46 PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at Umeå University, Sweden

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PhD, Postdoctoral scholarships and Academic Positions at Umeå University, a university in Umeå in the mid-northern region of Sweden.

Postdoc in Cognitive Neuroscience
PhD student in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance
Medfak läraranställningar med sakkunniggranskning- 201130
WASP AI Program: PhD position in Optimization and Machine Learning
PhD position in Experimental Physics
Post-doctoral research position in Social Work
Post-doctoral research position in Social Work
Research Engineer (50%) – Energy efficiency in buildings
Postdoc 2 years, high-throughput method development for malaria parasites
Postdoctoral position (2 years) in molecular parasitology
Senior Research Engineer for cryo electron microscopy
Research Engineer for cryo electron microscopy
Professor in marine ecosystem science, and Director of Umeå Marine Sciences Centre
PhD-position in Medicinal Chemistry at Umeå University
Doctoral student in marine environmental chemistry
PhD position in Boreal Forest Ecology-patterns and drivers of carbon allocation and cycling in boreal forests
Associate Professor in Mathematical Statistics
1-3 Associate professors positions in Architecture with focus on Social and Environmental Sustainability and Housing
Associate Professor in Mathematics
Associate Professor in Religious Studies with focus on History of Religion
Associate Professor in History with focus on teacher education
Postdoctoral fellow in The Department of Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences 
Senior Research Engineer in Fluvial Geomorphology
Research Engineer for in vivo Malaria Model
Associate Professor in History
Postdoctoral position (2 years) in Ecosystem Ecology – Synthesis of response decomposition responses to climate change
Postdoc position in Business Administration with specialization in marketing and public transportation
PhD-student in human geography, specializing in economic geography
First research engineer position in plant biotechnology
PhD student position in chemistry
Research Engineer, Data Centers and Cloud Computing
Associate Senior Lecturer position in Statistics and Data Science
Postdoc position in gender studies
PhD Student Position in Computer Science with focus on Digital Companions
PhD position in Space Physics
Postdoc position in Formal verification of Automated Decision-making systems
Postdoc position in Democracy, Participation and Artificial Intelligence
Ph.D. position in Political Science focusing on Peace- and Conflict studies
Ph.D position in Political Science, focusing on Environment and natural resource politics
Ph.D in Political Science, focus on Municipalities, Regions and Public Sector
Ph.D. position in Political Science focusing on Representative Democracy
PhD positions in energy technology with focus on big-data analysis and machine learning for energy efficiency
PhD student position in biogeochemistry
Senior research assistant position in cognitive neuroscience of aging
PhD student position in chemistry with specialization in biochemistry
Teaching assistants to Umeå School of Architecture

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