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PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Lund University, Sweden. is consistently ranked among the world’s top 100 universities.

Senior University Lecturer in Mathematical Statistics (PA2021/1151)
Researcher in Risk management and societal safety with a special focus on collaboration, conflict and power relations in environmental and disaster risk governance and climate change adaptation (PA2021/1222)
NanoMAX Postdoc/Temporary Researcher (PA2021/1345)
Substitute Senior University Lecturer in Mathematics with Specialisation in Algebra (PA2021/1693)
Coordinator education & training (PA2021/1729)
Researcher in Biology (PA2021/1833)
Associate Senior Lecturer in Immunotechnology with specialization in Oncoimmunology and Biopharmaceuticals (PA2021/345)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2021/1671)
Doctoral student in Biology (PA2021/1734)
Post-doctoral position in Local learning and soft cost of low-carbon technologies (PA2021/1884)
Doktorand (PA2021/820)
Senior Lecturer in Experimental Medical Science (PA2020/1595)
PhD student in Clinical Memory Research (PA2021/1375)
Doctoral student in Mathematical Statistics with a focus on probability theory (PA2021/1433)

Post-doctoral fellow in Molecular Plant Biology (PA2021/1423)
Postdoctoral fellow in Particle Physics on the ALICE experiment at CERN (PA2021/992)
Postdoctoral fellow in Medical Radiation Pysics (PA2021/1703)
Researcher in Harmonic Analysis (PA2021/1803)
Post-doctoral position in Theoretical Attosecond Physics (PA2021/1519)
Post-doctoral position in Polarised Neutron Imaging (PA2021/501)
Post-doctoral position in biotechnology in industrial biotechnology with focus on enzymology and synthetic biology (PA2021/1655)
Doctoral student in industrial electrical engineering (PA2021/1795)
Post-doctoral position in Sustainable Business Models research (PA2021/1834)
Substitute Senior Lecturer in Economic History, 5 months, 80% (PA2021/1954)
Researcher in Biogeochemistry (PA2021/2030)
Researcher in Materials Chemistry (PA2021/1756)
Project assistant in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on ultrasound technology (PA2021/1796)
Post-doctoral fellow: Uncertainty analysis in chemical safety assessment (PA2021/1555)

Associate Researcher in Cancer and Infection (PA2021/1905)
Teachers assistent (PA2021/1492)
Post-doctoral fellow in synchrotron analysis of environmental samples (PA2021/1565)
Researcher in pure and applied biochemistry (PA2021/1957)
Senior lecturer in cancer research (PA2020/1603)
Senior lecturer in stem cell biology (PA2020/1596)
Post-doctoral position in theory of superconductor-semiconductor hybrid structures (PA2021/1441)
Doctoral student in physics with focus on biophysics and characterization of protein-based artificial molecular motors (PA2021/1638)
Post-doctoral position in Fluid Mechanics (PA2021/1817)
Researcher in Numerical Analysis (PA2021/1873)
Researcher in biotechnology with focus on environmental biotechnology (PA2021/2052)
Project assistant in biotechnology (PA2021/2059)
Researcher in biotechnology (PA2021/1886)

Laboratory engineer at the department of infection medicine (PA2021/2086)
Doktorand (PA2021/1906)
PhD Student in Hematology (PA2021/1964)
Project assistant in Cell Reprogramming (PA2021/2056)
PhD Student in Clinical Genetics (PA2021/2097)
Doctoral student in Economic History – Colonialism, living standards and inequality (PA2021/1804)
Doctoral student in Economic History – Gender Equality on the Road to Modernity (PA2021/1806)
Doctoral student in Economic History – Neighborhood effects over the life course (PA2021/1807)
Senior Lecturer in Medical Microbiology with the opportunity to combine the position with employment as a Specialist Physician/Consultant (PA2020/1597)
Doctoral students in Electrical Engineering with focus on Electromagnetics (PA2021/1923)
Doctoral student in industrial electrical engineering (PA2021/2098)
Doctoral student in Technology and Society with focus on railway research (PA2021/1257)

Doctoral student in computer science (PA2021/968)
PhD Associative learning (PA2021/1877)
Postdoctoral Fellow in digital marketing and retailing (PA2021/1723)
Senior Lecturer in Production management (PA2021/977)
Senior Lecturer in Automatic Control with focus on robotics (PA2021/1145)
Associate Senior University Lecturer in Physics with specialisation in Experimental Particle Physics (PA2021/1630)
BioMAX beamline postdoc (PA2021/1627)
BioMAX beamline scientist (PA2021/1631)
Professor of service studies specialising in organisation and management (PA2021/783)
Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry combined with a position as specialist/consultant (PA2021/568)
Professor of service studies specialising in marketing and consumption (PA2021/782)
Doctoral student in Physics with a focus on modelling volcanic climate forcing (PA2021/1256)
PhD Student in Service Studies, spec Management, organization, and work (PA2021/1860)
Professor of Nursing (PA2020/1591)

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