Gothenburg University in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Postdoctoral researcher in IT and learningPAR 2022/13612022-11-21
Doctoral student in molecular biology with focus on RNA biologyPAR 2022/16112023-01-20
Associate researcherPAR 2022/14722022-12-08
Researcher assistent 50%PAR 2022/15062022-12-08
Postdoctor in Molecular Neurobiology, 2 positionsPAR 2022/15182022-12-07
Postdoctoral position in ERC-funded project THINGSTIGATE specialising in public interventions/field methodsPAR 2022/13802022-12-22
Postdoctoral position in ERC-funded project THINGSTIGATE specialising in archival research methodsPAR 2022/13812022-12-22
Researcher for the Centre for Person-Centred Care (GPCC)PAR 2022/15372022-12-08
Postdoctoral fellow in RNA biologyPAR 2022/15842023-01-15
ResearcherPAR 2022/15322022-12-07
Lecturer in Design, specialising in Embedded DesignPAR 2022/16012022-11-30
ResearcherPAR 2022/15932022-11-30
Doctoral position in practical philosophy, with a focus on biodiversity and the economyPAR 2022/15532023-01-09
Postdoctor in in obstetrics and gynecologyPAR 2022/15902022-12-06
Senior Lecturer in Computational Linguistics, one or severalPAR 2022/14532023-01-09

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Political Science, with a focus on survey and field research in Sub-Saharan Africa
PAR 2022/12082022-12-01
Postdoctor in molecular tools for oligonucleotide-protein interactionsPAR 2022/15512022-12-05
Postdoctor in Cancer ResearchPAR 2022/15092022-12-21
Deputy researcher in Practical Philosophy focusing on Sustainable FinancePAR 2022/15542022-12-01
Senior lecturer in craft specializing in natural textilesPAR 2022/13562022-12-18
PhD position in Conservation with a specialisation in textile conservationPAR 2022/9952023-01-06
Postdoctor in MicrobiologyPAR 2022/15562022-12-01
Research assistantPAR 2022/15452022-12-01
Postdoctor in BiochemistryPAR 2022/15572022-12-01
Researcher in cold-water coral ecologyPAR 2022/14652022-11-30
Senior Lecturer in Health EconomicsPAR 2022/13402023-01-10
Postdoctor in NeurochemistryPAR 2022/15442022-11-30

University lecturer in nursing
PAR 2022/15002022-11-30
University lecturer in Reproductive and Perinatal HealthPAR 2022/13852022-11-30
Research assistant for studying carbohydrate functionPAR 2022/14582022-11-28
Postdoctor in SuicidologyPAR 2022/15202022-11-29
Researcher in human pregnancy genomics/epidemiologyPAR 2022/15072022-11-24
Research Engineer (developers) specialising in visualization, one or morePAR 2022/14432022-12-01
Postdoktor till 3D Cryo-EMPAR 2022/13922022-11-24
Postdoc to do 3D Cryo-EM of spermtailsPAR 2022/13922022-11-24
Assistant researcher for the research project: ‘Mining for tourists in China’PAR 2022/15042022-12-01
Associate Senior Lecturer in plant ecology and biodiversity under Global ChangePAR 2022/10012022-12-12
3-6 positions in the PhD Program in EconomicsPAR 2022/14022023-02-01
One Postdoctoral fellow in Political SciencePAR 2022/14132022-12-11

Postdoctoral fellow in Experimental Hematology
PAR 2022/14952022-11-22
One Postdoctoral fellow in Political SciencePAR 2022/14122022-12-11
ResearcherPAR 2022/14912022-11-21
Doctoral positions in Musical performance and interpretationPAR 2022/14942023-02-01
Postdoc in Financial EconomicsPAR 2022/14712022-11-30
Postdoctoral position in Biotechnology / Bioengineering (aquaponics / recirculating aquaculture)PAR 2022/11202023-01-01
Postdoctor in experimental diabetes researchPAR 2022/14742022-12-06
Postdoctoral fellow in Epidemiology of Antimicrobial Use in PigsPAR 2022/12852022-11-24
Postdoctoral fellow in Spatio-temporal dynamics of antimicrobial resistance in animalsPAR 2022/12862022-11-24
Senior Lecturer in Financial Economics PAR 2022/1338PAR 2022/13382022-11-30
Senior Lecturer in Economics PAR 2022/1337PAR 2022/13372022-11-30
Associate Senior Lecturer in Management AccountingPAR 2022/13142022-12-22
1-2 Associate Senior Lecturers in Management AccountingPAR 2022/13152022-12-22
Postdoctor in Molecular psychiatryPAR 2022/13412022-11-21
Postdoctoral fellow in Celluar/Molecular NeurosciencePAR 2022/14232022-11-27
Web Developer, Core FacilitiesPAR 2022/14052022-11-24
Assistant lecturer in social anthropologyPAR 2022/13362022-11-25
University lecturer in human ecology, one or severalPAR 2022/13352022-11-25

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