Stockholm University in Sweden invites application for vacant Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions, a public research university in Stockholm, Sweden.

Research EngineerDepartment of Environmental Science15/11/2022
Assistant Professor in Data-Driven Cell and Molecular BiologyFaculty of Science09/11/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Yeast Evolution and GenomicsDepartment of Zoology23/10/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental MicrobiologyDepartment of Environmental Science16/10/2022
PhD student in Media and Communication Studies (2)Department of Media Studies15/10/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Quantum CommunicationDepartment of Physics10/10/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Experimental X-ray Science of Protein SolutionsDepartment of Physics10/10/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Linguistics and Cognitive ScienceDepartment of Psychology07/10/2022
Laboratory assistant (temporary employment)Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies06/10/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Extragalactic astronomyDepartment of Astronomy04/10/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical PhysicsNordita, Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics03/10/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Physics and Topological PhenomenaDepartment of Physics01/10/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Political Science with an orientation towards global environmental politics and sustainable developmentDepartment of Political Science01/10/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow focusing on Isotope Studies of Gases over South AsiaDepartment of Environmental Science30/09/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Design of Chemical ReagentsDep of Materials and Environmental Chemistry30/09/2022

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