94 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is a public research university in Norway, the university offers a variety of phd and postdoctoral scholarships, and Faculty Positions

PhD Candidate in Hybrid Analysis and Modelling for Structures
Postdoctoral Research Associate – Federated machine learning in prostate cancer
Research Assistants
Head Engineer position in Cancer Research
Associate Professor in Real Estate Development
Associate Professor in geotechnical engineering with focus on landslides
PhD Candidate within Marine Structures
PhD Candidate in Advanced Synthesis of Lubricant Additives
PhD Candidate in Bioinspired Architectured Materials
PhD Candidate in Data Science for Smart Sustainable Cities
PhD Candidate in FME NorthWind
PhD Candidate in Predictive Maintenance and Decision Support for Asset Management
PhD Candidate in machine-learning based predictive additive manufacturing
PhD Candidate in ‘Industrializing offshore wind through networks of new technology’
PhD Candidate position connected to the research centre FME Northwind – Predictive maintenance planning of offshore wind farms

PhD Candidate within Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)
PhD candidate in STS
PhD candidate in computational catalysis research
PhD candidate on Holistic design optimization of wind turbine structures
PhD in FME NorthWind
PhD position in CFD study on fast hydrothermal liquefaction of lignin residue
PhD position in fast hydrothermal liquefaction of lignin residue
PhD student – three/four-year 100% position – Ziaei group
Postdoc fellow in the field of hydraulics with focus on embankment dam safety
Postdoctoral fellow 2-3-years 100% position in Ziaei group
Power electronics architecture and control methods for a HVDC generator for offshore wind
Professor/Associate Professor in Digitalization of construction processes IV-84/21
Senior Engineer at the Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Universitetslektor ved Skrivesenteret (barnehagefeltet)
Universitetslektor ved Skrivesenteret, 50% stilling

 PhD on Enabling Technologies for Digital Twins
“Energy storage for grid services in HVDC connected offshore wind farms”.
Førsteamanuensis i klinisk barne- og ungdomspsykologi
Førsteamanuensis i sosiologi /statsvitenskap
PhD Candidate in KSP ProfSea
PhD Candidate in Loss Prevention and Operational Safety of Hydrogen Technologies
PhD position in graphical 3D printing
Professor i klinisk barne- og ungdomspsykologi
Staff Engineer
Førsteamanuensis eller universitetslektor i tradisjonelt bygghåndverk
Midlertidig treårig stilling som seniorkonsulent  
Opptaksmedarbeider (førstekonsulent/seniorkonsulent) – vikariat ved Internasjonal seksjon

Resilient Robotic Autonomy for Exploration of Martian and Lunar Lava Tubes
PhD candidate in experimental soft matter physics
PhD position in automatic control
førsteamanuensis i sosialt arbeid
Associate Professor in coastal engineering IV-88/21
Post Doctoral Research Fellow within condensed matter theory
Professor/førsteamanuensis i helsevitenskap (helseledelse)
Vitenskapelig assistent (Koordinator for undervisningsledelse)
Seniorrådgiver innen kompetanseutvikling 
PhD Candidate in “Buildings Need to Talk in Zero Emission Neighborhoods” IV-116/21
PhD within CO2 solvent capture for application on board of ships
PhD within Simulation of deformable drops in turbulence
Postdoktor i økonomisk-administrative fag
Associate professor in English linguistics and language acquisition

PhD Candidate with a free topic but with a required research plan with support from one of the Professors at the Department
Stipendiat i psykologi / medisin
 Adjunct Assistant Professor within Web of Things
PhD Research Fellow in Alginate Modifying Enzymes
Universitetslektor i praksisseksjonen
førsteamanuensis i barnevern
Postdoc fellow – Treatment of Road Water from Tunnel Washing and Run-Off
Førsteamanuensis i engelsk anvendt språkvitenskap
PhD Research Fellow In “Antenna system for wireless communication and power transfer for brain implants”
PhD Research Fellow in “Intra-body sensor communications – Molecular communication and machine learning”
PhD Research Fellow in “Intra-body sensor communications – biosensor design and implementation”
PhD position at the Language Acquisition and Language Processing Lab
PhD position in Response Technology Applied in Education
PhD position in the field of unconventional computing with nanomagnets.
Postdoc in the area of materials characterization

Postdoctoral Fellow in biological psychology/ neuroscience
Postdoctoral Fellowship In “Backscatter wireless communication and wireless power transfer for brain implants”
Postdoctoral position in mechanisms related to pigmenation of Atlantic salmon
Avdelingsingeniør/overingeniør ved hydrodynamiske laboratorier
PhD Candidate: Advancing Methods for Climate Change and Air Quality Impacts in LCA
Stipendiat i dobbelkompetanse i psykologi
Associate Professor in Biophysics
stipendiat innen medisin og helsevitenskap
Post doctor in corrosion mechanism modelling
PhD Candidate in exploring structural health monitoring and predictive maintenance algorithms using measured data form a train in regular traffic

PhD position using machine learning and artificial intelligence for structural health monitoring and damage detection in steel bridges
Professor i matematikkdidaktikk ved Matematikksenteret
PhD position in medical technology/medical imaging
Universitetslektor i yrkesdidaktikk innenfor fagområde restaurant- og matfag
Overingeniør innen havbruksingeniørstudiet – BIHAV
Vitenskapelig assistent
Forskningsrådgiver (seniorrådgiver/rådgiver)
Førsteamanuensis innen fagområdet strategi, organisasjon og ledelse

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