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Faculty and Research Positions at Qatar University, a public research university in Qatar, in the northern outskirts of the capital Doha.

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor Position in Electrical Engineering
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor Position in Electrical Engineering
Senior Innovation Projects Manager
Senior Innovation Strategic Advisor
Senior Innovation Scientist
Senior Transformation Strategic Advisor
Senior Innovation Development Officer
Faculty Development Specialist
Teaching and Learning Specialist
Clinical Lecturer
Research Assistant
Research Assistant (PHD)
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor – Clinical Pharmacy and Practice
Research Associate Professor
Associate Professor/Professor in Ecosystem Plant Ecology
Lecturer of Computer Engineering
Teaching Assistant in Chemistry/ Biochemistry
Assistant Professor in Public Relations (Strategic Communication)
Lab Engineer
Lab Technician/ Environmental Science (Animal Biology and biodiversity)
Assistant/Associate Professor in Mass Communication
Professor/Associate/Assistant Professor in Print/Online Journalism
Online/Print Journalism Lab Technician
Professor in Public Relations (Strategic Communication)
Lecturer/Assistant/Associate /Professor in Engineering/Technology Innovation and Engineering Education
Associate/Full Professor – Pharmaceutics
Lecturer of English
Teaching Assistant in Technology Innovations and Engineering Education
Assistant Professor /Associate Professor /Professor
Teaching Assistant
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Marketing
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Finance
Assistant Professor /Associate Professor /Professor
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Accounting
Assistant/Associate/Full Research Professor
Assistant Professor /Associate Professor /Professor
Assistant / Associate / Professor of Security Studies (International Relations and Politics of the Gulf)
Assistant Professor in Food Safety
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Economics
Research Professor (Associate/ Assistant)
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Information Systems
Lab Engineer
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Management
Teaching Assistant in Food Science
Teaching Assistant in History
Assistant\Associate Professor – Linguistics ( أستاذ مساعد/ مشارك – اللسانيات )
Research Assistant
Research (Assistant/Associate/Senior)
Teaching Assistant of Management
Senior Assessment and Evaluation Specialist
Director of the Digital Learning and Online Education Office
Professor /Associate/Assistant Professor in Social Work
Teaching Assistant in Statistics
Assistant/Associate/Professor in Psychology
Associate/Full Professor – Pharmacology
Associate/Full Professor – Pharmaceutical Analysis
Research Professor
Teaching Assistant in Human Nutrition
Associate/ full Professor in Human Nutrition
Lecturer in Electric Drive and Power Electronics
Assistant/Associate Professor in Mathematics (Actuarial Science)
Lecturer in Arabic (Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers)
Teaching Assistant in Chemical Engineering
Assistant/Associate Professor in Statistics (Actuarial Science)
Lecturer / Public Health Programs
Lecturer in Social Work
Professor /Associate/Assistant Professor of Social Science (Social Work)
Professor/Associate/Assistant Professor in Sociology
Professor /Associate/Assistant Professor in Social Work
Assistant/Associate/Professor in Psychology
Professor/Associate/Assistant Professor in Sociology
Research Associate – Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence- Assistant/Associate/Full Research Professor
Assistant/Associate/Full Research Professor -Cyber Security

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