PhD and Postdocs at The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland

DescriptionCode digitPensum
PhD Student in Materials ScienceMulti-scale characterization with tensor tomography6317-02100
PhD StudentSynthesis and development of non-noble metal oxide electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline or quasi neutral environement5423-00100
PhD StudentThin Film Solid-State Lithionic Devices for Neuromorphic Computing Applications5411-00100
TraineeDesign of a Transient Recorder8222-T1100
PhD Student in Materials ScienceContribution of Bone Tissue Properties to Strength of the Ageing Human Hip6317-00100
Postdoctoral Fellow2414-00100
TraineeMultiphysics Analysis of the PSI RING Cyclotron Third Harmonic RF Flat-Topping Cavity8414-T1100
TraineeDesign, Construction and Evaluation of a Measurement System for Determining the Temperature Dependent Magnetic Permeability of Material Samples8433-T1100
TraineeRF Cavity Simulator for LLRF Lab Testing8221-T1100
TraineeBC1-SRM machine learning study: how to infer the electron bunch-length from the bunch energy distribution measured by a synchrotron radiation monitor in a chicane8123-T1100
Ingenieurin / Ingenieur8141-00100
Techniker/in HF Automation/SystemtechnikSuperXAS Strahllinie5004-01100
PhD Student2413-00100
Experiment IT Development and Operations Group LeaderScience IT Infrastructure and Services / SLS2.07901-01100
TraineeUndulator Wakefield Measurement in the Aramis Beamline8122-T1100
Project AssistantSustainable and Resilient Energy – 50 %4502-0250
EngineerHydrogen Technology5422-04100
Scientist (Tenure Track)Pressure and mechanical load3601-01100
Postdoctoral Fellow5504-03100
Fachspezialistin / FachspezialistenEntsorgung radioaktiver Abfälle, 80 % – 100 %9623-0080 – 100
FEM / CFD Engineer / Physicist8142-01100
PhD Studentin experimental research on aviation emissions at airports5502-01100
Physikerin / Physiker80 % – 100 %9640-0180 – 100
Steuerungstechnikerin / SteuerungstechnikerSchwerpunkt: Projektierung von Steuerungen und Anlagen9371-01100
Strahlenschutzexpertin / Strahlenschutzexperte80 % – 100 %9642-0180 – 100
Postdoctoral FellowOperando X-ray diffraction and imaging during additive manufacturing6317-01100
Section Head Control Systems8210-00100
Laser Scientist (Tenure Track)6611-00100
Postdoctoral Fellow (80-100 %)In X-ray magnetic circular dichroism of magnetic 2D materials6313-0280 – 100
PhD StudentOn organic aerosols sources and data mining5501-03100
Joint Tenure-Track Professorship in Computational Physics (University Fribourg / PSI)Light/matter interactions or non-equilibrium quantum dynamics100
PhD Student5105-02100
Two DevOps / Scientific Computing System Engineers7905-00100
Postdoctoral FellowUltrafast X-ray Sciences6415-02100
Postdoctoral FellowFuel Cell X-ray Imaging5422-03100
PhD StudentRadiocarbon dating of ice cores to determine minimum glacier coverage in the Alps and trace species analysis in ice cores5602-01100
Postdoctoral Fellow – 100 %Time-resolved XFEL holography6415-01100
Postdoctoral FellowX-ray optics and X-ray wavefront characterization6212-02100
Strahlenschutz-Technikerin / Strahlenschutz-Techniker9642-02100
Miterzieherin / Miterzieher 80% (Springerin / Springer)Per 1. Januar 2022 oder nach Vereinbarung1302-0180
Beam Diagnostics Expert / Physicist8131-00100
Group Leader: Core Linux Research ServicesScience IT Infrastructure and Services / Core Linux Research Services7906-01100
Linux Engineer / System EngineerScience IT Infrastructure and Services / Core Linux Research Services7906-00100
Fachfrau/Fachmann Betreuung EFZ,Fachrichtung Kinder100

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