PhD and Academic Positions at the University of Gothenburg, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Senior Lecturer in Communication2022-05-19Fixed termPAR 2022/392
Amanuens/teaching assistant, one or more, Computing Science2022-05-23Fixed termPAR 2022/670
Amanuens/teaching assistant, one or more, Software Engineering2022-05-23Fixed termPAR 2022/614
Amanuens/teaching assistant, one or more, Computer network and systems2022-05-23Fixed termPAR 2022/671
Postdoctor in Neurochemistry of Alzheimer pathology2022-05-30Fixed termPAR 2022/589
Postdoctoral fellow in bioinformatics and evolution of antibiotic resistance2022-05-19Fixed termPAR 2022/576
Researcher2022-05-19Fixed termPAR 2022/681
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Tissue resident memory B cells2022-05-30Fixed termPAR 2022/657
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Immunity to influenza Neuraminidase2022-05-23Fixed termPAR 2022/656
Postdoctoral Fellow in Economic and/or Environmental Ethics, one or several2022-05-31Fixed termPAR 2022/287
Doctoral student in Molecular Microbiology2022-05-26Fixed termPAR 2022/702
Researcher2022-05-19Fixed termPAR 2022/707
Research Assistant in Data Analysis2022-05-19Fixed termPAR 2022/646
Researcher in Environmental Economics2022-05-18Fixed termPAR 2022/549
Researcher – Intermittent employment2022-05-18Fixed termPAR 2022/696
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Clinical brain tumor research2022-05-17Fixed termPAR 2022/655
University lecturer in nursing science2022-05-17Open endedPAR 2022/162
Lecturer in Photography2022-05-09Fixed termPAR 2022/692
Postdoctor in Diabetes and Metabolism2022-05-05Fixed termPAR 2022/558
Professor of forensic psychiatry, combined with employment as a specialist at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and The National Board of Forensic Medicine2022-06-20Open endedPAR 2022/121
Professor of neurology, combined with employment as a senior consultant at Sahlgrenska University Hospital2022-06-20Open endedPAR 2022/264
Associate Researcher2022-05-12Fixed termPAR 2022/651
Research assistant, temporary employment of six months2022-05-12Fixed termPAR 2022/648
Researcher2022-05-12Fixed termPAR 2022/650
Researcher2022-05-12Fixed termPAR 2022/652
Researcher in Natural Language Processing / Data science2022-05-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1502
Doctoral student in Molecular Biology, Dept. of Chemistry and Molecular Biology2022-05-18Fixed termPAR 2022/647
Postdoctoral fellow in Single-cell Genomics of Human Development2022-05-20Fixed termPAR 2022/590
Associate Researcher2022-05-10Fixed termPAR 2022/637
Researcher within Suicidology2022-05-10Fixed termPAR 2022/639
Doctoral student in didactics focusing on languages2022-05-16Fixed termPAR 2022/621
Postdoctor within statistical physics2022-05-10Fixed termPAR 2022/468
Researcher2022-05-05Fixed termPAR 2022/635
PhD student in Climatology2022-05-16Fixed termPAR 2022/585
PhD student in Physical sciences, specializing in physical geography2022-05-31Fixed termPAR 2022/586
Student Assistant , one or more, Girls Code Club2022-05-12Fixed termPAR 2022/537
Senior Lecturer in Fine Art2022-05-30Fixed termPAR 2022/329
Postdoctoral fellow in Bioinformatics with focus on antibiotic resistance2022-05-04Fixed termPAR 2022/587
Postdoctor in speech-language pathology2022-05-04Fixed termPAR 2022/615
Utredare med inriktning forskningsbaserad strategi- och policyrådgivning vid Varieties of Democracy Institute, Statsvetenskapliga institutionen2022-05-12Open endedPAR 2022/508
Senior Lecturer in Intercultural Communication2022-05-03Fixed termPAR 2022/559
Visiting lecturer in conservation science2022-05-24Fixed termPAR 2022/598
Visiting lecturer in conservation of cultural heritage objects2022-05-24Fixed termPAR 2022/594
Analyst for Research-Based Strategic and Policy Advice, Varieties of Democracy Institute, Department of Political Science2022-05-15Open endedPAR 2022/508
Researcher position in spintronic devices2022-05-03Fixed termPAR 2022/441
Postdoctoral fellow in antibiotic resistance2022-05-03Fixed termPAR 2022/575
Postdoctoral fellow in Obstetrics and gynecology2022-05-02Fixed termPAR 2022/573
Postdoctor in Neuroinflammation2022-05-02Fixed termPAR 2022/596
Doctoral student in Natural Science, specializing in Biology with emphasis on plant ecophysiology2022-05-02Fixed termPAR 2022/220
Researcher in Environmental Science2022-05-02Fixed termPAR 2022/593
Researcher (100%) in Soft Matter Lab2022-05-02Fixed termPAR 2022/467
PhD position in Physics – Development and utilization of a laser desorption source for gas-phase spectroscopy of biomolecules2022-05-02Fixed termPAR 2022/569
Postdoctor in Neurochemistry2022-05-02Fixed termPAR 2022/602
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Environmental risk factors for IBD2022-05-02Fixed termPAR 2022/544
Doctoral student in Health Care Science – Physical health in persons with psychotic disorder2022-05-12Fixed termPAR 2022/459
Guest lecturer in mathematics and mathematical statistics2022-05-08Fixed termPAR 2022/574
Bioinformatician, Core Facilities2022-05-03Open endedPAR 2022/554
Associate Researcher to the Department of Political Science and GLD2022-05-04Fixed termPAR 2022/552
Postdoctor in Developmental Neuroscience2022-04-30Fixed termPAR 2022/557
Web Developer, Core Facilities2022-05-06Open endedPAR 2021/1313
Researcher (Scientific officer), Core Facilities2022-06-03Open endedPAR 2022/504
Postdoctoral research fellow in Social Work specialization the elderly2022-06-02Fixed termPAR 2022/517
Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design2022-05-22Open endedPAR 2022/539
Postdoctoral researcher in Formal Methods2022-05-02Fixed termPAR 2022/531
Associate Senior Lecturer in Ecosystem Science2022-05-16Fixed termPAR 2022/262
Doctoral position in Theory of Science with a focus on the research basis of coastal fisheries in Sweden2022-05-19Fixed termPAR 2022/446
Senior lecturer in environmental sciences with emphasis on plants, terrestrial ecosystems and atmospheric change2022-05-11Open endedPAR 2021/1091
Senior lecturer in conservation biology2022-05-11Open endedPAR 2021/1092
2 PhD Students in theoretical physics (condensed-matter theory/statistical physics)2022-05-08Fixed termPAR 2022/490
Postdoctor in Perinatal Neuroscience2022-04-30Fixed termPAR 2022/322
Postdoctor in computational macroecology2022-04-30Fixed termPAR 2022/297
Postdoctoral research fellow in Social Work specialization substance abuse2022-05-02Fixed termPAR 2022/342
Postdoctoral research fellow in Social Work specialization in children and young people2022-05-02Fixed termPAR 2022/320
PhD student, specializing in analyzing innovation processes for new sustainability technology2022-06-03Fixed termPAR 2022/271
PhD student, specializing in analying university students’ impact on innovation2022-06-03Fixed termPAR 2022/272

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