160 Academic Positions at The University of Toronto, Canada

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The University of Toronto is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, located on the grounds that surround Queen’s Park. It was founded by royal charter in 1827 as King’s College, the oldest university in the province of Ontario.

Assistant Professor – Applied Mathematics
Associate Professor / Professor – Pure Mathematics
Assistant Professor – Pure Mathematics
Associate Professor – Ancient Christian and Jewish Texts and their Reception
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Engineering Design Education
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – CLTA – Online Pedagogy in Psychology and Education
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – CLTA – Practice-Based Research in Mental Health
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Anishinaabemowin Language and Culture
Associate Professor / Professor – Indigenous Archaeology
Assistant Professor – Security and Cryptography
Assistant Professor – Systems
Assistant Professor – Concrete Materials
Assistant Professor – Sustainable Structural Systems
Assistant Professor – Greek Architecture
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Contractually Limited Term Appointment – Sustainability
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – CLTA – Graduate Communication in Engineering
Assistant Professor – Pediatric Language Disorders
Associate Professor / Professor – Choral Studies – Elmer Iseler Chair in Conducting
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Molecular Engineering
Assistant Professor – CLTA – Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy

Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Contractually Limited Term Appointment – Statistical Sciences
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream Contractually Limited Term Appointment – Statistical Sciences
Assistant Professor – Indigenous Politics
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream – Indigenous Politics
CLA201H5S: Latin and Greek in Scientific Terminology 1
Writing Instructor 1
50% Co-Sessional Lecturer | Forestry | FOR1585HS – Urban Forest Conservation Camp
Sessional Lecturer – VPSB88H3 – Sound Art
Writing Instructor
Emergency Posting – Sessional Lecturer – NMC277H1F LEC0501
[Sessional Lecturer] Social Entrepreneurship – APS1015H
[Sessional Lecturer] Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies – APS1050
[Sessional Lecturer] International Business for Engineers – APS1020H
[Sessional Lecturer] Portfolio management praxis under real market constraints – APS1051
[Sessional Lecturer] AI in Finance – APS1052
[Sessional Lecturer] Introduction to Reinforcement Learning – APS1080
[Sessional Lecturer] Introduction to Machine Learning – ECE1513H
System Dynamic Risk Management – APS1101
[Sessional Lecturer] Foundations of Data Analytics and Machine Learning – APS1070
Making Sense of Accidents – APS1034H

Sessional Lecturer – LHA1826, Comparative Higher Education
Sessional Lecturer – CSC258H1Y – Computer Organization (Emergency Posting)
Sessional Lecturer – CSC373H1Y – Algorithm Design, Analysis & Complexity (Emergency Posting)
Sessional Lecturer – CSC263H1Y – Data Structures and Analysis (Emergency Posting)
Sessional Lecturer – CSC384H1Y – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Emergency Posting)
Graduate Writing Support Instructor
Writing Retreat Instructor
Oral Communication Skills Instructor
Sessional Lecturer – IFP100H1S/IFP101H1S – Themes in World History
Sessional Instructional Assistants – BTC1700H – Molecular Biology Laboratory
Sessional Instructional Assistants – BTC1720H – Biomaterials and Protein Chemistry Laboratory
Sessional Lecturer- BTC 1842H- Medical Device Reimbursement
UC Writing Centre – Writing Instructors
Sessional Lecturer – TEP343H1 F – Engineering Leadership
Sessional Lecturer – TEP343H1 S – Engineering Leadership
Sessional Lecturer – BIO360H5S – Biometrics I
PHY131H1F – Introduction to Physics I – Sessional Lecturer and Course Coordinator (0.75 FCE)
PHY131H1F – Introduction to Physics I – Practicals Coordinator (0.5 FCE)
PHY132H1S – Introduction to Physics II – Sessional Lecturer and Course Coordinator (0.75 FCE)
PHY132H1S – Introduction to Physics II – Practicals Coordinator (0.5 FCE)

PHY205H1S – The Physics of Everyday Life – Sessional Lecturer (0.5 FCE)
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2008H1F – Comparative Public Policy
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2014H1F – Topics in Pub. Policy II Sem: Financial Services & Monetary Policy
Sessional Lecturer – PPG1005H1S – Social Context of Policy Making
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2001H1F – Integrating Seminar: Legal Policy Migration
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2001H1F – Integrating Seminar: Legal Policy Regulatory Law
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2002H1F – Topics in Applied Economics: Public Finance
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2003H1S – Capstone Integrating Seminar: Issues In Public Policy
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2012H1F – Topics in Public Policy: Policy & Politics
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2010H1S – Panel Data Methods for Policy Analysis
Sessional Lecturer – PPG200H1F – Microeconomics for Policy Analysis
Writing Instructors – New College Writing Centre
Sessional Lecturer – PPG2015H1F – Policy Development (0.25 FCE)
Sessional Lecturer – PPG301H1F – Introduction to Public Policy
Associate / Full Professor – Director, Novo Nordisk Network for Healthy Populations at U of T
Lecturer or Assistant Professor – Academic Physiatrist
Assistant Professor – Interventional Psychiatry-Neuromodulation
Lecturer / Assistant Professor – Otolaryngologist – Head & Neck Surgeon 1
Lecturer / Assistant Professor – Otolaryngologist – Head & Neck Surgeon
Associate/ Full Professor- Medical Director, Ross Tilley Burn Centre, Sunnybrook

Assistant / Associate / Full Professor – Academic Gastroenterologist
Associate / Full Professor – Schroeder Chair in Brain & Heart
Associate / Full Professor – Schroeder Chair in Advanced Neurovascular Interventions
Lecturer / Assistant / Associate / Full Professor – Staff Anesthesiologist – UHN
Full Professor – Chief, Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative
Assistant/ Associate/ Full Professor – Anatomical Pathology
Associate / Full Professor – Academic Hepatologist
Assistant or Associate Professor – Academic HIV Infectious Diseases Physician
Assistant Professor – Scientist (Neuroimaging)
Assistant / Associate / Full Professor – Academic Anesthesiologist 1
Lecturer / Assistant Professor – Academic General Internist
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor -Head Division of Respiratory Medicine, Department of Paediatrics
Lecturer / Assistant / Associate / Full Professor – Academic Neurologist OR Neuroradiologist
Assistant / Associate Professor – The Labatt Family Professorship in Depression Biology
Associate/Full Professor, Chair, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Assistant / Associate / Full Professor – Pediatric Interventional Radiology
Lecturer/Assistant Professor- Emergency and Trauma Radiologist
Assistant / Associate Professor – Academic Intensivist
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor – Clinician Scientist Leader, Division of Immunology and Allergy

Director, Institutional Strategic Initiatives Advancement
Indigenous Wellness Counsellor & Coordinator
Manager, Finance, Operations & Admin
Director, Strategic Initiatives & Issues Management
Director, Administration and Finance
Research Associate (Limited Term): Software and Embedded Systems Integration (1 Year Term)
Human Resources Consultant
Department Administrator & Assistant
Manager, Information Technology
Construction Technician
Experiential Learning Coordinator
Undergraduate and Admissions Assistant
External Relations Team Lead
Research Associate (Limited-Term) – Theoretical Chemical Physics
Environmental Laboratory Engineer
Associate Director, Student Communications
Information Systems Specialist
Director, Facilities Management & Space Planning
Senior Energy Engineer

TRP Administrator
Assistant Director, Academic Human Resource Services
Research Associate (Limited Term) – Political Behaviour of Citizens and Elites
HR Analyst
Research Associate (Limited Term) – Sexual Diversity Studies
Student Welfare Case Coordinator
Anatomy Technician
Program Coordinator – CRANIA (80% FTE; 3-Year Term)
Manager, Faculty Financial Administration
Building Patrol – Library
Associate Director, Industry Engagement
Veterinary Technologist IV
Program Coordinator
Executive Coordinator, Office of the CAO
Senior Development Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Project Manager
Clinic Receptionist/Dental Assistant – Casual
Project Manager I
Project Manager II

Senior Editor
Limited Term Research Associate
Director, Division of Comparative Medicine
Associate Director, Advancement (TERM)
Residence Facilities and Services Coordinator
Finance, Administrative Assistant
UTemp Talent Pool
Assistant to the Chair
Director, Student Programs
Director, Investor Protection Clinic
Undergraduate Assistant
Program Administrator, Undergraduate Medical Education
Research Associate-Term
Personal Counsellor and Mental Health Worker
Senior Development Officer (12-Month Term)
Senior Development Officer
Senior Admissions & Transfer Credit Assessor
Student Communications Specialist
Research Project Coordinator

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