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Uppsala University is a research university in Uppsala, Sweden. Founded in 1477, it is the oldest university in Sweden and all of the Nordic countries still in operation. It ranks among the world’s 100 best universities in several high-profile international rankings.

PhD in artificial photosynthesis
Researcher in ion beam-based physics
Two postdoctoral positions in observational astrophysics
One or two Researchers in dynamics and asymptotics on homogeneous spaces
Postdoctoral position: Dissecting the cellular landscape of equine asthma using single cell genomics
One or two postdoctoral positions in dynamics and asymptotics on homogeneous spaces
Researcher to develop sample environment and analysis for small-angle scattering (SANS/SAXS)
Postdoctoral Position on Software Security
PhD student in the verification of concurrent programs
Three PhD student positions in optimization for data-driven modeling and machine learning
Postdoctoral position in “Induced pluripotent stem cell disease modeling”
Assistant Professor in Intelligent Systems
Professor of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology combined with the position as specialist/consultant physician at Uppsala University Hospital
Researcher in Food Systems Transformation
1-2 Researchers in Computational Biochemistry
1-2 Postdoctoral positions in Computational Biochemistry
3 PhD students in History
Postdoctoral researcher in computational metabolomics/lipidomics with a focus on precision medicine
PhD position in Bioinformatics with a focus on precision medicine for Multiple Sclerosis
Postdoctoral position in Theoretical Astrophysics
Postdoctoral position in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development
Researcher Ancient Greek or Byzantine Studies
Project assistant in plankton ecology
1–2 temporary senior lecturers in digital humanities at a scope of 50–100%
Two PhD Student Positions in Education Studies
PhD Student Position in Sociology of Education
PhD Student Position in Curriculum Studies
Postdoctoral position on synchrotron characterization of thin film solar cells
Associate Professor in physics with specialization in mathematical physics
Associate Professor in Sustainable Entrepreneurship
PhD student in Experimental Neutrino Astrophysics
PhD student in astronomy and astrophysics
PhD-student in Ancient Greek or Byzantine Studies
Postdoctoral position in Holocaust History and Memory
Research assistant, Department of Peace and Conflict Research
1–2 Research engineers/system developers, with a focus on GIS/Data Management development and curation
1–2 Research engineers/system developers with a focus on humanities digital research infrastructure development and curation
1–2 Research engineers/data scientists with AI/ML competence
Researcher with Specialization in Charged Particle Beam Dynamics
Postdoctoral position in Radio Frequency
Research engineer in Limnology/Aquatic Ecology
PhD position in Economics, especially Health Economics
Postdoctoral position in geometry and topology
1–3 Bioinformaticians with focus on Data Stewardship
Project co-ordinator eHealth
Researcher/Postdoc at the Centre for Gender Research
PhD student in policy analysis and stakeholder involvement
PhD student in drought forecasting
PhD student in Meteorology, focusing on Air-Sea interaction and extremes
PhD student in extreme weather events, with a focus on heatwaves
Two PhD positions in Silicon nanobiosensors for single molecule analysis
PhD Position in PET radiochemistry
Up to 8 PhD Students in Business Studies
Ph.D. position in Quantum Matter Theory
PhD student in Space Physics
PhD student in neuroscience
Substitute Senior Lecturer in Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Associate Professor in Industrial Engineering with specialization in Sustainable Organizational Development
PhD student in Microbial community ecology
PhD in Neutron Scattering to solve Environmental Problems
Assistant professor in Microsystem Technology with specialization in Mechanical Construction and Manufacturing
Researcher position in accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS)
Researcher with Specialization Superconducting Magnets
PhD Student in Ultrasound Imaging and Image Reconstruction
Postdoctoral position in Superconducting Magnets
Assistant Professor in Computer Systems, with specialization in Embedded Systems
Assistant Professor in Scientific Computing
Associate Professor in Scientific Computing
Associate Professor in Numerical Analysis
Senior lecturer in American Studies
Up to four PhD positions in interdisciplinary mathematics
Professor of Medical Ethics
PhD student in Computer Systems focusing on memory management in architecture and operating systems
Six PhD students in mathematics, applied mathematics or statistics
PhD student in Bioprinting
Professor of neurology combined with employment as a specialist physician at Uppsala University Hospital
Marie Sklodowska-Curie PhD student position in development of tribologically optimized 3D-printed surfaces for joint implant components
PhD position in studying hydrogen in amorphous materials
Marie Sklodowska-Curie PhD student position in 3D-printing of magnesium alloys for biomedical applications

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