64 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Lund University, Sweden

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Lund University is a prestigious university in Sweden and one of northern Europe’s oldest universities. Lund University is consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.

1-2 Post-doctoral Positions in Innovation Studies (PA2021/562)
Doctoral student in Mathematical Statistics (PA2021/445)
Mechanical Designer (PA2021/707)
1 Doctoral Position in Media and Communication studies (PA2021/607)
Researcher in in nanofabrication and biocomputers based on molecular motors (PA2021/763)
Researcher in Palaeolimnology (PA2021/703)
Associate senior lecturer in Networked systems and applications (PA2021/542)
Researcher in biophysics (PA2021/748)
Post-doctoral position in solid state physics (PA2021/778)
Researcher in chemical physics (PA2021/901)
Software Developer (PA2021/986)
Eight EU-COFUND postdoctoral fellows within cancer research (PA2021/196)
Professor of Political Science specialising in comparative politics (PA2021/248)
Doctoral student in Computer Science with specialisation in Computer Graphics (PA2021/722)
Doctoral student in Computer Science with specialisation in Software Engineering (PA2021/673)
Doctoral student in Computer Science with focus on Computer Architecture (PA2021/713)
Doctoral student in Computer Science with specialization in Reliable Computer Vision for Autonomous Systems (PA2021/710)
Researcher in Turbine Aerodynamics (PA2021/955)
Doctoral student at the Department of Infectious Medicine (PA2021/957)
Senior Lecturer in statistics at the Department of Statistics (PA2021/822)
Doctoral student in Biology with specialization in Evolutionary Genetics (PA2021/926)
Professor of English Language and Linguistics (PA2020/3251)
Postdoctoral fellow in Bioinformatics and genomics (PA2021/847)
Postdoctoral fellow in Computer science or computational biology (PA2021/848)
Doctoral student in Electrical Engineering with focus on cryptology (PA2021/940)
Doktorand (PA2021/960)
Post-doctoral fellow in cartographic visualization and machine learning (PA2021/390)
Project assistant on the legitimacy of global governance (PA2021/517)
Researcher in Environmental science, Ecotoxicology and urban chemicals (PA2021/927)
Assistant researcher in endocrinology (PA2021/1029)
Doctoral student in polymer technology with a focus on membrane synthesis and characterization (PA2021/879)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2021/898)
Postdoc position, linear accelerator studies (PA2021/812)
Research Engineer with focus on Front End systems (PA2021/849)
Post-doctoral position in Software Technology (PA2021/885)
Postdoctoral position at FinEstBeAMS (2 years) (PA2021/437)
Instrumentation Scientist at Bloch, 2 years (PA2021/436)
Senior Lecturer in Informatics, specialisation in design of information systems in artificial intelligence and business intelligence (PA2021/932)
Doctoral student in Electrical Engineering with focus on information handling in industrial Internet of Things (PA2021/944)
Researcher in advanced experimental characterisation of paper-based packaging materials (PA2021/970)
Application expert in computational linguistics, language technology, language AI, machine learning (PA2021/995)
Administrative assistant (PA2021/1009)
Associate senior lecturer in environmental economics (PA2020/3470)
Director, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (PA2021/573)
Doctoral student in statistics (PA2021/521)
2 doctoral students in Fine Arts (PA2021/829)
Postdoc in cancer and infection biology (PA2021/887)
PhD student in Political Science, Comparative politics in the Middle East (PA2021/988)
Post-doctoral position in Machine Learning (PA2021/1008)
Doctoral student in Water Resources Engineering; Comparative water availability assessment in the Middle East  (PA2021/1019)
System expert at LUNARC/MAX IV (PA2020/3492)
Doctoral student in Economic History – Regional growth in the long run (PA2021/831)
Doctoral student in Economic History – Environmental innovation (PA2021/837)
Doctoral student in Economic History – A historical approach to retirement (PA2021/835)
Doctoral student in Economic History – Public funding of innovations (PA2021/838)
PhD student in Economic History – Demography in the Middle East (PA2021/858)
Doctoral student in Economic History – A life course approach to epidemics (PA2021/984)
Doctoral student in Physics: Atomic scale dynamics of nanostructures for photonics and electronics (PA2021/978)
Doctoral student in inorganic chemistry (PA2021/1082)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2021/692)
Doctoral student in computer science (PA2021/968)
Doctoral student in Theoretical Physics (PA2021/546)
Postdoc in Archaeology: Submerged Stone Age Heritage (PA2021/717)
Post-doctoral position in environmental law (PA2021/805)

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