33 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands

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Wageningen University & Research is a public university in Wageningen, The Netherlands. It is located in a region of the Netherlands known as Food Valley due to the large number of food multinationals based there.

PhD position – Impact of pesticides on the terrestrial ecosystem across Europe
Are you a hardworking, motivated, and creative scientist that acquired an Msc in bio- or geosciences, chemistry, environmental science or a similar direction? Do you have exper…Read more
Research Scientist Innovative Food Processing
Are you passionate about innovative food texturing technologies like 3D printing and want to explore the options of such technologies for creating healthy and nutritiou…Read more
Researcher Data Science and sensors in greenhouse horticulture
Contribute with research to the design of intelligent horticultural production systems with reduced energy and wate…Read more
Senior Researcher Greenhouse Technology, Energy and Climate
“Are you an enthusiastic researcher with an interest in sustainability, (food) horticulture and technology, then we are looking for you!” In an ambitio…Read more
Researcher Genomic Prediction and Software Development
Are you the researcher that has an affinity with genomic prediction and programming? Are you a pro-active, collaborative, client and result-oriented person? Do you wan…Read more
PhD candidate effector-driven breeding for resistance to Verticillium in potato
We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD candidate on effector-driven breeding for disease resistance against Verticillium in Solanum species.Read more
PhD Physiological responses to far-red light in fruiting tomato plants
Are you that researcher that likes to work on the physiology of plants grown under fully controlled conditions? Do you want to contribute in research to substantially reduce ene…Read more
PhD position Safeguarding pollinators in agricultural landscapes
Do you have a passion for doing biodiversity research? Are you concerned about the declines of biodiversity in general and pollinators in particular? Are you motivated to ident…Read more

Researcher precision farming
Your dedication to our mission!Do you want to use your passion to scientifically address challenges in precision agriculture developments and applications?…Read more
Junior researcher trichome based insect resistance
Within the flourishing insect resistance group of Plant Breeding we are looking for a highly motivated Junior researcher (32 hrs/week) who is passionate about making our agricultur…
Semantic Knowledge Engineer and Project Leader in Food Science
Do you have a passion for research in computer science that contributes to a better world? We, at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research (WFBR), are working to create …Read more
PhD Adaptation measures based on smart nutrient management at the catchment scale for future-proof water quality
Are you passionate about water quality and ecological modeling and developing innovative modeling approaches for nutrient management? And interested in scenario analysis, seekin…Read more
PhD Innovative forecasting approaches to assess future trends in pollutant flows from land to water systems for advancing sectoral water quality services
Are you passionate about water quality and quantity modeling and developing innovative modeling approaches for pollution management? And interested in scenario analysis, seekin…Read more
PhD Modelling growth, development and architecture of plants
Are you that researcher that likes to develop simulation models for plant growth and development? Do you want to contribute to research on sustainability and automatic harvestin…Read more
Post-doc Modelling root-shoot signals and tip burn
Are you an ambitious mathematical modeler that likes to address research question on plant physiology? Do you like to contribute to gain fundamental understanding to plant…Read more
A Postdoc on Spatial Planning for Environmental Quality
Are you an ambitious researcher who wants to investigate how an improved spatial layout of the Dutch countryside can contribute to environmental quality and wellbeing? Do you l…Read more

Postdoc System design for active fluorescence observations from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Do you like to contribute to innovative sensing solutions for sustainable environmental monitoring of topsoil and air above soil environments? Can you desi…Read more
Researcher in co-design for Urban Health (SURREAL project)
Do you see yourself as the new generation of professionals in urban health? Do you want to be part of a unique, creative and single training network of 15 young researc…Read more
PhD Lettuce Genetics
Have you (almost) graduated with a MSc in Plant Science or Plant Biotechnology? Are you interested to explore an academic career in science or industry? Do you want to cont…Read more
PhD candidate ‘Adapting the wires’
An enthusiastic PhD – candidate keen to connect neuroscience and insect ecology by studying the brain activity and behavior of herbivorous caterpillars and butterfly pollinators…
PhD position Impact of soil biota on enhanced silicate weathering in a bio-reactor
Are you a highly motivated and skilled researcher who has affinity with laboratory analysis (chemical and/or biological)? Can you design and coordinate controlled incubation ex…Read more
PhD The Gut: a crucial regulator of brain health?
Are you an enthusiastic PhD candidate with a passion for gut-brain research? In this project we will apply advanced in vitro (single cell, co-culture or organoid based)…Read more
Research Technician – Smart Food Material (ROBOFOOD)
We are looking for a technical professional with a material engineering, food technology background or similar, who is fascinated by food materials, and who is inspired…Read more
Two PhD positions – ROBOFOOD: New science and technology of edible robots and robotic food for human and animals
Are you a talented graduate student who would like to realise the future? Are you interested in research that will revolutionize the way in which we think about our foo…Read more

Press officer international media relations
Wageningen University & Research is in the news every day. This is because the domains we work on – Agriculture, Nutrition and Nature – are central to societal deba…Read more
Full Professor and Chair of the Animal Production Systems Group
Wageningen University & Research is recruiting a Full Professor to lead the Chair Group of Animal Production Systems (APS).As head of the APS group, you will lead a…Read more
Coordinator Research Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
Do you want to organize research programs in data science and artificial intelligence? Do you want to explore the possibilities for decision support, robotics, and smar…Read more
PhD Microbial Stress Responses ESR 4
We are looking for an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) (PhD student) with a great interest in microbial stress responses. Non Thermal Plasma …Read more
PhD Quantitative Microbiology ESR 10
We are looking for on Early Stage Researcher (ESR) (PhD student) with a great interest in quantitative microbiology. Sustainable food production has become a worldwide …Read more
Postdoc position ‘Heritages of Hunger: Famine Legacies in Ukraine and Russia’
A postdoctoral researcher in the field of history or memory studies to investigate the politicisation of famine legacies in Ukraine and Russia.  You will work as p…
Bioinformatician in Microbiology
Are you a skilled bioinformatician? Do you have a strong background in large-scale ‘omics’ data such as comparative genomics, metagenomics, proteomics or ph…Read more
Postdoc Position in UAV/Drones, Agriculture, AI, Computer Vision, Machine
As a researcher with a PhD, do you want to apply your passion for agricultural robotics as a Postdoctoral Researcher to contribute to …

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