Linköping University invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoc scholarships, a public university in Linköping, Sweden, one of Sweden’s larger academic institutions.

PhD student in Materials Science27/09/2022IFM-2022-00489

PhD student in Communication Systems within WASP Graduate School30/09/2022LiU-2022-02636

Associate Professor in Software Technologies for Complex Software Systems02/10/2022LiU-2022-02734

Research engineer in Data sharing at AIDA Data Hub03/10/2022LiU-2022-03693

Research engineer in Service development and operations at AIDA Data Hub03/10/2022LiU-2022-03694

Two postdocs in industrial management with focus on management in complex intelligent systems03/10/2022IEI-2022-00467

PhD in Biomedical Engineering Science within Biomedical optics04/10/2022IMT-2022-00029

Postdoc in the field of peptide chemistry with a focus on membrane active peptides for triggered liposomal release04/10/2022IFM-2022-00500

Associate professor in Organic electronics formally based at the Department of Science and Technology (ITN).06/10/2022LiU-2022-03130

Associate Professor in Applied Physics with specialisation in Additive Structuring of Multifunctional Materials for Sustainability10/10/2022LiU-2022-01989

Associate Professor in Materials Science with specialization in Low-dimensional inorganic materials for efficient and high-rate conversion and capture technologies (WISE Fellow)10/10/2022LiU-2022-01918

PhD student in Medical Science10/10/2022BKV-2022-00565

PhD student in Optimisation10/10/2022MAI-2022-00084

Postdoctoral position in Cardiac Image Analysis and Machine Learning13/10/2022LiU-2022-03811

Amanuens in Engineering Materials17/10/2022IEI-2022-00525

PhD student in Smart Charging Strategies for Autonomous Electrified Vehicles17/10/2022LiU-2022-03691

PhD student in Engineering Materials with focus on fatigue and additive manufacturing27/10/2022IEI-2022-00522

PhD student in Engineering Materials with focus on fatigue and high strength steels27/10/2022IEI-2022-00521

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