Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoc Scholarships, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

Ref. No.Job ad headerApplication deadline
20220414Postdoc in optimal control for quantum gate error reduction – a collaboration between Chalmers University and Aalto University.28/02/2023
20220612PhD project in computational systems medicine of complex diseases15/02/2023
20220586Researcher position in Federated learning for edge/cloud applications31/01/2023
20220563Postdoc in mathematics31/01/2023
20220626PhD student position in fluid mechanics of turbulent clouds16/01/2023
20220559Associate Professor Positions at Computer Science and Engineering15/01/2023
20220614PhD position in History of Technology and Industry10/01/2023
20220628PhD student position in New Materials Concepts for Stable Organic Solar Cells10/01/2023
20220627PhD student position in Doping of Conjugated Polymers for Wearable Electronics10/01/2023
20220560Three PhD student positions in Geometry Assurance09/01/2023
20220311Postdoc position in Pain Rehabilitation02/01/2023
20220624PhD student position in Modelling of vehicle motion during operations where tyre models cause singularities31/12/2022

20220621PhD-student position in thermo chemical recycling of plastic waste31/12/2022
20220617Postdoc in thermo-chemical recycling of plastic waste31/12/2022
20220554Postdoc in Chemical Bonding Analysis on Quantum Computers31/12/2022
20220608Post Doc in coproduction of hydrogen and biochar from woody biomass21/12/2022
20220602PhD student position in falling film evaporation21/12/2022
20220601PhD student position in optimizing lyophile reconstitution21/12/2022
20220629Postdoc in material development in Conservation of work of Art18/12/2022
20220625Postdoc in pore-scale modelling of green roof leaching18/12/2022
20220623Postdoc in Climate impact modeling of new aircraft fuels and technologies18/12/2022
20220592Postdoc in perovskite phosphors for next-generation lighting applications studied at large-scale photon facilities18/12/2022
20220607Specialist position as researcher in experimental mechanics of multi-functional composites18/12/2022
20220513Postdoc position in microresonator frequency combs (microcombs)15/12/2022
20220595Postdoc for electrifying urban mobility15/12/2022
20220499Several postdoc positions at the Astronomy and Plasmaphysics division!15/12/2022
20220500Chalmers Cosmic Origins Postdoctoral Fellowships15/12/2022
20220516Ariel Postdoctoral Fellowships15/12/2022
20220609PhD student position in Optimal usage and properties of second life batteries for energy storage14/12/2022

20220587PhD student for LCA of vehicle and electricity systems interaction11/12/2022
20220611PhD student position in analysis of wind power deployment10/12/2022
20220606PhD student position in CFD for hydropower lifetime analysis08/12/2022
20220503Postdoc position in Low-latency secure and private federated learning05/12/2022
20220604Postdoc in yeast metabolic engineering04/12/2022
20220594PhD student position in electrocatalysis for sustainable reactions02/12/2022
20220508Postdoctoral position in the field of exoplanets02/12/2022
20220509Chalmers Astronomy and Plasma Physics Fellow02/12/2022
20220630Project Assistant position in Circular Economy in the Built Environment01/12/2022
20220535PhD student position in hyphenated rheological techniques01/12/2022
20220511Postdoctoral positions on the origin and fate of dust in the universe01/12/2022
20220578Postdoc in Sustainable hydrometallurgy for metals recovery from the waste01/12/2022
20220309PhD student position on interpretable conversational AI01/12/2022
20220486Postdoc in STS, Gender and Medical Technologies01/12/2022
20220467PhD student in multimode fiber optical transmission30/11/2022
20220498Postdoc in building a superconducting quantum computer30/11/2022
20220598Researcher in neutrophil cell biology and function in infection30/11/2022
20220340Postdoctoral researcher positions in Computer Architecture30/11/2022
20220568PhD Student – Human-Centred Production in the Future of Work30/11/2022
20220561PhD student position in Industrial marketing and purchasing, focus on business models for energy storage and balancing in Sweden30/11/2022

20220527PhD student – Digital Twins and 3D Modelling of Production Systems30/11/2022
20220522PhD student – IIoT and Data-driven Solutions for Green Production30/11/2022
20220537PhD student – Industrial AI for Smart Maintenance30/11/2022
20220551Postdoc in Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems30/11/2022
20220539PhD student position – Bridging the gap between actinide recycling and nuclear fuel fabrication30/11/2022
20220538PhD student position: Closing the nuclear fuel loop- from waste to fuel30/11/2022
20220521Postdoc in SMR designs suitable for Sweden’s future electric power production needs30/11/2022
20220441Postdoctoral position on structural electrolyes for structural batteries30/11/2022
20220443Postdoctoral position on structural electrolytes for structural batteries30/11/2022
20220501Postdoc in fossil-free long-haul trucks in Europe28/11/2022
20220572Join us – and share knowledge: The Department of Physics seeks five PhD students28/11/2022
20220590PhD student in fuel cell electrode activity and stability28/11/2022
20220577PhD student position – Physics and Chemistry of Liquids for Next Generation Batteries28/11/2022
20220576PhD student position in fusion plasma physics28/11/2022
20220575PhD student position in theory of dynamics in quantum materials28/11/2022
20220571PhD student position – Processes and interfaces in solid state batteries28/11/2022
20220519Universitetsdirektör till Chalmers tekniska högskola27/11/2022
20220574PhD student position in performance evaluation of high-performing battery-based energy storages.27/11/2022

20220329PhD student in computer architecture acceleration of quantum simulation27/11/2022
20220504Three doctoral students on Edge Computing25/11/2022
20220603Project assistant to project within increased resource efficiency in 3D modified cellulosic fibres by melt processing25/11/2022
20220533PhD student position in Mass transport of wood components in processed wood24/11/2022
20220543Chalmers e-Commons seeks six new co-workers22/11/2022
20220546Digital Research Engineer – focus on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning22/11/2022
20220547Digital Research Engineer – focus on High- Performance Computing22/11/2022
20220548Two systems administrators22/11/2022
20220549Systems Engineer to e-Commons22/11/2022
20220550Digital Research Engineer – focus on Scientific Visualisation/InfraVis22/11/2022
20220567Ph.D student position in passive Direct Air Capture20/11/2022
20220375Postdoc in Integrated millimeter wave communication circuits20/11/2022
20220565Postdoc in Localization and Sensing for Beyond 5G20/11/2022
20220555PhD student in realization of bioenergy systems with carbon capture20/11/2022
20220475PhD student position in Neutron noise-based core monitoring in Small Modular Reactors18/11/2022
20220596Kommunikatör, Ref PAR 2022/147517/11/2022
20220524Two open PhD positions in Sustainability and Complex Systems17/11/2022

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