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At KTH you will have the opportunity of bringing life to your ideas and, at the same time, contributing to tomorrow’s society. Whatever position you have, you can take a lot of personal responsibility in a workplace that has a strong sense of fellowship.

Pedagogisk utvecklare inom biologi vid Vetenskapens Hus
Doctoral student in Polymer Chemistry
Doctoral student in Micromachined reconfigurable subterahertz antennas
Doctoral student in Micromachined Microwave/THz Communication Systems
Doctoral student (licentiate) in Business studies
Researcher in Nuclear Power Safety
Doctoral student in History of Media and Environment
Doctoral student in Energy System Modelling and European Climate Neutrality
Doctoral student in machine learning and simulation for health systems
Doctoral student in Circular Techno-Economic Analysis of Energy Storage
Doctoral student in Deep Learning for Conversational AI
Doctoral student in High-Performance Computing
Doctoral student in High Performance Computing
Doctoral student in Artificial intelligence and Music
Två internationella koordinatorer, vikariat
Postdoc in crystallization for resource recovery
HR-ansvarig till skolan för industriell teknik och management vid KTH
Research Engineer in History of Science, Technology and Environment
Doctoral students in next generation super resolution microscopy
Postdoc in Underwater Robotics, Perception and Planning
Ph.D. students in Design Automation of High Peformance, Low Power Systems
Ph.D. student in Reconfigurable Architecture for Hardware Security and AI
Gruppchef IT
Redovisningsekonom/gruppledare med fokus på EU-finansierade projekt
Postdoc in Biomechanics: Assistive robotic exoskeletons
Associate Professor in mathematics with spec. in mathematical statistics
Associate Professor in mathematics with spec. in mathematical statistics
Associate Professor in preclinical proteomics w focus on monogenic diseases
Support Engineer at PDC
Mentor åt studenter med funktionsnedsättning
Doctoral student in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Postdoc in TDA within dBrain Digital Futures project
Postdoctoral positions in Electrochemical Wearable Sensing
Postdoc in Organic Chemistry
Learning in Engineering Sciences spec in E-learning Research & Development
Doctoral student in Media Technology
Doctoral st. Sustainability assessm. methods for process chains for seafood
Doctoral student in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Doctoral student in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Doctoral student in Security for multi-agent learning
Servicekoordinator till servicecenter
Kommunikatör, KTH Biblioteket
Research engineer operations for large-scale sequencing
Research Engineer in Printed Electronics
Postdoc in cyber security with a focus on risk,economics & threat modeling
Doctoral student in Intelligent Power Systems
Doctoral students in Visualization and High-Performance Computing
Postdoc in magnetic resonance elastography in the brain
Doctoral student in Quantum/Energy Materials & Neutron Scattering
Assistant professor in Computer Science Spec. in High-Performance Computing
Associate Professor, Computer Science Spec. in Foundations of Data Science
Lecturer in Computer systems
Professor in Wireless Communication
Associate Professor, Computer Science, specialisation in Computer Systems
Doctoral student in Printed Electronics
Postdoc in Micromechanical characterization of lithium ion batteries
Postdoc in Vascular exchange in organs and tissues
Postdoc in wing in ground effect aerodynamics
Postdoc in Multi-fidelity models for vascular problems
Postdoc on Modelling fibre suspension flows using isogeometric analysis
Postdoc in data-driven environmental assessment for land and air transport
Postdoc in Damage Modelling in Rolling Contacts
Postdoc in non-intrusive techniques for respiratory and voice disorders
Doctoral student in Applied and Computational Mathematics
Postdoc in machine learning for time series analysis
Postdoc in fullstack security
Handläggare uppföljning och statistik
Postdoc in enzymatic upgrading of lignocellulose polymers
Doctoral students in mathematics
Doctoral student in mathematics
Research Engineer in Control of Multi-Robot Systems
Postdoc computational analysis of spatially resolved transcriptomics data
Doctoral student development of biocomposites on basis of NIPU
Doctoral student functionalized nanocellulose for waterborne NIPU
Postdoctor in Control of Biopharmaceutical Processes
Doctoral student in Molecular Genomics
Doctoral student in dynamic compression of fluids
Doctoral student in simulations of wetting of complex fluids droplets
Postdoc in carbohydrate polymer chemistry and material science
Postdoc in Image processing of high-dimensional brain imaging data
Postdoc in Computational Neuroscience within dBrain Digital Futures project
Associate Professor in Real Estate Business
Doctoral student in Wireless Communications Empowered by Intell. Surfaces
Assistant professor in Space Technology
Övningsassistenter sökes till institutionen för matematik 2021
Postdoc in Networked Systems

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