55 PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Lund University, Sweden

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PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Lund University, Sweden. is consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.

Researcher in Solid Mechanics (Test beamline) (PA2021/1066)
Junior Software Developer at INES/ICOS Carbon Portal (PA2021/1158)
Researcher in Physics (PA2021/1194)
Doctoral student in Theoretical Physics (PA2021/546)
Postdoc in Archaeology: Submerged Stone Age Heritage (PA2021/717)
Doctoral students in mathematics (PA2021/1065)
Fellowship in Theoretical Philosophy (PA2021/1302)
Doctoral student in Computer Science with specialisation in Computer Graphics (PA2021/722)
Post-doctoral position in Machine Learning (PA2021/1008)
Senior Mechanical Designer (PA2021/1258)
Laboratory engineer/research engineer (PA2021/1342)
Post-doctoral position in environmental law (PA2021/805)
Post-doctoral position in Technology and Society (PA2021/998)
Software developer at INES/ICOS Carbon Portal (PA2021/1157)
Doctoral students in numerical analysis (PA2021/1156)
Doctoral student in analytical chemistry (PA2021/1395)
Doctoral student in Innovation engineering – with the focus on digial solutions, product development and circular business models (PA2021/1126)
Doktorand (PA2021/1437)
NanoMAX Postdoc/Temporary Researcher (PA2021/1345)
Senior University Lecturer in Mathematics with specialisation in Partial Differential Equations (PA2021/928)
Doctoral student in computer science (PA2021/968)
Researcher in Radiology Diagnostics (PA2021/1288)
Doctoral student in Physics with focus on theoretical attosecond physics (PA2021/1103)
Doctoral students in mathematics (PA2021/633)
Doctoral student in Mathematical Statistics (PA2021/1188)
Postdoctoral fellow in Biology (PA2021/1234)
Doctoral student in remote sensing and Earth system modelling (PA2021/1414)
Researcher, 50 % (PA2021/571)
Senior lecturer in educational psychology (PA2021/1374)
Doctoral student in Solid Mechanics with focus on modeling of tin whiskers (PA2021/1186)
Senior University Lecturer in Mathematical Statistics (PA2021/1151)
Senior Lecturer in Experimental Medical Science (PA2020/1595)
PhD student in Clinical Memory Research (PA2021/1375)
Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology with the opportunity to combine the position with employment as a Specialist Physician/Consultant (PA2020/1597)
Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry combined with a position as specialist/consultant (PA2021/568)
Doctoral student in Physics: Atomic scale dynamics of nanostructures for photonics and electronics (PA2021/978)
Post-doctoral position in Chemical Engineering (PA2021/1184)
Doctoral student in Computer Science with focus on Computer Architecture (PA2021/713)
Postdoctoral fellow in Bioinformatics and genomics (PA2021/847)
Doctoral student in inorganic chemistry (PA2021/1082)
Post doctor in mathematics- computer vision and machine learning (PA2021/1053)
Project assistant at the Division of Water Resources Engineering (PA2021/1249)
Doctoral students in mathematics (PA2021/634)
Research engineer in diabetes – epigenetics (PA2021/1013)
Researcher in the EIT-Food project (PA2021/1171)
Project Assistant in Aquatic Ecology (PA2021/1233)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2021/692)
Research Engineer to Sample Environment Support at MAX IV (PA2021/1209)
Doctoral student in quantitative microscopy (PA2021/1232)
Temporary Researcher Balder (PA2021/1430)
Post-doctoral position in Software Technology (PA2021/885)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2021/1049)
Researcher in Water Resources Engineering in Microbial Community Ecology (PA2021/1211)
System expert at LUNARC/MAX IV (PA2020/3492)
Doctoral student in Computer Science with specialisation in Software Engineering (PA2021/673)

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