The Gdańsk University of Technology is a technical university in the Wrzeszcz borough of Gdańsk, and one of the oldest universities in Poland. It has eight faculties and with 41 fields of study and more than 18 thousand undergraduate, as well as about 626 doctoral students.

Assistant B

A specialist in the analysis of the implementation of the pilot project and the coordinator of the development of the strategy for the revitalization and transformation of city marketplaces: Responsibilities: Work related to the implementation of the grant under the GOSPOSTRATEG research project: Strategy for revitalization of trade fair facilities using the social catalyst for entrepreneurship method, brand repositioning and placemaking as a local policy tool, including in particular: • Work on the preparation of analyzes of the results of the pilot project and research materials collected as a result of activities undertaken in task 3. • Work on the organization of the conference on behalf of GdańskTech, which is an integral part of task 4. • Work on the organization of workshops with stakeholders and experts, who are an integral part of task 4. • Formulating conclusions from analyzes. • Work on developing a regeneration strategy, which is an integral part of Task 4. • Carrying out current, additional instructions from the Project Manager and the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture related to the implementation of the project. • Close cooperation with representatives of the project consortium: Inicjatywa Miasto Association and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. • Preparation of analyzes, reports, reports and presentations.EXPIRES2021-11-29

Research and teaching assistant

Department of Metal Structures, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering is looking for a person for a position of an assistantEXPIRES2021-11-30

Assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and High Voltage Engineering

The applicants should hold the doctor’s degree in technical sciences in electrical engineering and have experience in scientific research and multi-year teaching experience in higher education institutions, full-time job.EXPIRES2021-12-15

Assistant professor (research position) in the Department of Physical Chemistry (job offer 2790)

Employment for a limited period of time as an assistant professor (research position) under the NCN Sonata Bis 7 program. Project manager: dr hab. inż. Jacek Czub, prof. universityEXPIRES2021-12-18OFFER

Postdoctoral fellow


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