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The University of Toronto is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located on the grounds that surround Queen’s Park. It was founded by royal charter in 1827 as King’s College, the oldest university in the province of Ontario.

Associate Professor / Professor – Choral Studies – Elmer Iseler Chair in Conducting
Assistant Professor – Digital Marketing
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Molecular Engineering
Assistant Professor – CLTA – Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Contractually Limited Term Appointment – Computer Science
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Computer Science
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream Contractually Limited Term Appointment – Statistical Sciences
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Contractually Limited Term Appointment – Statistical Sciences
Assistant Professor – Indigenous Politics
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Indigenous Politics
Assistant Professor – Applied Mathematics
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Statistics
Assistant Professor – Pure Mathematics
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Mathematics
Associate Professor / Professor – Pure Mathematics
Associate Professor – Ancient Christian and Jewish Texts and their Reception
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Engineering Design Education
Assistant Professor – Mathematics
Assistant Professor – Security and Cryptography
Assistant Professor – Concrete Materials
Assistant Professor – Contractually Limited Term Appointment (CLTA) – Early Modern French Literature
Assistant Professor – Systems
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – CLTA – Graduate Communication in Engineering
Assistant Professor – Pediatric Language Disorders
Paediatric Neurologist
Assistant / Associate Professor – The Labatt Family Professorship in Depression Biology
Lecturer/Assistant Professor- Emergency and Trauma Radiologist
Associate/Full Professor, Chair, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Assistant / Associate / Full Professor – Cytopathology
Assistant / Associate / Full Professor – Pediatric Interventional Radiology
Lecturer or Assistant / Associate / Full Professor – Academic Cardiologist
Assistant / Associate Professor – Academic Intensivist
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor – Clinician Scientist Leader, Division of Immunology and Allergy
Associate / Full Professor – Director, Novo Nordisk Network for Healthy Populations at U of T
Lecturer or Assistant Professor – Academic Physiatrist
Associate/ Full Professor- Medical Director, Ross Tilley Burn Centre, Sunnybrook
Assistant / Associate / Full Professor – Academic Gastroenterologist
Assistant / Associate / Full Professor – Maternal Fetal Medicine – Sinai Health
Martha Rogers Chair in Heart Failure Training & Education, University Health Network
Full Professor – Chief, Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor- Uro-oncology
Lecturer / Assistant / Associate / Full Professor – Staff Anesthesiologist – UHN
Assistant or Associate Professor – Academic HIV Infectious Diseases Physician
Associate / Full Professor – Academic Hepatologist
Lecturer / Assistant Professor – Academic General Internist
Assistant/ Associate/ Full Professor – Anatomical Pathologist
Sessional Lecturer – PPG1005H1S – Social Context of Policy Making
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2001H1F – Integrating Seminar: Legal Policy Migration
Sessional Lecturer 1 – AST201H5F: Stars and Galaxies
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2001H1F – Integrating Seminar: Legal Policy Regulatory Law
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2014H1F – Topics in Pub. Policy II Sem: Financial Services & Monetary Policy
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2002H1F – Topics in Applied Economics: Public Finance
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2012H1F – Topics in Public Policy: Policy & Politics
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2003H1S – Capstone Integrating Seminar: Issues In Public Policy
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2008H1F – Comparative Pubic Policy
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2010H1S – Panel Data Methods for Policy Analysis
Sessional Lecturer – : MIE1628H Big Data Science
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2015H1F – Policy Development (0.25 FCE)
Sessional Lecturer – PPG301H1F – Introduction to Public Policy
Sessional Lecturer I
Sessional Lecturer – IDSB06H3S – Equity, Ethics and Justice in International Development 1
Sessional Lecturer | Visual Studies | JAV120H1F – Visual Concepts
Sessional Lecturer | Visual Studies | VIS313H1F – The Body
Sessional Lecturer – ESS103H1S – Geology in Public Issues
Sessional Lecturer – – FSC316H5F – Forensic Anatomy
Sessional Lecturer – ARA212Y5Y
Sessional Lecturer | Visual Studies | VIS201H1F – Painting: Methods and Materials
Sessional Lecturer | Visual Studies | VIS202H1S – The Moving Image
Sessional Lecturer | Visual Studies | VIS205H1S – Drawing: Experimental Practices
Sessional Lecturer | Visual Studies | VIS331H1S – Art Criticism
Sessional Lecturer – MGEC40H3 Economics of Organization and Management [E]
ENG100H5S Effective Writing
ENG289H5S Creative Writing
ENG316H5S Special Topic in Modern and Contemporary Literature
ENG371H5F Special Topics in World Literature
ENG385H5S British Romanticism, 1770-1800
ENG375H5F Editing Literary Texts
Sessional Lecturer: CTL5046H – Special Topics in Curriculum: Master’s Level – Games and Learning
Writing Instructor – Innis College Writing Centre
Sessional Lecturer – ESS105H1S – Our Home Planet
Sessional Lecturer: CTL1119H – Gaining Confidence in Mathematics: Reconstructing Mathematics Knldg..
Sessional Lecturer – SPA220Y5Y
Sessional Lecturer – SPA100Y5Y
Sessional Lecturer – ITA200Y5Y
Sessional Lecturer, STA238H1S L5101 – Probability, Statistics and Data Analysis II
Sessional Lecturer – Canadian Studies – CDN335H1F – Black Canadian Studies 1 1
Sessional Lecturer -CSCB09H3 – Software Tools and Systems Programming
Sessional Lecturer -CSCB58H3 – Computer Organization
Sessional Lecturer -CSCB63H3 – Design and Analysis of Data Structures
Sessional Lecturer – MATA33H3 – Calculus for Management II
Sessional Lecturer -CSCB07H3 – Software Design
Sessional Lecturer -CSCC01H3 – Introduction to Software Engineering
Sessional Lecturer, ACT247H1S L0101 – Introductory Life Contingencies
Sessional Lecturer, ACT245H1S L5101 – Financial Principles for Actuarial Science I
Sessional Lecturer -CSCC43H3 – Introduction to Databases
Sessional Lecturer -CSCC24H3 – Principles of Programming Languages
Sessional Lecturer – CJH332H1S – Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology of the Synapse – co-teaching
Sessional Lecturer – CRI340H1F Punishment: Theory and Practice
Sessional Lecturer – INI338H1S Advanced Topics in Urban Studies I
Sessional Lecturer – INI337H1S: Studies in Contemporary Urban Problems
Sessional Lecturer – INI432H1F: Urban Studio – Public Participation in Policy Making
Sessional Lecturer – INI409H1S Special Topics in Writing & Rhetoric: Writing Through Revision
Sessional Lecturer – INI300H1F Strategic Writing for Business and the Professions: Theory & Practice
Sessional Lecturer – INI308H1F Selected Topics in Writing & Rhetoric: Writing Literary Journalism
Sessional Lecturer – INI211H1F Introduction to Creative Writing
Sessional Lecturer – CIV/MIN Associate in the Engineering Communication Program
Writing Instructor – Engineering Design 101
Sessional Lecturer – APS360H1 Y Applied Fundamentals of Machine Learning 1
Sessional Lecturer: CTL1041H – Research Methods in Education [RM]
Sessional Lecturer – LIN231H5F
Sessional Lecturer – PSY494H1F – Physiology and Psychology of Emotion
Sessional Lecturer – PSY493H1S – Cognitive Neuroscience
Sessional Lecturer – PSY290H1S – Physiological Psychology
Sessional Lecturer – PSY343H1F – Theories of Psychopathology and Psychotherapy
Sessional Lecturer – EDS100H5F
Sessional Lecturer – POLC36H3 Y, Law and the Public Policy
Sessional Lecturer – POLC68H3 Y, The Constitution of Canada and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Sessional Lecturer – POLC39H3 Y, Comparative Legal Systems
Sessional Lecturer – POLC56H3 Y, Indigenous Politics and Law
Sessional Lecturer – VPSB67H3 – Photo I
Sessional Lecturer – MDSA02H3 – History of Media
Sessional Lecturer – MDSB10H3 – Technology, Culture and Society
Sessional Lecturer – MDSA01H3 – Introduction to Media Studies
Sessional Lecturer – VPMA93H3 – Listening to Music
ARH 306Y1S – Archaeological Field Methods
ANT208H1F Medical Anthropology: An Evolutionary Perspective on Human Health
Sessional Lecturer – HLTC19H3 Y Chronic Diseases
Sessional Lecturer: CTL1332H – Introduction to Decolonization in Education
Sessional Lecturer: CTL1018H – Intro to Qualitative Inquiry in Curriculum, Teaching and Lrng [RM]
Sessional Lecturer: CTL3029H – Children’s Lit. as a Foundation of Literate Behavior acr the Curriclm
Sessional Lecturer: CTL1304H – Cultural Studies and Education/Etudes culturelles et education
Sessional Lecturer – HLTC48H3 Y Special Topics in Health Studies: Global Health Perspective
Sessional Lecturer: CTL1222H – Environmental Studies in Science, Mathematics and Technology Edn.
Sessional Lecturer – HLTA03H3 S Foundations in Health Studies II
Sessional Lecturer: CTL5016H – Special Topics in Curriculum: Master’s Level – Instructn’l Design
Sessional Lecturer: CTL1818H – Arts in Education: Concepts, Contexts, and Frameworks
Sessional Lecturer: CTL1065H – Gender, Sexuality and Schooling
Sessional Lecturer -DRM286H1 S Filmmaking Basics for Theatre
Sessional Lecturer – ACMB01H3 – Critical Reading, Thinking and Writing for ACM Programs
Sessional Lecturer – ENV100H1S – Introduction to Environmental Studies
Sessional Lecturer – POLC32H3 Y, The Canadian Judicial System
Sessional Lecturer – POLB72H3 Y, Introduction to Political Theory
Sessional Lecturer: CTL5704H- Special Topics in Teaching – Urban Education Curriculum and Pedagogy
Sessional Lecturer: CTL5702H – Spl. Top: Incl Elem Clsrms – Theory & Practice
Sessional Lecturer: CTL5707H – Spl Top- Engendering Local Stories, Public History, and Digital Media
Sessional Lecturer – EAS327H1S – Japanese Fiction and the Nation
Sessional Lecturer, STA220H1F L5101, Practice of Statistics I
Sessional Lecturer, STA255H1S L5101, Statistical Theory
Sessional Lecture – ENV200H1S – Assessing Global Change: Science and the Environment
Sessional Lecturer – ENV221H1S – Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Environment
Sessional Lecturer – ENV100H1F – Introduction to Environmental Studies
Sessional Lecture – ENV200H1F – Assessing Global Change: Science and the Environment
Sessional Lecturer: CTL7008H – Introduction to Special Education and Mental Health (Primary/Junior)
Sessional Lecturer: CTL7007H – Authentic Assessment – Intermediate/Senior 1
Sessional Lecturer: CTL7007H – Authentic Assessment – Intermediate/Senior
Sessional Lecturer: CTL7009H – Anti-Discriminatory Education (Primary/Junior)
Sessional Lecturer: CTL7088H – Curriculum and Teaching in Visual Arts (Primary/Junior)
Sessional Lecturer: CTL7070H – Issues in Secondary Education 2 (Intermediate/Senior)
Sessional Lecturer: CTL7070H – Issues in Secondary Education 2 (Intermediate/Senior)
Sessional Lecturer: CTL7016H – Integrating Technology into the Classroom: Issues and Activities (I/S
Sessional Lecturer: CTL7087H – Curriculum and Teaching in Drama and Dance (Primary/Junior)
Sessional Lecturer – APS112H1 S – Engineering Strategies and Practice II (T)
Sessional Lecturer – BIO304H5F Physiology of Neurons and Muscle
Sessional Lecturer – BIO207H5S Introductory Genetics
Sessional Lecturer – BIO206H5F Introductory Cell and Molecular Biology
Sessional Lecturer – BIO410H5F Insect Physiology
Sessional Lecturer – BIO375H5F Introductory Medical Biotechnology
Sessional Instructor: LHA1047, Managing Changes in Classroom Practice
Sessional Lecturer – JLP374H1 F – Psychology of Language
Sessional Lecturer – JLP315H1 S – Language Acquisition
Sessional Lecturer: LHA1834, Qualitative Research in Higher Education
Sessional Lecturer: LHA1012, Organizational Culture and Decision-Making
Sessional Lecturer: LHA1035, Sociology of Education
Sessional Lecturer: LHA3004, Research Literacy for the Ed.D. Program
Sessional Lecturer: LHA1018, Political Skill in the Education Arena
Sessional Lecturer: LHA1042, Educational Leadership & Diversity
Sessional Lecturer: LHA1107, Developing and Leading High Performing Teams: Theory & Practice
Sessional Lecturer: LHA5103, Popular Education & Social Action
Sessional Lecturer: LHA6008, Current Issues and Controversies in Educational Policy (Doctoral Level)
Sessional Lecturer: LHA1102, Community Development: Innovative Methods
Sessional Lecturer: LHA836, Critical Analysis of Research in Higher Education
Sessional Lecturer: LHA1113, Gender & Race at Work
Sessional Lecturer: LHA1826, Comparative Higher Education
Sessional Lecturer: LHA1818, Politics of Higher Education
SOC463H1F – Mental Health and Education
Sessional Lecturer – EDP3045, Education Policy & Program Evaluation
Sessional Lecturer – LHA1003, Designing Masters Research Proposals
Sessional Lecturer – HIS377H1S: 20th-Century American Foreign Relations
Sessional Lecturer – HIS102Y1Y: Empires, Encounters & Exchanges
Sessional Lecturer – FSC271H5F – Ethics and Professionalism in Forensic Science (SCI)
Sessional Lecturer – ANT203H5S – Biological Anthropology: Primatology and Palaeoanthropology (SCI)
Sessional Lecturer -ANT317H5S – Pre-contact Indigenous History of Eastern North America (SCI)
Sessional Lecturer – ANT101H5S – Introduction to Biological Anthropology and Archaeology
Sessional Lecturer – ANT331H5F – Human Sexuality (SCI)
Sessional Lecturer -FSC430H5S – Seminar in Forensic Science (SSc SCI)
Sessional Lecturer – FSC351H5F- Special Topics in Forensic Science – Human Rights and Medicolegal In
Sessional Lecturer – FSC303H5S – Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation (SCI EXP)
Sessional Lecturer – FSC303H5F – Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation (SCI EXP) 1
Sessional Lecturer – EAS394H1S – Film Culture in Contemporary China
Sessional Lecturer – EAS296H1S – Topics in East Asian Studies
Sessional Lecturer – EAS271H1S – 20th Century Korean History
Payroll & Finance Assistant
Senior Research Associate
Manager, Learning Innovation
Junior Property Manager
Financial Assistant, Accounts Payable
Research Associate-Term
Head Coach Varsity Blues Women’s Basketball
Engineer B (Central Area & South West Area)
Pensions Advisor
Veterinary Technologist 1 (1 Casual Position)
Associate Director, Multi-Faith Centre
Director, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Assistant Director, Finance Administrative Units
Assistant Manager, Campus Services
Supervising Lawyer (Refugee&Immigration)
Director of Finance
Manager, Digital Library Applications
Manager, Technology Infrastructure & Staff Technology
Procurement Officer, Capital Projects
Lab Technician
Senior Digital Marketing Officer
Manager, Faculty Financial Administration
Resident Scheduling Analyst
Assistant to the Chair & Office Administrator
Assistant to the Chair
Academic Integrity Assistant
Project Development Manager
Director, International Relations (Sub-Saharan Africa)
Program & Faculty Development Consultant
Administrative Assistant, Research Office
Research Associate (Limited Term) 1-Year Term
Indigenous Advisor and Community Outreach Specialist
Mechanical Designer
Research Funding Manager
Assistive Technology Consultant
Residence Assistant
Director, Division of Comparative Medicine
Limited Term Research Associate
Asset Management Analyst (Facilities Management)
Health and Safety Officer
UTemp Talent Pool
Senior Development Officer, Major Gifts
Solutions Architect
Educational Developer
Program & Business Development Manager

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