Gothenburg University in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Senior lecturer in social work2022-09-26Open endedPAR 2022/1137
Postdoctoral fellow in Structure and function of GPCR signaling complexes.2022-09-19Fixed termPAR 2022/1198
First research engineer in computational biochemistry and machine learning2022-09-19Fixed termPAR 2022/805
Postdoctor in Epidemiology2022-09-19Fixed termPAR 2022/1195
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Cancer research2022-09-20Fixed termPAR 2022/751
Associate Researcher at the Department of Political Science2022-09-26Fixed termPAR 2022/1192
Senior Lecturer in English specialising in linguistics, one or more2022-09-01Open endedPAR 2022/784
Researcher2022-09-15Open endedPAR 2022/1189
Researcher in Molecular Metabolism2022-09-15Fixed termPAR 2022/1002
Researcher in nano electrochemistry in cells and fly brains2022-09-15Fixed termPAR 2022/1142
Researcher2022-09-12Fixed termPAR 2022/1151
Postdoctor in Medical radiation sciences, environmental monitoring2022-09-12Fixed termPAR 2022/1168

Postdoctor in Medical radiation sciences
2022-09-12Fixed termPAR 2022/1166
Postdoctoral fellow in Molecular Immunology2022-09-02Fixed termPAR 2022/1043
Postdoctor in Diabetes and Metabolism2022-09-12Fixed termPAR 2022/1162
The Faculty of Science is looking for international student ambassadors (6-8 positions)2022-09-16Fixed termPAR 2022/1154
Postdoctoral fellow in Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology2022-09-07Fixed termPAR 2022/1143
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Neuroinflammation2022-09-07Fixed termPAR 2022/1145
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Long noncoding RNAs and Cancer2022-09-07Fixed termPAR 2022/1132
Two Doctoral positions in Religious Studies2022-09-15Fixed termPA 2022/4073
Doctoral position in History of Ideas and Science2022-09-15Fixed termPA 2022/4072
Teaching assistant2022-09-05Fixed termPAR 2022/1146
Researcher (Protein Scientist), Core Facilities2022-09-26Open endedPAR 2022/1138
Associate Senior Lecturer in Asthma and Allergy2022-09-19Open endedPAR 2022/698

Postdoctor in fish physiology with focus on skin and intestinal barrier and transporting functions
2022-08-30Fixed termPAR 2022/1130
Postdoctoral position in Biotechnology / Bioengineering (aquaponics / recirculating aquaculture)2022-10-31Fixed termPAR 2022/1120
Doctoral student in Natural Science, specializing in Biology2022-08-31Fixed termPAR 2022/1106
Communication officer with focus on linked global challenges in forest, land, climate, biodiversity, development, and food systems2022-08-31Fixed termPAR 2022/1103
1-2 PhD students in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual Assets2022-09-15Fixed termPAR 2022/1023
Doctoral student in Linguistics2022-09-15Fixed termPAR 2022/1094
Associate Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor, tenure track) in Political Science2022-09-02Fixed termPAR 2022/984
Postdoctor in pharmacotherapy/pharmacoepidemiology2022-09-01Fixed termPAR 2022/1048
Senior Lecturer in Political Science, one or several2022-09-02Open endedPAR 2022/889
Senior Lecturer in Political Science, one or several2022-09-02Open endedPAR 2022/891
Associate Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor, tenure track) in Political Science2022-09-02Fixed termPAR 2022/985
Postdoctor in Structural biology of mitochondrial protein import2022-08-31Fixed termPAR 2022/964
Senior Lecturer in terrestrial sedimentology and Quaternary geology2022-09-06Open endedPAR 2022/578
Senior lecturer in Geology with specialisation in mineral resources and geothermal energy2022-09-07Open endedPAR 2022/767
Senior Lecturer in Geography with specialization in Physical Geography2022-09-06Open endedPAR 2022/579
Researcher position in spintronic devices2022-08-31Fixed termPAR 2022/908
Researcher position in Spintronics and micromagnetic simulations of spin waves and magnetodynamical solitons2022-08-31Fixed termPAR 2022/907
Senior lecturer in Conservation2022-08-31Open endedPAR 2022/830
Senior lecturer in Conservation, specializing in Inorganic Materials2022-08-31Open endedPAR 2021/1610
Full professor in Botany with a focus on systematics, taxonomy, and plant geography.2022-09-30Open endedPAR 2022/138
Doctoral position in Theory of Science with a focus on the research basis of coastal fisheries in Sweden2022-10-03Fixed termPAR 2022/446
Doctoral positions in Journalism, Media and Communication2022-08-30Fixed termPAR 2022/741

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