Postdoctoral Scholarships at Chalmers University of Technology, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

Ref. No. Job ad header Application deadline 
20230170Postdoctoral position in experimental quantum skyrmionics31/05/2023
20230144Postdoc in Interactive AI for Interdisciplinary Artistic Practices01/05/2023
20230104Postdoc in theory of open quantum systems/nonlinear quantum optomechanics30/04/2023
20230159Postdoc in experimental superconducting quantum computing30/04/2023
20230166Chemical functionalization of graphene for applications in cements15/04/2023
20230183Postdoc position in geometric hydrodynamics14/04/2023
20230186Postdoc position in computational mathematics14/04/2023
20230173Postdoc position in Characterization of novel 2D materials for thermal management applications10/04/2023
20230172Postdoc position in CFD plasma reactor simulation09/04/2023
20230164Post doctoral researcher within modelling of kraft delignification07/04/2023
20230167Postdoc position in multi-property rare-earth-element free magnetocaloric material07/04/2023
20230057Postdoc in sustainable robotic renovation05/04/2023
20230169Postdoc in extrusion and simulation of plant protein melts05/04/2023
20230147Postdoctoral position in computational plasma physics01/04/2023
20220734Postdoc in optimization techniques for vehicle aerodynamic applications31/03/2023
20230139Postdoc in carbon cycle science31/03/2023
20230137Postdoc in noise exposure in future air traffic30/03/2023
20230135Postdoc: Operando Spectroscopist – Next Generation Batteries25/03/2023
20230136Postdoc: Molecular level modeling / AI / ML – Next Generation Batteries25/03/2023
20230089Postdoctoral position in evidence-based urban design and planning, full-time temporary employment17/03/2023
20220340Postdoctoral researcher positions in Computer Architecture15/03/2023
20230085Postdoc in Operando imaging and spectroscopy of processes on metal anodes15/03/2023
20230105Postdoc in in numerical modeling of falling film evaporators15/03/2023
20230111Postdoctoral position: Engineering of metal-organic frameworks for antibiofouling applications14/03/2023
20230106Post-doc in modeling robust energy systems12/03/2023

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