52 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

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PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, a workplace that has a strong sense of fellowship, Sweden

Research Engineer, biotechnology Human Protein Atlas (temporary position)
Doctoral student in Biomechanics, focus on disability
Research engineer in computational model and simulation of traffic system
Associate Professor in Real Estate Business
Postdoc in non-intrusive techniques for respiratory and voice disorders
Researcher in circular economy with focus on circular manufacturing systems
Doctoral student in Security for multi-agent learning
Postdoctoral positions in Electrochemical Wearable Sensing
Doctoral student in Organic Chemistry
Forskare i hållbar mobilitet, Mistra SAMS och HALLO (EU)
Systemspecialist till KTH
Administrativ gruppchef till KTH (Skolan för teknikvetenskap)

Övningsassistent i experimentellt kvantfotonik
Assoc. Prof. Learning in Engineering Sciences spec in E-learning R&D
Postdoc in Numerical Analysis
Postdoc in History of Media and Environment
Ekonomiadministratör med kunskaper i Agresso till KTH
Assist. Prof. in Energy Technology with spec. in renewable energy sources
Doctoral student in Biomechanics in disability, with focus on shoulder
Postdoc in Cyber security: Attack modeling and simulations
Associate Professor, Computer Science, specialisation in Computer Systems
Associate Professor in mathematics with spec. in mathematical statistics
Vik. adjunkt i industriell ekologi och strategier för hållbar utveckling
Doctoral students in Reliable Networked Control and Learning Systems

Postdoc in bio-based polymer materials
Doctoral student in user centred design of smart grids for households
Research Engineer, Spatial Proteomics National Facility, Scilifelab
Doctoral student in Wireless Communications Empowered by Intell. Surfaces
Doktorand inom datalogi med inriktning mot datadidaktik
Doctoral student in Computational Neuroscience
Postdoc in Security for multi-agent learning
Postdoc in wireless edge computing for emerging applications.
Postdoc in rechargeable Zn/MnO-batteries
Doctoral student in Information theory stochastic decision problems
Adjunkt på konstnärlig grund i arkitektur, grundläggande gestaltning, (40%)
Adjunkt på konstnärlig grund i arkitektur, hållbar stadsbyggnad, (40%)
Adjunkt på konstnärlig grund i arkitektur, hållbar husbyggnad (40%)
Kommunikatör till Viable Cities på KTH

Affärsjurist med fokus på Life Science
Gruppchef GVS Ekonomi
Associate Professor in Real Estate Economics
Assistant professor in Space Technology
Doctoral student in Precision Polymer Therapuetics
Postdoc in Resilient Critical Infrastructures
Postdoctor in Control of Biopharmaceutical Processes
Övningsassistenter sökes till institutionen för matematik 2021
Doctoral student in Chemical modification of cellulosic fibres
Doctoral student in Networked Systems for Machine Learning
Postdoc in Networked Systems
Doctoral student in BioNanoPhotonics
Postdoc in carbohydrate polymer chemistry and material science
Assistant prof in Solid Mechanics – Bio-based Nanostructured Materials

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