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PhD, Postdoctoral and Academic Positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, a workplace that has a strong sense of fellowship, Sweden

Två vik. adjunkter i arkitektur, sammansatt gestaltning (12 månader, 40%)
Lecturer in Architecture, Sustainable Urban Design (12 months, 40%)
Doktorand (licentiat) inom träkemi (2 år) på WWSC
KTH söker samordnare för breddad rekrytering och breddat deltagande!
Kommunikatör till KTH
Doctoral student in microbial systems biology
Postdoc in organic chemistry
Doctoral student within the projektet Spatially Enhanced Learning Linked to STEM (SellSTEM) at the department of Learning in Engineering Sciences at KTH.
Associate Professor in gene technology w. spec. in molecular programming
Doctoral student in multifunctional composite materials
Doctoral student (licentiate) in planning and decision analysis

Postdoc in hybrid control of multi-robot systems
Doctoral student in fluid mechanics and liquid-infused surfaces
Post doc in new strategies of disease control for a sustainable agriculture
Postdoc in spatial modelling of urban ecosystem services
Doctoral student in Hydrogen storage & distribution using organic molecules
Researcher in Genomics
Postdoc in Genomics (2 positions)
Research Engineer in The Physics of Medical Imaging
Postdoc in Polymer Chemistry
Postdoc in physiology and engineering of Clostridium thermocellum
Doctoral student in simultaneous crystallization of inorganic salts
Researcher in real-time mass spectrometry
Postdoc in Smart Edge Computing
Postdoc in AI for sustainable power systems

Research Engineer in Enzyme Discovery and Characterisation
Research coordinator – Researcher in Genomics
Postdoc in simulation of heat-transfer
Postdoc in Graph Neural Networks
Postdoc in Quantum Photonics
Doctoral student in Fluid-structure interactions producing sound in airways
Postdoc in cyber security with focus on mathematical modelling
Doctoral student in environmental chemistry & surface chemistry
Researcher in Quantum Communication
Doctoral student in digital solutions for sustainable building technology
Gruppchef Controllergruppen
Postdoc in Modelling of bioproduction from mammalian cells
Doctoral students in the graduate school Resource Smart Processes

Postdoc on Modelling fibre suspension flows using isogeometric analysis
Postdoc in optimal charging for electrical vehicles in energy communities
Assistant prof in Solid Mechanics – Bio-based Nanostructured Materials
HR-administratör med fokus på digitalisering, förändring & medarbetarskap
Doctoral student in Nonlinear quantum photonics
Assistant professor in Space Technology
Doctoral students in Robotics
Doctoral student (licentiat) in Machine Design
Pedagogisk utvecklare inom matematik och teknik vid Vetenskapens Hus
Doctoral student in Conversational AI
Assistant Professor in Railway Signalling Systems and Traffic Control
Assistant professor in data-driven cell and molecular biology
Assoc. Prof. in Water and Wastewater Technology, spec. Treatment Processes
Assistant professor in Data-driven Precision Medicine and Diagnostics
Övningsassistenter sökes till institutionen för matematik 2021

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