Stockholm University in Sweden invites application for vacant Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions, a public research university in Stockholm, Sweden.

Postdoctoral Fellow in Modelling of Ocean and Climate evolution through timeDepartment of Geological Sciences15/01/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Multi-messenger astrophysics (4)Department of Astronomy15/01/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Observational Cosmology and Astrophysics with LSSTDepartment of Physics15/01/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Fundamental Physics from Populations of Compact Object Mergers (2)Department of Physics15/01/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Modelling of soil microbial processesDepartment of Physical Geography05/01/2023
Research Assistant (2 temporary positions)Department of Economics31/12/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Instrumentation for Axion ExperimentsDepartment of Physics31/12/2022
Assistant Professor in Integrative structural biology with focus on structural dynamicsDepartment of Biochemistry and Biophysics28/12/2022
Assistant Professor in Viral PhylodynamicsDepartment of Mathematics28/12/2022
Researcher in Plant Ecology and Regulating Ecosystem Services of Nordic SaltmarshesDep of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences21/12/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in PalaeogenomicsDepartment of Zoology20/12/2022
Postdoctoral Fellow in Physics: Multicomponent Real-Time TDDFT with Applications to WaterDepartment of Physics20/12/2022

Postdoctoral Fellow in Algebra and GeometryDepartment of Mathematics15/12/2022

Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Physics (2)Nordita, Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics15/12/2022

Research Engineer in EcotoxicologyDepartment of Environmental Science12/12/2022

Postdoctoral Fellow in astroparticle physics, theoretical particle physics, and cosmologyDepartment of Physics08/12/2022

Postdoctoral Fellow in Extragalactic AstronomyDepartment of Astronomy02/12/2022

Postdoctoral Fellow in Arctic PaleoceanographyDepartment of Geological Sciences01/12/2022

Researcher (temporary employment)Department of Education30/11/2022

Researcher in experimental high pressure scienceDep of Materials and Environmental Chemistry30/11/2022

Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Analytical ChemistryDepartment of Environmental Science30/11/2022

Postdoctoral Fellow in EcologyDep of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences30/11/2022

Postdoctoral fellows with orientation toward environmental research in human science (humanities, law, social science) (2 persons)Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies30/11/2022

Assistant Professor in Environmental Chemistry of Organic ContaminantsDepartment of Environmental Science30/11/2022

Researcher in Molecular PhysiologyDep of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner-Gren Inst26/11/2022

Researcher in Migration, Health and Covid-19Department of Public Health Sciences25/11/2022

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