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PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Chalmers University of Technology, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

Postdoc in Secure Joint Wireless Communications and Sensing for Beyond 5G/ 6G
Postdoc in Distributed Multi-antenna Systems for Beyond 5G/ 6G
Postdoc position in machine learning for physical layer communication
Assistant Professor of physics with tenure track
PhD student position in energy related materials physics
Postdoc in microbial robustness
Assistant Professor in Data-driven cell and molecular biology
Assistant Professor in Data-driven precision medicine and diagnostics
PhD student position in Neutron scattering of refractory high entropy alloys
Postdoc in Photon Upconversion Enabled Solar Energy Storage
PhD student position in chemical functionalization of 2D materials
Research engineer in bioanalysis
Postdoc in Fluorescent tracers of water quality and treatment
Postdoc in engineering education research
Postdoc in modelling of vehicle to everything (V2X)
Doctoral student in Formal Methods – Reactive Synthesis and Runtime Verification
Postdoctoral positions in atomistic modelling of interface and surface chemistry
Post-doc in Machine Learning for Data from Political Science
Senior lecturer in Logistics: Focusing on Freight Transport
Postdoc in Optical and dynamic properties of mixed halide perovskites
Postdoc in Statistical learning for X-ray and neutron diffraction
PhD student position in Engineering Education Research
PhD student position in closed-loop supply chains
PhD student position in surface modification/functionalization of powder material
PhD student position in Environmental Impact from Rock Material Production
Postdoc in Integrated Modelling of Tokamak Plasmas
PhD student position in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
Postdoc Correlation between small and large scale processing of lignocellulosa
Postdoc in Solid and Structural Mechanics
Postdoc in development of integrated electrochemical capacitors
PhD student position in Plasticization of lignocellulose-based materials
Postdoctoral position in graphene-based biosensors
Postdoctoral position in graphene-based coatings

Postdoctoral position in graphene-based coatings
Postdoc in Pain Rehabilitation
PhD student in Secure and cognitive photonic communication networks
Postdoctoral position in bacterial protein phosphorylation
PhD position in the field of hard turning
Postdoc in machine learning for forecasting of wind speed at windpower stations
Assistant Professor with tenure track in Quantum Software
Postdoc – Hardware for high data rate millimeter wave communication
ESR 8 – Sailing energy optimization
ESR11 – Data content, sharing and exploitation: defining common ground and actor network for collaborative decision making in autonomous inland waterways
ESR 7 – Real-time multi-objective voyage optimization algorithms based on on-line machine learning for efficient autonomous navigation
Senior lecturer in Mathematical Statistics, PAR 2021/414
PhD students in Quantum Nanophotonics
Postdocs in Quantum Nanophotonics

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