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The Cyprus Institute is a non-profit research and educational institution with a strong scientific and technological orientation, addressing issues of regional interest but of global significance, with an emphasis on cross-disciplinary research and international collaborations

Intern for the CARE-C Instrumentation for Nanoparticle Synthesis and Characterization (INL) (ref. no. CARE-C_ININL_21_01)
Computational Scientist(s) (ref. no. CaSToRC_PDF_21_03)
Analyst (ref. no. CYI_AN_21_01)
Research Assistant in Digital Archaeology (ref. no. STARC_RA_21_03)
Post-doctoral Research Fellow (ref. no. CaSToRC_PDF_20_05(2))
Remote Sensing/Imaging Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) (ref. no. STARC_PDF_21_01)
Associate Research Scientist(s) in Atmospheric Sciences (CARE-C_ARS_20_13)
Assistant Professor / Research Scientist in Archaeological Materials (ref.no. CYI_APRSAM_20_12)
Computational Scientist (ref. no. CaSToRC_CS_20_11)
Executive Assistant at the Office of the President (ref. no. CYI_EA_20_11)
Post-doctoral Research Fellow (s) and/or Associate Research Scientist(s) in Atmospheric Modelling (ref. no. CARE-C_PDFARS_20_12)
Faculty Position(s) at the Cyprus Institute with Specialization in Computation-based Science and Technology (ref. no. CYI_FP_20_10)
Scientific Coordinator for CaSToRC EuroHPC National Competence Center (ref. no. CaSToRC_SC_EuroHPC_20_08)
Computational and Data Scientists (ref. no. CaSToRC_CS_20_04(2))
Computational Scientists (ref.no.CaSToRC_CS_20_04)
Assistant Professor for Energy (ref.no. CYI_APE_20_08)
Innovation Coordinator (ref.no. CYI_IC_20_05)
Assistant Professor in Archaeological Materials (ref.no. CYI_APAM_20_03)
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (ref. no. CARE-C_PDF_20_03)
Faculty in Atmospheric Sciences (ref. no. CYI_FAS_20_02)
Professor in Atmospheric Sciences (ref. no. CYI_PAS_20_01)
Director of Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC) (ref.no. CYI_EEWRCD_19_10)
Research Technical Specialist for microCT (walk-in hutch) (ref.no. STARC_RTS_19_06)
Faculty Position at the Cyprus Institute with Specialization in Computation-based Science and Technology (ref. no. CYI_FP_18_06)

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