POST DOC opening in Intelligent and Ergonomic Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration – 2100004L

Junior Mechatronic/Assembly Engineer for Robotics – 2100004Z

Supporto all’attività Amministrativa L.68/99 – 1900001C

Two Fellow Positions on Advanced Human-Robot Interaction and Collaboration – 21000065

Technical position in Mechanical design and Mechatronics. – 2000004Y

Post-doc position in Human Robot Interaction for Industrial Collaborative Robots – 2100001C

Fellow position in robot perception and control – 2100003C

Fellow Positions in developing the next generation of bionic rehabilitation systems – 2100003S

PhD fellow in Neuroscience of Music – 2100003N

Postdoc position for the Integration of a label-free module based on polarization in an advanced multimodal optical microscope towards biophysical applications 24/10/2021 – 2100006A

Fellow Position in Perception for Industrial Collaborative Robots 30/10/2021 – 21000054

Post doc in large area electronic skin for soft robotics 31/10/2021 – 2100005S

Fellow In Electronics For Sensing 31/10/2021 – 21000057

Post-doctoral position for the IIT-CrestOptics Joint Lab 31/10/2021 – 2100006H

Post Doc position in Cancer Biology 31/10/2021 – 2100005D

Postdoctoral position in Circuit Neuroscience 01/11/2021 – 2100005M

Post-doc position Epigenetics of sleep and circadian clock 15/11/2021 – 2100006C

Postdoc in Planning and Manipulation 30/11/2021 – 21000051

Fellow Position in Condition monitoring, Fault prevention and recovery in Robotic Systems – 2100003W

Service Desk Technician 15/10/2021 – 2100006D

Post Doc position in Neuro-cognitive mechanisms in human-robot interaction 15/10/2021 – 21000066

Fellow position in Robotics and AI 15/10/2021 – 21000063

Postdoc in Robotics and AI 15/10/2021 – 21000062

Fellow position in software engineering for robotic applications 15/10/2021 – 2100005N

Post Doc in the area of programmable biointerfaces 15/10/2021 – 21000058

Post Doc in the area of microfabrication and microfluidics 15/10/2021 – 21000059

Embedded Software Engineer 15/10/2021 – 2100004T

Research fellow in Machine Learning and Robotics for Human-Robot Collaboration  22/10/2021 – 2100005W

Software Developer 22/10/2021 – 2100006B

Fellow position in Development of Firmware & High Level Control for Exoskeletons 10/10/2021 – 2100005L

Pre-doctoral Fellowship on The hidden rhythm of interpersonal (sub-)movement coordination 11/10/2021 – 2100005X

Postdoc position in Crystallography of organic nanocrystals 13/10/2021 – 2100006F

Postdoc position in 3D ED of protein nanocrystals 13/10/2021 – 2100006E

Postdoctoral position in Behavioral and Neurophysiological Effects of Neuromodulation on Vision and Attention 14/10/2021 – 2100006G

Post Doc position on the control of an upper limb exoskeleton 15/10/2021 – 2100003F

IT Systems Engineer 15/10/2021 – 2100003B

Scientific Position for AI algorithms development for real-time human motion and force tracking based on innovative sensors 15/10/2021 – 2100000J

Postdoctoral position in epigenetic control of human neurodevelopment 15/10/2021 – 2100006I

Postdoctoral position in Neuroepigenetics of ageing 15/10/2021 – 2100006K

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