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Aarhus University is the largest and second oldest research university in Denmark. The University is ranked among the top 100 world’s best universities, belongs to the Coimbra Group, the Guild, and Utrecht Network of European universities and is a member of the European University Association.

PhD project: Spectral microCT imaging for 3D, high resolution tumor imaging (re-advertisement)
Bioinformatics PhD project: Computational methods for detection of cancers and their mutational imprints from sequencing of blood cell-free DNA   
PhD Position on Tracing the Atomic Motion in Phase-Change Materials – Understanding the Materials for Future Memory Devices
PhD Position on Molecular quantum dynamics on quantum computers  
PhD Position on  Augmented and Virtual Reality for Industrial Applications
PhD Position on  Algorithms supporting big data analysis
PhD Position on  Programming language design, analysis and verification
PhD Position on  Program Analysis and Testing
PhD students for Center for Basic Research in Program Verification
PhD Position on  Surface nuclear magnetic resonance for high-resolution mapping of groundwater resources
PhD Position on  Mammalian nuclear RNA turnover systems
PhD Position on  Understanding plant-microbe co-adaptation through integrative data analysis  
PhD Position on Understanding the reactivity of catalytic materials with machine learning
PhD Position on  Using deep learning methods to tailor sleep scoring algorithms to specific populations
PhD Position on  Real-Time IoT Analytics at Edge  
PhD Position on  Biocontrol of plant pathogens using mycoviruses   
PhD Position on  From muscle cell culture to palatable pork – TastyPorkCells  
PhD Position on  Method development in human statistical genetics
PhD Position on  Vision-based navigation for underwater safety critical applications 
Position as student research assistant at Dept. of Management
Assistant Professor of Infection Immunology
Administrative Officer (AC-TAP) Position on Intervention Project Exploring Danish Victim-Offender Mediation
Postdoctoral position in the PlantPro research project
Postdoc in energy materials
Research assistant in wind turbine inspection using drones
PostDoc position in vascular biology and inflammation
Postdoctoral position: Intervention as practice-based professional learning in daycare
Tenure-Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor of Strategic Business Communication
Postdoc for development of cementitious materials for oil-well abandonment
Postdoc position in Stochastics
Professor of Diabetes Epidemiology
Postdoc in nucleic acid nanotechnology
Associate professorship in the philosophy of healthcare
RE-ADVERTISEMENT: Postdoctoral Position in Plastic Sorting and Recycling
Postdoc position in monitoring of groundwater resources using transient electromagnetics
Associate professor in recognition and uptake of human viruses
EXTENDED: Postdoc in Journalism Studies with a focus on Civic Engagement
Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering for Microelectronics
Re-advertisement: Professor of information studies with a focus on science, technology and society studies
Postdoc in signal processing and instrumentation development for transient electromagnetics
Postdoc in bioinformatics of oil spill microbiology at the Department of Biology, Aarhus University
RE-ADVERTISEMENT Postdoc in genomics of substance use disorders
RE-ADVERTISEMENT: Dept. of Computer Science is looking for a post doc in theoretical aspects of machine learning
Postdoc in Bioinformatics of Ice environments, Aarhus University, Campus RISØ, Denmark
Postdoc in Sensor Development
Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Quaternary Terrestrial Palaeoclimatology
Associate professor or tenure-track assistant professor in experimental surface science and/or laboratory astrochemistry
Two-year postdoctoral position: Roman transport networks at the Centre for Urban Network Evolutions
Postdoc position in Life Cycle Assessment of Food and Agricultural Systems
Postdoc in livestock farming systems for an integrated, resilient and efficient agriculture
Tenure track position in grassland based livestock production systems
Professor in Pedology and Digital Soil Mapping
Tenure track position in biotechnology and breeding of protein crops
Senior advisor in pesticide use and weed management
Postdoc for Power-to-X project: Production of renewable methanol
Assistant Professor in Plastic Sorting and Recycling
Postdoctoral position in the DIGYMATEX research project
Molecular biology lab manager at Department of Biology
Research Assistant in Audio-Visual data analysis for video surveillance
RE-ADVERTISEMENT: 2-yr postdoc on Genomics-based Population Demographic Histories for Megafauna
2-year Postdoc on effect-directed analysis of micropollutants in water
2-yr postdoc on “Rewilding effects on biodiversity, soils and carbon”
2-yr postdoc on “Global climate-driven vegetation shifts – a macroecological-remote-sensing approach”
A three-year postdoc position to investigate functions of commensals contributing to plant resilience
Postdoc in computational biology of atherosclerosis
Postdoctoral Position in the Phonetic Aspects of Voice Quality
Assistant or Associate Professorship in Danish as a School Subject
Two assistant/associate professorships in educational sociology
A permanent position as professor of educational psychology
Two 3-year postdoc positions in museum genomics and environmental DNA for studying insect genetic diversity in time and space
2-year postdoc position in environmental DNA analyses of biodiversity
Postdoc Positions in Machine Learning for Catalysis and Chemical Physics
Associate professor in Chemical Engineering
Assistant professor (tenure track) / Associate professor in Chemical Engineering
Two Group Leaders in Molecular and Translational Neuroscience
Two assistant professor/postdoctoral researchers in political science on bystander reactions to online political hostility
Professor position in Stochastics
Post Doc. in the Socio-Technical Design group

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