PhD Scholarships at Aarhus University, the largest research university in Denmark, a member of the European University Association.

Project titleProgrammeKeywordsCandidate backgroundApplication deadline
In-operando STM studies of 2D quantum materials and devicesPhysics and AstronomyScanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM), Two-Dimensional (2D) Materials, Topological Materials, Superconductors, Quantum DevicesBachelor degree and strong background in Physical Science and Engineering (normally expected to have or obtain a Master degree)2022/08/01 23:59 CEST
PhD students for Center for Basic Research in Program VerificationComputer ScienceLogic, Semantics, VerificationMaster’s degree in Computer Science2022/08/01 23:59 CEST
2022/07/31 23:59 CESTBiological conversion of CO2 from dilute sources to biomethaneBiological and Chemical EngineeringApplicants must have a Masters’ degree in process engineering, microbiology, biological- or chemical engineering
2022/07/31 23:59 CESTBiological conversion of CO2 from dilute sources to acetic acidBiological and Chemical EngineeringApplicants must have a Masters’ degree in process engineering, microbiology, biological- or chemical engineering
2022/06/19 23:59 CESTThree restoration strategies to moderate side effects upon peatland rewettingEcoscienceApplicants must have a relevant Master’s degree or at least one year of a Master’s degree in Environmental Science.
2022/06/08 23:59Reducing methane emissions and improving growth performance and health with a novel enzyme applied to swine (MethEnzwine)Animal ScienceApplicants must have a Master’s degree in Animal Science, Biology, Microbiology or other disciplines with relevant specialization
2022/06/06 23:59 CESTModeling of transport in porous mediaMechanical and Production EngineeringApplicants must possess a good level of knowledge in the field of transport phenomena (heat transfer, fluid dynamics) and computational fluid dynamics
2022/06/05 23:59 CESTREFOPACK Reshaping of food packaging towards recyclability: the role of bioinspired nanocoatings Food ScienceA MSc degree or equivalent in polymer science, polymer chemistry, material science or engineering or a related field
2022/06/01/2022 CESTProtein polysaccharide interactions in plant based suspensionsFood ScienceA relevant Master’s or Bachelor’s degree. 
2022/05/31 23:59 CESTPredator ecology in soilEnvironmental ScienceApplicants must have a Master’s degree in Microbiology, Molecular biology, or Environmental or Agricultural Microbiology
2022/05/31 23:59 CESTPhD in Greenhouse Gas EmissionAgroecologyApplicants must have a M.S. degree in Soil Science, Agronomy, Environmental Science or closely related fields.
2022/05/31 23:59 CESTPhD on next generation, sustainability-focused decision support systems for holistic, sustainable renovation of Green Buildings and Neighbourhoods (GBN)Civil and Architectural EngineeringApplicants must have a relevant Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Civil/Architectural/Building Engineering, or equivalent
2022/05/31 23:59 CESTEpidemiology and genetics of wheat rust fungiAgroecologyApplicants must have a relevant Master’s degree in Biology or Agronomy. 
2022/05/31 23:59 CESTMetabolisation of Antibiotics and Biocides in Manure TreatmentEnvironmental ScienceApplicant must have a Master’s degree in environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental engineering or similar
2022/05/31 23:59 CESTBiodegradable Conducting Polymeric Material in Degradable Electronic DevicesElectrical and Computer EngineeringMSc degree or equivalent in Material science, electronic engineering or a related field.

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