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Umeå University is a university in Umeå in the mid-northern region of Sweden. The university was founded in 1965 and is the fifth oldest within Sweden’s present borders. As of 2015, Umeå University has nearly 31,000 registered students, including those at the postgraduate and doctoral level

PhD Student Position in Computer Science with focus on Digital Companions
PhD position in Space Physics
Ph.D. position in Political Science focusing on Peace- and Conflict studies
Ph.D position in Political Science, focusing on Environment and natural resource politics
Ph.D in Political Science, focus on Municipalities, Regions and Public Sector
Ph.D. position in Political Science focusing on Representative Democracy
Associate Senior Lecturer position in Statistics and Data Science
PhD student in Computer Science with focus on Formal Analysis of Programs for Secure Hardware and Embedded Devices
PhD-student position in RNA modifications and breast cancer
Postdoc position in Formal verification of Automated Decision-making systems
Postdoc position in Democracy, Participation and Artificial Intelligence
Senior research engineer position in Experimental Physics
Professor in Media and Communication Studies
Postdoctoral researchers in law
Medfak läraranställningar med sakkunniggranskning- 201130
PhD students in Statistics
Postdoc positions in Statistics and Data Science
Senior research assistant position in cognitive neuroscience of aging
Research coordinator
PhD student position in Computer Science with focus on trustworthy anomaly detection
Postdoctoral position in Machine-Learning in Safety-Critical Cyber-Physical Systems
PhD student position in Medical Science
Postdoctor in informatics
Postdoctoral researchers in human geography
PhD Student Position in Designing Artificial Intelligence Systems

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