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PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Aarhus University, the largest and second oldest research university in Denmark

PhD project: Impact of multimorbidity and polypharmacy on effectiveness and safety in breast or colorectal cancer screening
PhD project: Patterns of CD40L for stimulating B cells and patterns of inhibitors of CD40L for treating autoimmunity
PhD project:  Genetic enhancement of chimeric antigen receptor T cells
PhD project: Targeting tumor endothelial cells to enhance anti-tumor immunity
PhD project:  Unravelling shared microcirculatory abnormalities in hypertension and Alzheimer’s disease using a high-speed laser speckle contrast imaging
PhD Position: Ionic Liquids as Smart Materials for Assembly of Solid Materials
PhD Position: Atom-Level Structure of New Materials for Future Memory Technology
PhD Position: Program Analysis and Testing
PhD Position: Programming language design, analysis and verification
PhD students for Center for Basic Research in Program Verification
PhD Position: Algorithmic Game Theory 
PhD Position: Human Interface Technology (3 PhD positions)
PhD Position: Irrationality and Transcendence of Numbers 
PhD Position: Phase Transitions for the Boolean Satisfaction Problem   
PhD Position: Targeting a regulatory network of proteins to control cell proliferation in human disease
PhD Position: BIOFUNC: Organic acids – Old natural compounds with underexploited biofunctionalities     
Exopolymers in water engineering as targets for resource recovery and bioprocess control    
PhD Position: Mycoviruses in biocontrol of plant pathogens     
PhD Position: Organic redox materials for batteries    
PhD Position: Separation and recovery of inorganics during hydrothermal liquefaction of wastes    
Research Assistants to Viral Infectious Disease
Student Assistant position at the Materials Culture and Heritage (MCH) Research Programme
Programmer for Surflab
Postdoc in Designing and Generating Artificial Cells for Regenerative Medicine
Research Assistant in Kidney Disease Epidemiology

Student assistant to Yonehara Group at DANDRITE
Student Assistant (AC Bachelor) within Cognitive Neuroscience
1.5-year postdoc position in nutrition and physiology of lactating sows /suckling piglets
Postdoc in Neuroimmunology of Parkinson’s disease
Postdoc in Molecular and Structural Biology / Aero-Microbiology
Postdoc to work on theory and practice of efficient secure multiparty computation
Postdoc in Cancer Biology
Postdoc in bioconjugation chemistry
Postdoc in vascular biology and inflammation
Research assistant, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University
Postdoc in signal processing, machine learning and instrument development for groundwater mapping
Postdoc in Computer-Aided Design Tools for Circularity & Disassembly Modeling
Research assistant in DNA origami
Postdoc in Hydrothermal Liquefaction Process Development
Postdoc position – polysaccharide technology
Postdoc Positions in Machine Learning for Global Optimization in Chemical Physics
RE-ADVERTISEMENT: Postdoc in Communications for Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Postdoc position in Ecophysiology
Assistant professor/postdoc with focus on performance management and data-informed decision-making, Department of Political Science, Aarhus University
Post doc in resonant interatomic/molecular decay of nanodroplets by ultrafast energy transfer
Postdoc in Computational Atmospheric Chemistry
RE-ADVERTISEMENT: Assistant Professors (tenure track) / Associate Professors in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Postdoc position in single-cell RNA-sequencing
Associate professor of art history
Associate Professor in Political Science
Assistant Professor in Political Science

2-year Postdoc on effect-directed analysis of micropollutants in water
Clinical Chair Professor of Internal Medicine: Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Post Doc in Agro-emission mitigation
RE-ADVERTISEMENT: Postdoc for protein research related to SORL1 and Alzheimer’s disease
Postdoc position in genetic innovation and genome regulation, Aarhus University, Denmark
Post-doctoral position in insect temperature physiology with emphasis on mitochondrial function
Academic Administrative Manager
Postdoc in cell biology of protein trafficking
Tenure Track Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Quaternary Terrestrial Palaeoclimatology
Assistant Professor of Digital Strategic Communication
Assistant Professor in greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural systems
Postdoctoral position: Building High-Quality EC Systems Supported by International Evidence (BESSIE)
Associate professor or tenure-track assistant professor in experimental surface science and/or laboratory astrochemistry
Postdoc in Immunological Biotechnology
Postdoc Position on Quantitative Genetics and Genomics in Farmed Crops
Assistant Professor in Multi-Omic Models in Plant Breeding
Part-time Professors in Management
Three-Year Postdoc Position in Chemical and Molecular Biology of Non-Enzymatic Post-Translational Modifications in Aging
Three-year postdoc position in poultry behaviour and welfare
Postdoc in the use of predictive algorithms in public administration
Postdoctoral positions in Mathematics and Stochastics
Researcher (tenure-track) at the DanMAX beamline at MAX IV
Assistant Professor or Associate Professor in Church History
Two year full time post-doc position in ‘Process tracing methods in policy evaluation’
Postdoc in bioinformatics and biological sequence analysis

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