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PhD, Postdoctoral scholarships and Academic Positions at the University of Gothenburg, the third-oldest Swedish universities, Sweden

Researcher translational pediatric cancer research2021-11-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1284
Doctoral student in Medical Science – HIF-PHD and Perinatal Brain Injury2021-11-08Fixed termPAR 2021/1271
Postdoctor in Epidemiology2021-11-03Fixed termPAR 2021/1278
Lecturer in Global Public Health2021-11-03Fixed termPAR 2021/1263
Professor in Clinical Genomics2021-11-15Open endedPAR 2021/825
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Microbiology and antibiotic resistance2021-11-09Fixed termPAR 2021/1159
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Mechanisms behind onset of chronic kidney disease2021-11-09Fixed termPAR 2021/1165
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Reactive astrocytes and neurodegeneration2021-11-09Fixed termPAR 2021/1166
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Preeclampsia and the brain2021-11-09Fixed termPAR 2021/1160
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Extracellular vesicles as therapeutics2021-11-09Fixed termPAR 2021/1163
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Environmental risk factors for IBD2021-11-09Fixed termPAR 2021/1162
Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design2021-11-16Open endedPAR 2021/1262
Doctoral student in Medical Science – 3D bioprinting2021-11-09Fixed termPAR 2021/1161
Database Manager to the Department of Political Science and the QoG institute2021-10-31Fixed termPAR 2021/1226
Researcher2021-10-29Fixed termPAR 2021/1250
Doctoral student in Natural Science, specializing in Biology2021-10-24Fixed termPAR 2021/1174
Researcher, Core Facilities2021-11-01Fixed termPAR 2021/1121
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Exploration of cardiometabolic multimorbidity risk in Sweden2021-10-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1164
Visiting Lecturer2021-10-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1256
Researcher2021-10-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1260
Postdoctor in Radiation biology2021-10-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1203
Researcher in Radiation biology2021-10-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1202
Researcher in Theoretical Astrochemistry2021-10-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1177
Researcher2021-10-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1247
Postdoctor in Skeletal biology2021-10-27Fixed termPAR 2021/1244
Doctoral student in Logic and Types – theory and implementation of dependent types2021-11-01Fixed termPAR 2021/1243
Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science2021-11-01Fixed termPAR 2021/1153
Researcher2021-10-27Fixed termPAR 2021/1220
Researcher2021-10-26Fixed termPAR 2021/1242
Postdoctoral fellow in RNA Biology with emphasis on miRNAs2021-10-26Fixed termPAR 2021/1223
Postdoctoral fellow in microbiology and antibiotic resistance2021-10-26Fixed termPAR 2021/1217
Researcher2021-10-26Fixed termPAR 2021/1237
Data analyst to the Department of Political Science and GLD2021-10-26Fixed termPAR 2021/1232
Senior Lecturer in Theoretical Philosophy, one or several2021-11-15Open endedPAR 2021/1085
Project Assistant2021-10-27Fixed termPAR 2021/1230
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Political Science, Varieties of Democracy Institute2021-11-11Fixed termPAR 2021/1188
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Disturbances to Interactions in Microbiomes2021-10-21Fixed termPAR 2021/1176
Student Assistant within research , one or more, Computer Network and Systems2021-10-21Fixed termPAR 2021/1219
Researcher in Natural Language Processing/Data science2021-10-14Fixed termPAR 2021/1184
Research Assistant in data analysis2021-10-19Fixed termPAR 2021/1187
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Addiction biology2021-10-20Fixed termPAR 2021/1190
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Biomarkers in ovarian cancer2021-10-20Fixed termPAR 2021/1169
MSCA Doctoral student in Medical Science – Clinical Neurochemistry2021-10-18Fixed termPAR 2021/1189
Associate researcher2021-10-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1206
Researcher in Chemistry with focus on modeling the interaction of nanoparticles with organic molecules in aqueous ionic solutions2021-10-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1157
Professor of hepatology, combined with employment as a specialist physician at Sahlgrenska University Hospital2021-11-23Open endedPAR 2021/605
Postdoctor in Molecular Medicine2021-12-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1201
Researcher in radiochemistry2021-10-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1200
Postdoctor in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease2021-10-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1208
Research Engineer for development of language technology infrastructure with a focus on machine learning2021-10-18Open endedPAR 2021/1080
Postdoctoral fellow in Business Administration Specializng in Sustainable Marketing2021-10-17Fixed termPAR 2021/1021
Associate Senior Lecturer in molecular neurobiology2021-10-30Fixed termPAR 2021/1082
Postdoc Researcher in Applying AI to Software Engineering2021-10-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1147
Senior Lecturer in Political Science, one or several2021-11-04Open endedPAR 2021/1025
Associate Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor, tenure track) in Political Science2021-11-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1029
Senior Lecturer in Political Science, one or several2021-11-04Open endedPAR 2021/1027
Postdoctoral fellow in Microbiology and Immunology2021-10-19Fixed termPAR 2021/1052
Doctoral position in Literature in the National Research School “Culturally Empowering Education through Language and Literature” (CuEEd-LL)2021-10-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1083
Postdoc position in physiology at the Department of Marine Science2021-10-31Fixed termPAR 2020/481
Professor in nutrition and metabolism2021-10-31Open endedPAR 2021/201

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