PhD and Postdoctoral Scholarships at Chalmers University of Technology, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

Ref. No.Job ad headerApplication deadline
20220187Postdoc in Enabling Quantum Chemistry on a Quantum Computer15/09/2022
20220326Two PhD students in mathematics for artificial intelligence15/09/2022
20220048Two Assistant professors with tenure track in Autonomous systems or software (WASP)15/09/2022
20220199Postdoctor in mathematics01/09/2022
20220330PhD student in formal semantics and verification for quantum computing31/08/2022
20220331PhD student in compilation of quantum algorithms to quantum hardware31/08/2022
20220317PhD student position in information-theoretic generalization bounds16/08/2022
20220268PhD student position in Supply Chain Management: business models for sustainable transport15/08/2022
20220341Postdoctoral researcher in computer architecture15/08/2022
20220312Project assistant in life cycle assessment15/08/2022
20220228Senior lecturers of academic writing14/08/2022
20220295PhD student in Multi-Fidelity Physics-Informed Neural Network for fast CFD solutions14/08/2022
20220300Postdoc in AI and Machine Learning10/08/2022
20220320PhD student position in Quantum sensing and foundations with levitated superconducting particles08/08/2022
20220318PhD student position in 2D nanomaterials for next generation batteries01/08/2022

PhD student position in TechForH2: Hydrogen storage solution integration for aviation01/08/2022
20220313PhD student position in aerothermal design of light-weight heat-exchangers for aircraft01/08/2022
20220309PhD student position on interpretable conversational AI01/08/2022
20220294PhD position in models for transport of plastics in marine environments01/08/2022
20220322PhD student position in Mechanical Systems Dynamics31/07/2022
20220103Research Specialist in Surface Analysis31/07/2022
20220311Postdoc position in Pain Rehabilitation29/07/2022
20220321Communication officer to the Graphene Flagship15/07/2022
20220296PhD student position in E-Model: modelling e-scooters dynamics and e-scooterist behaviour15/07/2022
20220276PhD position in Formal Verification of Blockchain Applications15/07/2022
20220257PhD student position in Precision Nutrition: Multi-OMICs imprint of low-carb diet and disease risk15/07/2022
20220256PhD student position in Precision Nutrition: Dietary carb quality, multi-OMICs and disease risk15/07/2022
20210409Postdoctoral position in materials for energy applications studied using neutron scattering techniques14/07/2022

PhD student position on dust evolution in galaxies10/07/2022
20220284Postdoctoral position in machine learning, causality and generalization04/07/2022
20220292PhD student or Post Doc researcher in microwave based trauma diagnostics04/07/2022
20220288PhD student in Fluidized bed production of biochar for the iron and steel industry30/06/2022
20220204Postdoc position in optical quantum network30/06/2022
20220163Researcher position in Federated learning for edge/cloud applications30/06/2022
202202132-year postdoctoral position in psychoacoustics/evaluation of architectural auditory environments30/06/2022
20220233Postdoctoral researcher in Formal Methods, PAR 2022/53130/06/2022
20220264Postdoc in societal metabolism of metals in vehicles27/06/2022
20220258PhD position in Gender, Technology and Medicine26/06/2022

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