41 PhD, Postdoctoral and Research Positions at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

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PhD, Postdoctoral and Research Positions at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

CDM – PhD Positions in Operations, Economics and Strategy
CDH – PhD position in Digital Humanities
ENAC -PhD position on Circularity Assessment of cities and regions
ENAC – Two PhD positions in geomechanics and environmental geotechnics at LMS lab
SB – PhD positions in Particle Accelerator Physics
SB – PhD in computational materials science
SB – PhD position in physics and systems neuroscience
SB – PhD position Statistical Mechanics of Intracellular condensates
SB – PhD position in Surface Reaction Dynamics
STI – Two PhDs student positions in Interfacial Imaging of Water: New Light on Cellular Hydration
STI – PhDs & postdocs in Polymer Interface Science and Nanomedicine
STI – PhD position in data-based control and learning
STI – PhD in Multi-Modal Aerial Robots
STI – PhD position in Coordination Systems
STI – PhD Positions in Machine Learning @ LIONS
SV – PhD student positions at EPFL-Institute for Cancer Research in Lausanne (Switzerland)
Postdoctoral research position on the structure and microchemical behaviour of inclusions in steel
Postdoctoral position in aberration-corrected STEM of nanoparticle and single atom catalysts
Post-docs in the broad field of laser-matter interaction
Postdoctoral Position in Nanophotonic Engineering
Postdoctoral Position in development of Coherent Electron Diffractive Imaging at the Laboratory of Biological Electron Microscopy (LBEM)
Postdoctoral position on MOCVD growth of GaN for power electronics.
Postdoc Position in Finance
Postdoc in atmospheric science in polar environments
Scientific collaborator
Post-doctoral Researcher Computational modelling of thalamo-cortical circuits (BBP)
Postdoc – Digital spatial planning (H/F)
Post-Doctoral Position in Economics of Innovation
Learning Scientist for evidence-based innovation in education (60-100%)
Postdoctoral Researcher in Machine Learning for Education
Postdoc – Mobility and spatial planning (M/F)
Postdoctoral position in Integrated and implantable neurotechnologies (W/M)
Post-doctoral Researcher in Computational modelling of large-scale circuits (W/M)
Postdoctoral position – Laboratory for experimental museology
Postdoctoral position in Computational Protein Modeling and Design
Opening of postdoctoral positions in the IdePHICS lab “Information, Learning & Physics” with Pr. Florent Krzakala
Postdoctoral Position in Privacy-preserving systems in the Security and Privacy engineering Laboratory
Post-doctoral researcher in molecular biology, working on gene expression in the brain
Post-doctoral fellowship position in the cellular and molecular biology of the neurodegenerative diseases
Post-doctoral Researcher in Computational generation of axonal morphologies (W/M)
Post-Doc position in neuromodulation with a focus on novel transcranial electric and ultrasound-based brain stimulation methods and its application in neurological disorders (W/M)

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