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The Technical University of Denmark, often simply referred to as DTU, is a university in Kongens Lyngby, 12 km. north of Copenhagen, Denmark. It was founded in 1829 at the initiative of Hans Christian Ørsted as Denmark’s first polytechnic, and is today ranked among Europe’s leading engineering institutions.

DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Multi-Modal Imaging of Sustainable Energy Materials in 2D and 3D
PhD scholarship in Complexity reduction by Engineer to order Modularity
Postdoc in MEMS Inductor Fabrication
PhD scholarship in Sustainable Entrepreneurship
Postdoc in Terahertz Air Photonics
Postdoc in “in vivo” Evaluation of Artificial Red Blood Cells
PhD Scholarship in Trait-based Modelling of Microbial Life in the Ocean
Postdoc within van der Waals Heterostructure-based Membrane Separation Technologies
Postdoc position in digital microfluidic for the development of droplet based cell factories
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Maritime Logistics and Management
Postdoc – Natural Language Processing / Text Mining
Postdoc in Mathematical Optimization and Stochastic Processes
PhD scholarship in Sociomicrobiology of Secondary Metabolite production at the Center for Microbial Secondary Metabolites, CeMiSt
Postdoc in CFD-guided Fermentation Scaling
Postdoc in Organic Energy Materials
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Cryptology
Data Science Consultant – High Performance Computing for Learning Systems
PhD scholarship in ecology of flagellate foraging
PhD scholarship in Population Genomics of Fish
PhD position within the field of Biocatalysis
System Developer for nationwide monitoring system of high-risk patients in Danish hospitals
Professor in Experimental Mechanics
Professor in Coastal Dynamics
Postdoc in Modelling of water transport and filtration systems for ultrathin carbon Nanomembranes
Postdoc in Computational Electrocatalysis
PhD Scholarship in Adaptable and 3D Printable Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering
PhD positions
Postdoc in Quantitative health impact assessment and modelling
PhD Scholarship in Ultra-coherent Quantum Optomechanics
PhD scholarship in Electromagnetic Field Theory Analysis for Extreme Dielectric Confinement of Light
PhD position on Bio-based Anticorrosive Coatings for the Heavy Industry
Two PhD scholarships in Enzyme Discovery
Head of Data and Knowledge Engineering
Bioinformatician to high level science community
Energetic user administrator for DTU Computerome
Studentermedhjælp til DTU Engineering Technologys digitale kommunikation og journalistik
PhD scholarship in Drone-based Geophysics
Development Engineer for Renewable Park Optimization
PhD Scholarship in Development of Bio-Inspired 3D Printable Construction Materials
Project & Marketing Coordinator
Program Director
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Computer Vision
Postdoc position on Low-loss Lithium Niobate Photonics Platform
PhD student in Digital Sensing and Modelling of Travel Behavior and Mental Health
Postdoc in Sustainability Assessment of Chemical Processes
PhD scholarship in Digitalization Methods in Chemical Toxicity Characterization
DTU Tenure Track Researcher in Behaviour and Population Dynamics of Diadromous Fish Species
Research Assistant in Data statistics
Experienced Project and Event Manager
Senior Development Engineer or Development Engineer for wind turbine and wind measurements at DTU Wind Energy, Test & Calibration Section (TAC)
Ejendomsadministrator/administrativ medarbejder
PhD scholarship in Hydrodynamics Modelling of Floating Seaweed Farms
PhD scholarship: Near well bore formation damage by produced water reinjection – microfluidics and core floods
A PhD scholarship in Solid State Battery
PhD project in Deep Learning for Image-Based Quality Assessment
Two PhD scholarships in Catalytic Synthesis of Methanol and Ammonia
Postdoc in Synthesis of Compounds for the Fabrication of Artificial Red Blood Cells
Professor in Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology
PhD position in Experimental Surface Science for: Discovering New Dual and Triple Atom Catalysts
PhD position in Experimental Surface Science/Electrochemistry for: Discovering New Dual and Triple Atom Catalysts
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Machine Learning
Research Assistant to ground-braking microbial strain engineering
Professor in Enzyme Biotechnology
Professor in Antibody Technology
Professor in Protease Systems Biology
Professor in Immune-Microbiota Interactions
Student Assistant for project administration
2 Postdoctoral fellows in Metabolic Engineering
Professor in Energy System Analysis
PhD Scholarships in Fisheries Technology
PhD scholarship in luminescence Dating of Early Humans in Central Asia
PhD scholarship in Machine Learning for Multispectral Image Analysis
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Computer Graphics
PhD project: Thermodynamic Modeling of Electrolyte Systems using Novel Approaches
PhD scholarship in Entrepreneurship Education for Sustainable Development
PhD scholarship in EdTech for Inclusive Entrepreneurship Education
PhD scholarship in Machine Learning Techniques for Noise Characterization of Ultra-Low Noise Lasers
PhD scholarship in Machine Learning Techniques for Communication over the Fiber-Optic Channel
PhD scholarship in Digital twins for sustainable underground constructions
PhD project: Advanced engineering tool for lightweight composite 3D print of concrete design formwork
PhD scholarship in Digital Twin in Healthcare: Patient System Modelling for Rehabilitation by Exoskeleton
Industrial PhD scholarship in Stability Enhancement of Weakly-Connected Offfshore Wind Power Plants by Wind Turbines with Grid-Forming Converter Control
Professor in Structural Loads and Safety and Head of Section Structures and Safety
PhD scholarship in Intelligent Maintenance of IoT Infrastructures
DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms or Logic-based Artificial Intelligence
Professor in Software Engineering and Head of Section
PhD scholarship in Developing a Theory of Methods in Design
Associate Professor in Science and Technology Studies (STS)
Professor in Building Technology and Design
PhD project in Characterizing Temporal Social Networks using Dynamic Embeddings
Postdoc position in computational population genetics
2 PhD Scholarships in Bioinformatics

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