PhD and Postdoctoral Scholarships at Chalmers University of Technology, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

Ref. No.Job ad headerApplication deadline
20220094PhD student position in advanced hydrometallurgy for metal recovery from the secondary sources31/05/2022
20220039Postdoctoral position in reinforcement learning31/05/2022
20220151PhD student position in Astronomy15/05/2022
20220153PhD student position in Innovation Leadership09/05/2022
202201422 PhD student positions in concurrent data abstractions for parallel data-stream analytics and machine learning04/05/2022
20220163Researcher position in Federated learning for edge/cloud applications01/05/2022
20220080Postdoc in systems and languages for cybersecurity and privacy01/05/2022
202200792 PhD student positions in systems and languages for cybersecurity and privacy01/05/2022
20220078PhD student position in usable privacy and security01/05/2022
20220098PhD student position in Recycling of Li-ion batteries by supercritical fluid technology30/04/2022
20220121Postdoc in computational geomechanics: micromechanics of natural clays30/04/2022
20220120Postdoc in multiphysics modelling of geostructures in FEniCSx30/04/2022
20220119PhD student position in multiphysics modelling of geostructures in FEniCSx30/04/2022
20220122PhD student position in Digitalisation for Community Development in Rural Areas29/04/2022
20220125PhD student positions in Industrial Digitalisation for Smart and Sustainable Production in Industry 5.028/04/2022

Postdoctoral position in Atom Probe Tomography of Steels25/04/2022
20220164Erfaren chef till IT-ledning och styrning på Chalmers25/04/2022
20220135Postdoc/researcher positions on 2D materials for thermal management25/04/2022
20220159Doctoral student in Software Engineering19/04/2022
20220103Research Specialist in Surface Analysis19/04/2022
20220101Research Specialist in Polymer Technology19/04/2022
20220150PhD student position in Food Science – Alternative proteins and 3D food printing18/04/2022
20220149Postdoc in hybrid hydrogen/wind powered fossil-free ships18/04/2022
20220146Postdoc in X-ray Imaging and Scattering on Narwhal Tusk17/04/2022
20220136PhD student position in virtual predictions of sensor soiling16/04/2022
20220117Postdoc in additive manufacturing15/04/2022
20220137Postdoc in hydrogen sensing15/04/2022
20220114PhD student position in Design: Enabling re-use in Swedish households15/04/2022
20220087PhD student position in quantum nanophotonics technology15/04/2022
20220138PhD or Postdoc position in terahertz electronics for wireless communication14/04/2022

Postdoc in High Voltage Insulation Materials12/04/2022
20220134Postdoc in Concrete Structures11/04/2022
20220128Postdoc position in mathematics: Modular forms11/04/2022
20220127Postdoctoral Researcher in High Performance Computing11/04/2022
20220133Postdoc in CFD modelling and simulations for industry-taylored CO2 capture10/04/2022
20210552Postdoctoral fellowship in single-molecule nucleic acid biophysics08/04/2022
20220148Researcher in Formal Methods, PAR 2022/40605/04/2022
20210133PhD students in Quantum Nanophotonics04/04/2022
20210134Postdocs in Quantum Nanophotonics04/04/2022
20220130Chalmers e-Commons seeks two systems administrators04/04/2022
20220104PhD student position in in Systems Engineering Design04/04/2022
20220111Researcher in Work culture and electrification of freight transport04/04/2022
20220165Industrial Ph.D. student positions with Volvo Cars03/04/2022
20220115PhD student position in Resilient stormwater management in a changing climate – optimizing gully pots03/04/2022

Postdoc in turbulence interface interaction in dispersed flows02/04/2022
20220152Serviceavdelningen söker ungdomar till feriearbete under sommaren01/04/2022
20220053Postdoc in yeast synthetic biology01/04/2022
20220099Postdoc in chemical-looping combustion (CLC)01/04/2022
20220051Postdoc in Microcombs01/04/2022
20220095Postdoc in development of integrated on-chip sensor node01/04/2022
20220067PhD student position in collaboration in major infrastructure construction projects01/04/2022
20220118Research assistant in Electricity System Transitions31/03/2022
20220027Postdoc in Graphene Devices for Single-photon Sensing31/03/2022
20220106Postdoctoral position in fusion plasma physics31/03/2022
20220097PhD student position in analog linearization of efficient microwave power amplifiers31/03/2022
20220085PhD student position in pulping technology: Falling film evaporation31/03/2022
20210604PhD student position in Formal Verification of Smart Contracts31/03/2022
20220107Postdoc in Surface modification of graphene and its related 2D materials28/03/2022
20220105Postdoc in soil-structure-interaction for railway infrastructure28/03/2022
20220090PhD student position in Computer Vision and Machine Learning27/03/2022

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