Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden invites application for vacant Academic, PhD and Postdoc Scholarships, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Postdoc position on Ultra-low-noise HEMT amplifiers30/10/2024
Bli digital Mattecoach – hjälp andra med matten!16/09/2024
Postdoc position in AI-driven control and management of confluent wireless-wireline networks15/09/2024
PhD student position in AI/ML for Intelligent Optical Network Management15/09/2024
Postdoc position in big data analytics in freight transport15/09/2024
Do you want to work as a tutor?13/09/2024
Pluggstöd – läxhjälp för grundskoleelever13/09/2024
Assistant professor/Associate professor – Physics of Life01/09/2024
PhD student position in Urban Freight Management01/09/2024
PhD student position in localization and sensing for 6G31/08/2024
Postdoc position in the Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning31/08/2024
PhD student position in Software Performance Engineering31/08/2024
Postdoc in Software Engineering – Human-AI Interaction31/08/2024
Post-doc position on modelling of impaired micromobility riding31/08/2024
PhD student position on the biaxial thermo-mechanical fatigue resistance of superalloys30/08/2024
Postdoc position in environmental assessment of electric aviation30/08/2024
Project assistant on biopolymers extraction and characterization19/08/2024
PhD student position on Biotechnology solutions for fungal infections19/08/2024
PhD student position in Humanoid Locomanipulation18/08/2024
Postdoctoral fellow in machine learning for medical image analysis18/08/2024
PhD student position in geometric deep learning18/08/2024
PhD student position in microwave hyperthermia cancer treatment15/08/2024
Postdoc position in diagnostics of fuel cells and electrolysers15/08/2024
Postdoc position in Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology15/08/2024
PhD student position in Sustainable sinter-based multi-material additive manufacturing15/08/2024
Postdoc position within WWSC: enzymatic functionalization of wood15/08/2024
Post doctoral position within cell wall accessibility characterization15/08/2024
Postdoc position: High temperature fuel cell modeling for aircraft propulsion15/08/2024
Postdoc position in fatigue of steel structures15/08/2024
Postdoc position in Human Body Modelling for Injury Prevention15/08/2024
Postdoctoral position in optomechanical spin sensing15/08/2024
Postdoctoral position in hybrid quantum systems15/08/2024
Post-doc in sensor perception modeling15/08/2024
Postdoc in Electrochemistry and Organic Electronics14/08/2024
Postdoc position in marine resources valorization12/08/2024
Postdoc in energy management systems for local energy communities11/08/2024
PhD student position in Nanoelectronic devices coupled to light11/08/2024
PhD student position in Context-aided Scalable Adaptive D-MIMO for Joint Communications-Sensing09/08/2024
Postdoc position in Adaptive Radio Slicing in 6G Confluent Wireless Access – Optical Transport09/08/2024
Postdoc position in 6G Wireless Security with Focus on Physical Layer09/08/2024
Postdoc position in Urban Analytics with focus on big mobility data09/08/2024
PhD student positions in Biochemistry and Microbiology08/08/2024
Postdoc position in biochemical conversion of forestry residues08/08/2024
Postdoc position in studies of microbial deconstruction of tree bark08/08/2024
PhD students in terahertz electronics05/08/2024
Postdoc position in ELaaS: Energy optimal urban Logistics As A Service05/08/2024
PhD student position in Quantum experiments with levitated particles05/08/2024
Postdoctoral researcher in radar remote sensing of ground motion04/08/2024
Research Specialist to the Division of Geoscience and Remote Sensing02/08/2024
Project assistant in scenario studies of critical metals circularity31/07/2024
PhD student position in the Mathematical Foundations of Bias in ML31/07/2024
Postdoc position – Nonequilibrium statistical physics in quantum materials31/07/2024
PhD position in modelling of sustainable milling technology31/07/2024
Postdoc position – Sustainable Battery Production31/07/2024
Postdoc in innovative approaches to monitoring of antimicrobial resistance31/07/2024
Postdoc position in machine learning over wireless networks30/07/2024
PhD student position in Learning Methods to Enable Dynamic Human-Robot Collaborations22/07/2024
PhD student position: Compact aero engines with adaptive cooling and variable compression20/07/2024
Postdoc position in 2D material based composites for pressure sensor14/07/2024
Postdoc in Arctic carbon cycle dynamics08/07/2024

20240350Postdoc position Bio-fuel production using hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oils and biomass07/07/2024

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