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The University of Gothenburg is a university in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg. The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Postdoctoral fellow in Molecular Immunology
Research assistant to join the Seagrass Ecology Lab located at Kristineberg Marine Research Station.
Researcher in Environmental Science
Associate researcher
Programadministratör med studievägledningskompetens
PhD in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Senior Lecturer in Informatics
Doctoral student in biophysical chemistry
Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science
Senior Lecturer in Informatics
Postdoctoral researchers in Information Systems, Digital Innovation and Digital 
Research Assistant
Researcher to the Centre for Person-Centred Care (GPCC)
Postdoctoral fellow in Cancer Genomics and Liquid Biopsies
Researcher to the collaboration platform Person-centred Patient-Public-Private Partnership (PCP4), part-time 
Lecturer in sport science 
PhD Position in Natural Science, specializing in Biology
Reseracher in nanoelectrochemistry at cells and vesicles
Researcher in mammalian cell biology studies and analysis of lipidomes
Associate Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor, tenure track) in Political Science
Senior Lecturer in health science statistics, 1-2 positions Researcher
Researcher in human pregnancy genomics/epidemiology
2-3 PhD students in Economic History
Postdoctoral fellow in Bacterial vaccine research
One Postdoctoral research fellow in Political science, associated with a research project on Public services 
Researcher in environmental economics – coordination of collaborative programs
Doctoral Position in NMR-Based Structural Biology
Doctoral position in Theory of Science with a focus on the research basis of coastal fisheries in Sweden
Doctoral Position in NMR-Based Structural Biology
PhD Position in Natural Science, specializing in Biology
Senior lecturer in Sociology, PAR 2021/142
Senior lecturer in Work Science PAR 2021/123
Senior Lecturer in Theory of Science, one or several
Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, one or several
Researcher in megafaunal extinction dynamics
Postdoctoral researcher: Marine biogeochemistry – Blue Carbon
PhD student in Marine biogeochemistry – Blue Carbon Researcher
PhD Position in Natural Science, specializing in biology/aquaculture
Doctoral position in Environmental Social Science with a focus on coastal fisheries and tourism in Sweden
Docotoral position in Sociology, within a research project 
Professor in clinical genetics combined with a position as specialist physician
PostDoc position within optical spectroscopy of organic molecules
PhD student in Subject Matter Education with specialization in in Science education, techonlogy education or mathematics education
PhD in Natural Science with specialization in Chemistry
Doctoral student in Education, one or more
Doctoral student in Child and Youth Studies, one or more
Doctoral student in Sociology
Doctoral student in Work Science
Professor in Physiotherapy
Postdoctoral position in Microbiology / Molecular Biology
Senior lecturer in internal medicine, allergology or emergency medicine, combined with a position as consultant/senior consultant
Doctoral position in Linguistics
Associate Senior Lecturer in Marine Microbial Ecology in a changing world
Senior Lecturer in Marine Chemistry in a changing world
Doctoral position in Computational Linguistics

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