A funded, 4-yr PhD position is available within the Division of Evolutionary Ecology led by Professor Catherine (Katie) Peichel at the University of Bern, Switzerland on a recently funded SNF project to study the evolutionary forces that act on inversions as well as the genetic mechanisms by which inversions affect phenotypic evolution and adaptation in stickleback fish.

The aim of the PhD project is to identify the phenotypic effects of inversions that are segregating in natural populations of threespine stickleback fish, using a combination of association mapping in wild Swiss populations and genetic mapping in controlled laboratory crosses. The project will involve fieldwork, phenotypic analyses (e.g. morphology, physiology, behavior, parasites) of large numbers of fish, PCR genotyping, fish husbandry, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, and genetic analyses.The Division of Evolutionary Ecology is a dynamic, international, and interdisciplinary group. We are part of the Institute of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Bern in Switzerland. The Institute currently has seven research divisions spanning a broad range of research in ecology and evolution including conservation biology, behavioural ecology, aquatic and terrestrial ecology, population and evolutionary genomics, and evolutionary theory. Across these divisions, there is a shared interest in the mechanisms that underlie adaptation to changing environments. The PhD student will have ample opportunities for interactions and collaborations with an international community of graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and professors. The University of Bern is situated near the heart of the beautiful old city, and the quality of life in Bern is very high.RequirementsCandidates must be highly motivated and creative, able to work independently and collaboratively, have a strong background in evolutionary genetics and molecular biology, and a willingness to work with live fish. Experience in fieldwork, morphological, physiological, and/or behavioral analyses is a plus. Candidates must have excellent written and spoken communication skills in English, which is the working language of our institute. A masters degree is required. This position is open to applicants worldwide. We are committed to increasing diversity, equity and inclusiveness in evolutionary biology and especially encourage applications from underrepresented groups.We offerThe starting date for the PhD student is as early as February 2022. Starting salary is 47,040 CHF and includes social security contributions.Please submit your application via email by 1 December 2021 to Prof. Catherine Peichel: catherine.peichel@iee.unibe.ch

Applicants must submit one merged PDF file that includes a letter of motivation, a CV, names of two referees who should have sent their recommendation letter separately by email before the deadline, and copies of relevant publications and/or masters thesis. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


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