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PhD, Postdoctoral scholarships and Academic Positions at The University of Luxembourg, situated on Belval Campus and in Luxembourg

Doktorandenstelle: Hochschul- & Wissenschaftsforschung
Doctoral candidate (PhD student) in Computer Science
PhD student (doctoral researcher) in Legal Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
PhD student positions in Systems, Neuro & Cancer Immunology
PhD candidates in Joint Sensing and Communications for Emerging Wireless Networks
PhD candidate in DLT for decision-making strategies of Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems for Planetary Exploration
PhD Student Positions in Technical Standardisation for Trustworthy ICT, Aerospace, and Construction
Doctoral candidates (PhD students) in the field of Early Modern, Modern, or Contemporary European History
PhD candidates in Security and Dependability of Cyber-Physical Systems
Doctoral candidate in Test Assessment and Automation of Web Applications
PhD Candidates in Computer Vision
PhD candidate in Software Testing in the presence of test flakiness
PhD candidate in Software Testing in the presence of test flakiness
Doctoral researcher (PhD) in consumer law (DILLAN)
Doctoral researcher (PhD) in Economics/Management of a Machine Economy
PhD Position in software engineering for machine-learning systems with application to Smart Grids
PhD Candidate in Educational Sciences
PhD Position in Digital Twin Creation for Orbital Robotics
PhD Systematic approach to implementing robot autonomy in core flight software
PhD Position in Augmenting UAV situational awareness and motion planning with invisible fiducial markers

Doctoral researcher (PhD) in Labour Economics
Doctoral Positions in Interdisciplinary Science
Doctoral researcher (PhD) in artificial intelligence and criminal justice
PhD Fellows in Bridging Quantum and Continuum Mechanics
Doctoral Candidates (PhD students) in Radio Resource Allocation and Spectrum Management
Doctoral Researcher (PHD Student) in Economics
PhD (Doctoral candidate) in Engineering Science
Doctoral researcher (PhD student) in Law
Doctoral researcher (PhD student) in Physics (Solar Cells)
PhD Candidate in the Field of Human-Computer Interaction
PhD Position in Natural Language Processing
PhD Position in Practical Machine Learning for Biomedicine Simulations
Doctoral Position in Computer Science on DLT-based systems for Space Robotics
Doctoral Candidate (PhD student) in QoE and Throughput Aware Radio Resource Optimization
Doctoral Candidate (PhD student) in Software Engineering
Doctoral researcher (PhD student) in financial market law – PRIDE
Doctoral researcher (PhD student) in Economics
PhD Position in Software Verification
PhD Position in Software Security
Doctoral Candidate (PhD student) in Satellite-assisted edge processing for latency reduction and enhanced QoS in mission critical IoT applications

Doctoral researcher (PhD student) focusing on the development of biomolecular extraction techniques for meta-omics high-throughput experiments
Doctoral Researcher (PhD) in Applied Cryptography
PhDs in Mathematics
Doctoral Candidate (PhD Position) in 3D Computer Vision
PhD in Perception and control of a Robotic Puller system for a Space manufacturing system
PhD positions in the frame of the PRIDE grant “Active phenomena across scales in biological systems”
PhD Position in Optimization and software engineering for energy suppliers
Doctoral researchers (PhD students) in Physics (Solar Cells)
Doctoral Candidate (PhD student) in Modeling and Design of Mobile Networks Assisted by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
Doctoral researcher (PhD) in Computational Biology / Biostatistics (gn)
Doctoral candidate (PhD student) in Dynamic spectrum management for emerging integrated SatCom and 5G networks
Doctoral candidate (PhD student) in Beyond 5G/6G Wireless Communications Technologies (M/F)
Doctoral Researcher on DIgitaLisation Law And Innovation / DILLAN (*gn)
Doctoral Researcher on DIgitaLisation Law And Innovation / DILLAN (*gn)
Doctoral researcher (PhD) in Financial and Currency Regulation (DILLAN)
Doctoral researcher (PhD) in EU data protection (DILLAN)
Research Associate (Postdoc) in AI-accelerated Signal Processing for Satellite Communications
Research Associate (Postdoc) in Optimization Performance of Interference-Limited Wireless Communication Systems
Postdoctoral researcher in the field of digital public history
Postdoctoral researcher in operations research for sustainable supply chain management

Postdoctoral researcher in Tax Law
Postdoctoral researcher in criminal proceedings and the use of AI
Postdoctoral researcher in the field of digital public history
Postdoctoral Researcher in Digital Procurement
Postdoctoral Researcher in Entrepreneurship, Innovation or Business
Postdoctoral Researcher position in Biophysics of Cancer Microbiome
Research Associate (Postdoc) in Reduced Order Modelling for urban wind flows
Research Associate (Postdoc) in Space Dynamics within the Remote Sensing Research Group
Research Associate (Postdoc) on data science and machine learning for Industry 4.0 factories
Research Associate (Postdoc) in Computer Vision & Data Science
Postdoctoral researcher in quantum machine learning for chemical discovery
Research Associate (Postdoc) in Advanced Technologies for Future Wireless Communication Networks
Postdoc in Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles
Research Associate (Postdoc) in Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles
Postdoctoral researcher in Computational Biology / Artificial Intelligence
Research Associate (Postdoc) Positions in Software Engineering
Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Biology/Statistical Bioinformatics
Postdoctoral researcher in “First-principles understanding of bio-nano interactions”
Research Associate (Postdoc) in Satellite-assisted Edge Caching and Multicasting in Beyond 5G Networks
Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Biology/Bioinformatics

Postdoctoral researcher in Mathematics (Geometry)
Postdoctoral Researcher in Analytical Environmental Cheminformatics
Research Associates (Postdocs) in embedded software engineering (M/F)
Research Associates (Postdocs) in Cryptography (m/f)
Research Associate (Postdoc) in SDN and NFV as key enablers for SatCom integration into 5G ecosystem
Research Associate (Postdoc) in Beyond 5G/6G Wireless Communications Technologies (m/f)
Research Scientist in Applied NLP and ML for software engineering and regulatory compliance
Research Scientist
Research Scientist in Large-Scale Assessment
Data Scientist / Postdoctoral researcher in digital healthcare / machine-learning
Research Scientist in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
PostDoc in Bioinformatics / Computational Biology
Research Associate in Search, Optimization, Machine Learning and Technical Standardization
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Engineering
Physician-Scientist in Neurology
Research Associates (Postdoc) in Artificial Intelligence for Space Applications
Post-doctoral fellows: Quantum Field Theory meets Atomistic Modeling
Research Associates (Postdoc) in Optimization and AI for Robotic Motion Planning and Control
Research Associate in Security and Dependability of Information and Infrastructures
Research Associate in Machine Learning for pose-estimation and autonomous navigation of aerial robots in urban environments

Research Associate in mechatronic systems design and control for a space manufacturing system
Research Associate (postdoc) in Computer Science
Research Associates in Computer Vision
Research Associate in software defined 5G protocol stack
Research Associate in data analysis
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Statistical Physics of Active Matter
Innovation Scout / Software Licensing Officer
Laboratory Technician position in Physics of Living Matter (Biophysics & Biomaterials)
Research & Development specialist in Forensic Genomics
Technology & Business Innovation Officer
Research and Development specialist in Diagnostic Classification Models
Study programme administrator
Study programme specialist
Technology Transfer Office with focus on IP Valuation
Technology Transfer Officer with focus on technical assessment
Scientific full-stack Python software developer
Scientific-full-stack Java software developer
Study programme specialist (50 %)
Research specialist – Department of Geography and Spatial Planning
Laboratory Technician

Education program specialist for physics outreach
Clinical (neuro)psychologist, conseiller/ère en gérontologie
Associate Professor or Assistant Professor (tenure track) in Early Childhood Music Education
Associate Professor (promotion track) in Business Analytics
Full Professor in Sustainable Finance
Head of Student department “SEVE” (Service des Etudes et de la Vie Etudiante)
Team Leader IT Applications
Communication and Marketing officer
Coordinateur(trice) trilingue
Project officer
Team Leader Communication & Outreach
HR Admin trainee
HR Learning & Development trainee
HR Project trainee
Team Leader Science Communication and Outreach
Application and infrastructure helpdesk support
User Interface Developer (50 %)

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