ETH Zurich in Switzerland invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, one of the leading universities for technology and the natural sciences in Switzerland

Research Software Engineer for Computational Mass Spectrometry80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term26.05.2023 | Functional Genomics Center Zurich (FGCZ) UZH|ETHZ

Doctoral Student in the field of Nanomagnetic Robotics100%, Zurich, fixed-term25.05.2023 | Department of Materials

Fachspezialist:in Doktoratsadministration (m/w/d)50%, Zürich, unbefristet25.05.2023 | Departement Biologie (D-BIOL)

Optical Engineer / Experimental Physicist100%, Zurich, fixed-term25.05.2023 | Exoplanets and Habitability

Postdoc Researcher: Value of Information and Hybrid Modelling in Support of Intelligent Infrastructure for Efficient Diagnosis, Prognosis and Decision Making (1 year contract)100%, Singapore, fixed-term25.05.2023 | Future Resilient Systems, Singapore-ETH Centre

Entomologist80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term25.05.2023 | Entomological Collection of ETH Zurich

PhD position in Machine Learning Directed Design of Actuators from Biological Muscle100%, Zurich, fixed-term25.05.2023 | Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Leitung Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Marketing (m/w/d)80%-100%, unbefristet25.05.2023 | ETH-Bibliothek

Administrative Unterstützung für den Bereich Merchandising (m/w/d)50%, Zürich, unbefristet25.05.2023 | Partnerinserat | ETH Store AG

Postdoctoral Researcher in the field of Microscale Robots100%, Zurich, fixed-term25.05.2023 | Laboratory for Mesocopic Systems

Internship at the Development Economics Group100%, Zurich, fixed-term24.05.2023 | Development Economics Group (ETH-DEC)

Hilfsassistent:in für die Forschungsgruppe Nachhaltiges Bauen (m/w/d)10%-20%, Zürich, befristet24.05.2023 | Forschungsgruppe Nachhaltiges Bauen, Prof. Dr. Guillaume Habert

PhD Position in data-driven characterisation of paediatric sepsis100%, Zurich, fixed-term24.05.2023 | Department of Health Sciences and Technology

PhD position in Differentiable Simulation and Machine Learning for Musculoskeletal Robotics100%, Zurich, fixed-term24.05.2023 | Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Postdoctoral Fellow / Process Engineer in Gold electroplating for X-ray gratings microfabrication100%, Zurich, fixed-term23.05.2023 | D-ITET – Institute for Biomedical Engineering – Professur for X-ray imaging

Laboratory Technician in Cellular and Molecular Biology60%-100%, Zurich, permanent23.05.2023 | Molecular Medicine, ETH Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (D-CHAB)

Techniker:in im Forschungsumfeld (m/w/d)80%-100%, Zürich, unbefristet23.05.2023 | Laborsupportgruppe – Departement Physik

Praktikum auf der Medienstelle der Hochschulkommunikation (m/w/d)100%, Zürich, befristet23.05.2023 | Hochschulkommunikation

Post-Doctoral Researcher in Energy Systems Analysis100%, Zurich, fixed-term23.05.2023 | Chair of Energy Systems Analysis (ESA)

Postdoctoral Position in Computational Astrophysics – Planet Formation100%, Zurich, fixed-term23.05.2023 | Institute for Particle Physics and Astrophysics, Department of Physics

Postdoctoral Position in Computational Astrophysics – Black Hole Disks100%, Zurich, fixed-term23.05.2023 | Institute for Particle Physics and Astrophysics, Department of Physics

Mitarbeiter:in Poststelle (m/w/d)60%, Zürich, befristet22.05.2023 | Abteilung Campus Services, Sektion Mobility and Logistics

Betriebsassistent:in (GLC-Gebäude) (m/w/d)40%-60%, Zürich, unbefristet22.05.2023 |

Fully funded PhD in role of particle size and mixing state for ice nucleation on mineral dust100%, Zurich, fixed-term22.05.2023 | Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Sciences

Fully funded PhD in the role of freezing mode for the ice nucleation activity of mineral dusts100%, Zurich, fixed-term22.05.2023 | Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Sciences

Studentische Projektsupporter:in Organisation, Didaktik & Kommunikation (m/w/d)20%, Zürich, befristet22.05.2023 | mint & pepper, the outreach project of Wyss Zurich (ETH Zurich / Wyss Zurich)

PhD position in Physics-informed Traffic Management in Intelligent Transportation Systems100%, Zurich, fixed-term22.05.2023 | Institute for Transport Planning and Systems

PhD in role of biogenic macromolecules for ice nucleation of fertile soils100%, Zurich, fixed-term22.05.2023 | Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Sciences

Mitarbeiter:in Bewilligungen (m/w/d)50%, Zürich, befristet22.05.2023 | Campus Services

Fullstack Web Developer am Institut für Kartografie und Geoinformation (m/w/d)80%-100%, Zürich, befristet19.05.2023 | Institut für Kartografie und Geoinformation IKG

Design++ Postdoctoral Fellowship100%, Zurich, fixed-term17.05.2023 | Center for Augmented Computational Design in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Scientific Coordinator at Crowther Lab50%-80%, Zurich, fixed-term17.05.2023 | Institute of Integrative Biology; Global Ecosystem Ecology

Student job: CAD technical drawer and infrastructure assistant at CYBATHLON (2023-2024)10%-20%, Zurich, fixed-term16.05.2023 | Office of the President / CYBATHLON

PhD position in emerging black soldier fly biowaste processing100%, Zurich, fixed-term16.05.2023 | Institute of Food Nutrition and Health (IFNH), Sustainable Food Processing Laboratory

Research Assistant Energy System Scenarios80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term16.05.2023 | Energy Science Center

Doktorierende in historischer Bauforschung und Konstruktionsgeschichte (m/w/d)100%, Zürich, befristet16.05.2023 | Institut für Denkmalpflege und historische Bauforschung (IDB)

Postdoctoral Researcher – Machining processes80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term16.05.2023 | Partnerinserat | inspire AG

Administrative Assistenz für das FIRST-Lab (m/w/d)80%-100%, Zürich, unbefristet15.05.2023 | FIRST-Lab

Wissenschaftliche:r Redaktor:in am Institut für Kartografie und Geoinformation (m/w/d)80%-100%, Zürich, befristet15.05.2023 | Institut für Kartografie und Geoinformation IKG

Accounting Specialist at Sevensense Robotics AG60%-100%, Zurich, permanent15.05.2023 | Partnerinserat | Sevensense Robotics AG

Student Research Assistance for Human-Robot Modelling from Big Healthcare Data (6~12 months)20%-40%, Zurich, fixed-term12.05.2023 | Machine Learning, Data Modelling, Databases, Robotics

Researcher – Circular Economy Potential Modelling (C3133)100%, Singapore, fixed-term12.05.2023 | Singapore ETH-Centre

Praktikant:in bei der ETH-Bibliothek (m/w/d)50%-80%, Zürich, befristet12.05.2023 | ETH-Bibliothek

Scientific Assistant in the Biomedical Data Science Lab60%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term11.05.2023 | Biomedical Data Science Lab (BMDS)

Wissenschaftliche Assistenz: Didaktik, künstliche Intelligenz und wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (m/w/d)50%, Zürich, befristet10.05.2023 | Departement Umweltsystemwissenschaften

Scientific Computing Expert80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term10.05.2023 | ITS Scientific IT Services

Student Assistant at KOF Swiss Economic Institute20%-30%, Zurich, fixed-term10.05.2023 | KOF Swiss Economic Institute

Assistenz Studienkoordination Didaktische Ausbildung (m/w/d)40%-60%, Zürich, unbefristet10.05.2023 | Didaktische Ausbildung

Informatikkoordinator:in (m/w/d)80%, Zürich, unbefristet10.05.2023 | Departement Chemie und Angewandte Biowissenschaften, Institut für Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften

Postdoctoral positions: data integration of -omics data for personalized health80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term10.05.2023 | The Institute of Molecular Systems Biology

ICT-System-Spezialist:in mit Schwerpunkt Unix/Linux (m/w/d)80%-100%, Zürich, unbefristet09.05.2023 | Institut für Integrierte Systeme

Doktoratsstelle im Bereich der Literaturwissenschaften im Rahmen eines SNF-Projekts (m/w/d)100%, Zürich, befristet09.05.2023 | Professur für Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft

Doctoral Position in Computational Design Methods for Sustainable Design100%, Zurich, fixed-term09.05.2023 | Engineering Design and Computing Laboratory

Mitarbeiter:in Finanzen & Controlling (m/w/d)70%-90%, Zürich, unbefristet09.05.2023 | Departement Biologie

Postdoctoral position: Data science application for spinal cord injury recovery prediction80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term08.05.2023 | Department of Health Sciences and Technology

Programme Manager – Global Exchanges & Partnerships60%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term08.05.2023 | ETH for Development (ETH4D)

Postdoc positions in Experimental Quantum Engineering group100%, Zurich, fixed-term08.05.2023 | Depart of Physics, ETHZ and PSI

PhD candidate for developing new concepts for automatically detecting de-energized overhead lines100%, Zurich, fixed-term08.05.2023 | Laboratory for High Power Electronic Systems

SNSF-funded Postdoc Position in Multiphoton Intravital Imaging of Heterotopic Ossification100%, Zurich, fixed-term08.05.2023 | Institute for Biomechanics

PhD and Post-Doctoral Positions on the Application of Large Language Models in Marketing100%, Zurich, fixed-term05.05.2023 | Department of Management, Technology, and Economics

PhD position “Re-engineering informal construction through circular practices and models”100%, Zurich, fixed-term05.05.2023 | D-BAUG – Chair of Circular Engineering for Architecture

Wissenschaftliche:r Mitarbeiter:in für das D-BAUG-Lighthouse Projekt E-Bike-City (m/w/d)60%-100%, Zürich, befristet04.05.2023 | Institut für Verkehrsplanung und Transportsysteme (IVT) der ETH Zürich

Software Development Project Lead100%, Zurich, fixed-term03.05.2023 | Scalable Parallel Computing Laboratory

Mitarbeiter:in – Technisches Gebäudemanagement (m/w/d)100%, Zürich, unbefristet03.05.2023 |

Mitarbeiter:in für Online-Prüfungen (m/w/d)80%, Zürich, befristet03.05.2023 | LET – Lehrentwicklung und -technologie

Fachspezialist:in Wi-Fi80%-100%, Zürich, unbefristet03.05.2023 | ID Infrastructure

Postdoctoral position – Modelling of biogeochemical nitrogen cycling in Swiss land ecosystems100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.05.2023 | Department of Environmental Systems Science

PhD in device engineering for efficient microhistology100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.05.2023 | D-MAVT

PhD position in Geobiology and Microbiology of Extreme Environments100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.05.2023 | Geological Institute

Postdoc in 3D models for skin mechanobiology100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.05.2023 | D-MAVT

PhD in Multiscale response of skin to mechanical stressors100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.05.2023 | D-MAVT

Electrical Engineer – Product Care / Robotics100%, permanent02.05.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

PhD student positions in nutritional breath metabolomics100%, Zurich, fixed-term02.05.2023 | Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences

Junior Maschinenbau/Elektrotechnik Ingenieur:in bei CYBATHLON und CYBATHLON @school (m/w/d)80%, Zürich, befristet27.04.2023 | CYBATHLON, Stab Präsident

Administrative Assistenz im Finanzbereich am ETH AI Center (m/w/d)50%-60%, Zürich, befristet27.04.2023 | ETH AI Center

Industrialization / Manufacturing Software Engineer100%, Zurich, permanent27.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

Sales Manager / Robotics100%, Zurich, permanent27.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

International Sales & Partnership Internship100%, Zurich, fixed-term27.04.2023 | ANYbotics

Certification Project Engineer / Autonomous Robots100%, Zurich, permanent27.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

Robotics Verification Engineer100%, Zurich, permanent27.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

Legal Counsel für Forschungsverträge (m/w/d) (Intellectual Property; Technology Transfer; Humanforschung (human research), Medtech, Clinical Trials, Life Sciences)100%, Zürich, unbefristet26.04.2023 | ETH transfer

PhD Position(s): Project on organizational learning from product failure: utilizing artificial intelligence to mitigate the negative spillover effects of product recalls in the pharmaceutical industry100%, Zurich, fixed-term25.04.2023 | D-MTEC, SMI

Wissenschaftliche Assistenz Hochschullehre (m/w/d)80%-100%, Zürich, befristet25.04.2023 | Versuchsanstalt für Wasserbau, Hydrologie und Glaziologie

Hilfsassistent:in für die Forschungsgruppe Raumentwicklung und Stadtpolitik (m/w/d)20%-30%, Zürich, befristet25.04.2023 | Institut für Raum- und Landschaftsentwicklung (IRL)

Postdoc in Plant Ecophysiology in Agroecosystems100%, Zurich, fixed-term25.04.2023 | Department of Environmental Systems Science

Post-Doc Position: Mechanistic Mathematical Modelling for Personalised Medicine100%, Basel, fixed-term25.04.2023 | D-BSSE, CoBi

HPC Software Engineer100%, Lugano, fixed-term24.04.2023 | CSCS – Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

Two PhD candidates in integrated photonics with disordered materials for classical and quantum devices100%, Zurich, fixed-term24.04.2023 | Department of Physics Institute for Quantum Electronics

Postdoc in integrated photonics for classical and quantum memories by nanoimprinting80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term24.04.2023 | Department of Physics Institute for Quantum Electronics

PhD position in Accelerating the roll-out of resilient net zero pathways for the Swiss and European energy system100%, Zurich, fixed-term24.04.2023 | Reliability and Risk Engineering Laboratory, Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Doctoral thesis on the freezing of soft materials100%, Zurich, fixed-term21.04.2023 | Department of Materials

Software Engineer Secure Inter-domain Networking80%-100%, Zurich, permanent20.04.2023 | Network Security Group of Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig, Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich

Software Entwickler:in (m/w/d) mit Schwerpunkt .NET, C#, Cloud und CI/CD80%-100%, Zürich, unbefristet20.04.2023 | Informatikdienste – Corporate Centre

Teaching Assistant for “Allgemeine Chemie I Organischer Teil,” (AC/OC-1) 529-0011-03L in HS202310%-20%, Zurich, fixed-term20.04.2023 | D-CHAB

Business Analyst:in im Bereich Lehrbetriebsapplikationen (m/w/d)70%-100%, Zürich, unbefristet19.04.2023 | Lehrbetriebsapplikationen

Fachspezialist:in für Lehrinnovation (m/w/d)80%-100%, Zürich, unbefristet19.04.2023 | Lehrentwicklung und -technologie

Research assistant with possibility for PhD – Optimization of Railway Grinding using Artificial Intelligence with Physical Models100%, Zurich, fixed-term19.04.2023 | Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing (IWF)

Research assistant with possibility for PhD – Meshless Simulation of Manufacturing Processes100%, Zurich, fixed-term19.04.2023 | Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing

Research assistant with possibility for PhD – Build-up of a simulation software for abrasive processes100%, Zurich, fixed-term19.04.2023 | Institute of Machine Tools and Manufacturing

Strategic Marketing Internship100%, Zurich, fixed-term19.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

Digital Marketing Manager / Robotics100%, Zurich19.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

PhD position in science and technology studies (STS)100%, Zurich, fixed-term18.04.2023 | Transdisciplinarity Lab (TdLab), Department of Environmental Systems Science (D-USYS)

PhD Position: 3D cell-based tissue simulation framework100%, Basel, fixed-term17.04.2023 | D-BSSE, CoBi

Scientific software engineer for life science research100%, Zurich, fixed-term14.04.2023 | Institute of Molecular Systems Biology

Visiting Lectureships in the History of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape100%, Zurich, fixed-term13.04.2023 | The Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta), ETH Zurich

Engineer in analogue electronic circuits design for space applications80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term13.04.2023 | Institute of Geophysics

Social-Media-Praktikant:in (m/w/d)80%-100%, Zürich, befristet13.04.2023 | Hochschulkommunikation

Research assistant for code optimization of dynamic optimal control problems30%-40%, Zurich, fixed-term11.04.2023 | Chair of Applied Economics: Innovation and Internationalisation

PhD Position in planetary magnetism100%, Zurich, fixed-term06.04.2023 | Department of Earth Sciences, ETH Zürich

Technisch-wissenschaftlicher Projekt-Manager:in mit Erfahrung in den Gebieten Bohrtechnik und Geothermie (m/w/d)80%-100%, Zürich, befristet06.04.2023 | Geothermische Energie und Geofluide (GEG) Gruppe, Institut für Geophysik

Expert in Metabolomics/Lipidomics at Functional Genomics Center Zurich80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term06.04.2023 | Functional Genomics Center Zurich

Mechanical Engineering Internship /Robotics100%, Zurich, fixed-term05.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

Field Engineer / Robotics100%, Zurich, permanent05.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

Robotics Software Support Specialist100%, Zurich, permanent05.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

Mechanical Engineer / Robotics100%, Zurich, permanent05.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

Legal Counsel für Forschungsverträge (m/w/d) (Intellectual Property; Technology Transfer; Biosciences; Life Science)100%, Zürich, unbefristet05.04.2023 | ETH transfer

CAD Design Engineer / Robotics100%, Zurich, permanent05.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | ANYbotics

Wissenschaftliche:r Mitarbeiter:in für die Entwicklung einer webbasierten Raumplanungsplattform (m/w/d)90%-100%, Zürich, befristet04.04.2023 | Institut für Raum- und Landschaftsentwicklung (IRL)

Doctoral Student (PhD) fellowships in studying the dynamics of transcrustal magmatic systems100%, Zurich, fixed-term03.04.2023 | Department of Earth Sciences, ETH Zürich

Head of People/HR Manager80%-100%, Zurich, permanent03.04.2023 | Partnerinserat | Sevensense Robotics AG

Tierpfleger:in EFZ (m/w/d) 2023 – VersuchstiereZürich, Lehrstelle03.04.2023 | Berufsbildung

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Engineer at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre80%-100%, Zurich, permanent03.04.2023 | Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

PhD position in Systems and Hardware Security100%, Zurich, fixed-term30.03.2023 | Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Postdoctoral Researcher in the field of Pulsed Laser Deposition of Magnetic Systems100%, Zurich, fixed-term28.03.2023 | Department of Materials

Fachdidaktiker:in Chemie per HS 2024 (m/w/d)30%-50%, Zürich, unbefristet23.03.2023 | Didaktische Ausbildung

Projektkoordinator:in Immobilien (m/w/d)80%-100%, Zürich, unbefristet23.03.2023 | Departement Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik

Postdoctoral Research Position in the Laboratory of Drug Formulation and Delivery100%, Zurich, fixed-term09.03.2023 | Department for Chemistry and Applied Biosciences

Postdoc position in the field of medical data/neurorehabilitation100%, Zurich, fixed-term07.03.2023 | Center for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science

Postdoctoral Researcher in Applied Combinatorial Optimization80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term03.03.2023 | Department of Mathematics

Postdoctoral Research Scientist in quantum optics and networking with superconducting circuits100%, Zurich, fixed-term21.02.2023 | Quantum Device Laboratory

Research Assistant / Engineer for Wheelchair Robot Control and Mechatronics Design80%-100%, Zurich, fixed-term21.02.2023 | Robotics Navigation, Shared control, Embedded systems, Lidar sensing, mechatronics systems

PhD position: Development of low-temperature CO2 sorbents for direct air capture100%, Zurich, fixed-term21.02.2023 | Laboratory of Energy Science and Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

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