Gothenburg University in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Postdoctor in Molecular psychiatryFixed termPAR 2023/10742023-10-20
ResearcherFixed termPAR 2023/10562023-10-13
1-2 doctoral positions in Peace and development research/Political science with a focus on the politics of migration in the Global South, for a dual degree at University of Gothenburg and University of AmsterdamFixed termPAR 2023/10552023-10-12
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Antibiotic resistance and bioinformaticsFixed termPAR 2023/6162023-10-30
Postdoctoral Fellow in Medical Biochemistry and Cell BiologyFixed termPAR 2023/10462023-10-12
Researcher (Research Infrastructure Specialist), Core FacilitiesOpen endedPAR 2023/10532023-11-02
Doctoral student in Natural science, specializing in Environmental ScienceFixed termPAR 2023/10502023-10-20
ResearcherOpen endedPAR 2023/10252023-10-11
Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy in orthopedic rehabilitationOpen endedPAR 2023/5332023-10-09
Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy in neurological rehabilitationOpen endedPAR 2023/5322023-10-09
Postdoctor in RheumatologyFixed termPAR 2023/10282023-10-05
Postdoc Software EngineeringFixed termPAR 2023/9802023-10-15
Postdoctoral fellow in BioinformaticsFixed termPAR 2023/10182023-10-04
Professor in Occupational TherapyOpen endedPAR 2023/3052023-10-24
Doctoral position in Theoretical Philosophy, one or severalFixed termPAR 2023/10242023-10-13
Doctoral student in PhD Project in Bio-Imaging Secondary Ion Mass SpectrometryFixed termPAR 2023/10212023-09-29
Doctoral student in Development of sustainable biosensors based on inorganic materialsFixed termPAR 2023/10202023-09-29
Senior Lecturer in Occupational TherapyOpen endedPAR 2023/8532023-10-02
Visiting lecturer/s in Economics (1-2)Fixed termPAR 2023/10122023-09-28
Associate researcher, temporary positionFixed termPAR 2023/9922023-09-28
Postdoctor in MathematicsFixed termPAR 2023/9912023-10-04
Associate Senior Lecturer in Software EngineeringFixed termPAR 2023/10062023-10-04
Postdoc: Subject areas: marine biological sciences, bioengineering, mechatronics, energy systems engineering, automation and control engineering, electromechanical engineering, hydraulic engineering, computer science, programming, systems designFixed termPAR 2022/17022023-09-30
Postdoctor; Subject areas: marine biological sciences, bioengineering, microbiologyFixed termPAR 2022/17052023-09-30
Senior lecturer in social workOpen endedPAR 2023/8802023-10-11
Research assistentFixed termPAR 2023/9902023-09-27
Research AssistantFixed termPAR 2023/9842023-09-27
Postdoctor in Gut microbiota, osteoporosis and fracturesFixed termPAR 2023/10032023-10-04
Scientific CoordinatorOpen endedPAR 2023/9932023-09-26
Amanuens/teaching assistant, one or moreFixed termPAR 2023/9752023-09-27
Doctoral student in Natural Science, specializing in biologyFixed termPAR 2023/9832023-10-31
Postdoctor in Bioinformatics in ecotoxicology (Ecotoxicomics)Fixed termPAR 2023/9812023-10-02
Senior Lecturer in mathematicsOpen endedPAR 2023/7712023-10-25
Postdoctor in infection immunologyFixed termPAR 2023/9572023-10-04
Professor in care sciences specialised in person-centred careOpen endedPAR 2023/6932023-09-30
1-2 Post-Doctoral scholars in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management of Intellectual AssetsFixed termPAR 2022/16172023-10-02
Associate Senior Lecturer data-driven epidemiology and biology of infectionFixed termPAR 2023/5822023-10-15
Associate Senior Lecturer in data-driven precision medicine and diagnosticsFixed termPAR 2023/5952023-10-15
PhD position in Organic ChemistryFixed termPAR 2023/8122023-09-30

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