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Chalmers University of Technology is a Swedish university located in Gothenburg that focuses on research and education in technology, natural science, architecture, maritime and other management areas.

PhD student position in Evaluation of acoustic design solutions in virtual environments
PhD Student in Semi-supervised Learning for Medical Image Analysis
Instruktör inom maskin- och elteknik
PhD student position in Impact of Radiation Chemistry on surface processes in LWRs, Chalmers/KTH
PhD student position in wind deployment growth
Postdocs in Quantum Nanophotonics
PhD students in Quantum Nanophotonics
Postdocs and researchers to build a quantum computer
Postdoctoral position in physical properties of 2D material suspensions
Substitute lecturer in mathematical statistics, PAR 2021/106
Join us – and share knowledge: The Department of Physics seeks 12 PhD students
Postdoc position in Time-resolved infrared spectroscopy in catalysis
Postdoctoral researcher in Computer Architecture
PhD student position in Computer Architecture
Postdoc in Artificial Intelligence for Science
Postdoc in historical and future energy data analysis
Postdoc in Active Food Packaging for Pollutant Removal
PhD position in Computational Metabolomics and Exposomics
PhD student position in interaction effects between wave energy converters
Postdoc in energy system modelling
Post-doc or researcher in yeast biology and laboratory automation
Postdoc in Extraction and modification of arabinoxylan to achieve thermoplasticity
Industrial PhD student in Polymer Physics/Chemistry (Novel methods for determination of thermal transport properties in organics) in EU Training Network HORATES
Postdoc position: Biochemistry and Biophysics of DNA repair
Postdoc in Innovation Studies/Innovation and sustainability transitions
Postdoc Position in Enabling Quantum Chemistry on a Quantum Computer
PhD student position in Food Science on Marine Proteins
PhD student position in Optoelectronics – Lasers with Optical Metasurfaces
Postdoc in advanced termochemical conversion of biomass and waste
Postdoc in advanced xray techniques for heterogeneous and hierarchical materials
Postdoc in Detached Eddy Simulations and aeroacoustic analysis of airframe noise
Professor/Associate professor in Chemical Process Engineering
PhD student position in Quantum Materials
PhD student position in chemical functionalization of 2D materials
PhD student position in Yield stress fluids in industrial flows
PhD student position in single molecule analysis with nanopores
Postdoc in frequency combs for fiber-optic communications

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