimental particle physics at the ATLAS experiment
Researcher in climate science, with a focus on modelling local climate conditions

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